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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

a day

A day in the life of me:
-Get up
-Take dog outside (Chad left extra early for work today and she wasn't ready to get up!)
-Clean up in kitchen (just a little)
-Iron pants, get dressed
-Go to grocery store
-Bring home groceries and put awa
-Make lunch
-Go to the JOBster
-Come home and go to bed (I dislike closing the store greatly because I miss out on time with Chad again and again.)

I also went to WallyWorld last night and got another little 5 drawer storage thing to start organizing my crafts a little better. I think I am going to try to make a few things and sell them on Etsy, after I make the purses I already agreed to make for other people. We shall see and I will keep you updated so you can see my shop (and buy things to help support my HobLob habit!).

Monday, March 30, 2009

little red wagon

Sorry, I fell off the blogging wagon this weekend. We were in Columbus and I didn't have my laptop and it isn't worth trying to fit it in with everything else when about 90% of the people who read it are there with me!
We got in really late Friday night, slept in Saturday, I got to hang out with my Jessica and we picked out some fabric for me to make a purse for her. You might get to see that tomorrow.
Hockey game Saturday night...we lost. Bummer.
Sunday we went to Church and had lunch with M and T and then headed back here.
Switched my phone over to Verizon but have no fear, I kept the same number (had it since like 10th grade...not giving it up now!!).
Worked today.
Making a purse tomorrow.
Hopefully joining the YMCA this week and starting some serious working out with my friend A from The Ozark...most excited about getting in the pool and swimming some laps. I need something low impact since I am already using my legs 8 hours a day...they can't take much more than that!
Going to bed. Slept horribly last night, hoping to make up for it tonight.

Friday, March 27, 2009

down below jack

I think my sister is the only person who will get the title reference....a song, by an unknown celtic rock band, Seven Nations. I was going to call this one..."down you go, down below jack, where you never see the skies" but I thought that was too long for a blog title.

Got up, walked the dog, who was barking crazily at our two elderly neighbors who walk every single morning. You would think she would be OK with it by now. Have a ton to do today before we can leave town tonight.
1. Go to work (the most unpleasant AND time consuming..not entirely unpleasant, mind you. Just wish I could get paid for doing what I WANT to do every day. When you find my dream job, let me know.)
2. Go to the Verizon store (I am starting to have panic attacks about switching all my info over to a new phone).
3. Pray for my friend Danielle, who is leaving today to go to Guatemala for about 8 days with Living Water International (a group who builds wells in places who have no access to clean water...check them out at Living Water. You will fall in love too! Watch their promo videos and you might be the one on a plane headed to Guatemala!)
4. Clean out the car (my wonderful fabulous husband might take me to work so he can do this one. IF he gets out of bed in the next 10 minutes. Likely? We will see.)
5. Eat dinner with Jay (who has to go to the Verizon store with us)
6. Pack. Oh yeah. Minor detail.
7. Load car.
8. Drive 3 hours south.
9. Sleep in car (Chad drives, I sleep. It works out great!)
10. Arrive in hometown. See family. Be happy.

I must go "do my face" so I don't scare off the customers at the Hobster.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

on the 'morrow

Good morning...
Headed to the HL, Chad is still sleeping, Gwen is up and barking at nothing (the rain? the blessed, wonderful, lovely rain?? Surely not!).
I am making a little pasta to take for lunch, thinking about what I should make for dinner.
Any suggestions?
Someone has a birthday coming up first of next week.
I have the stuff to make a cake or cupcakes...chocolate cake and the ingredients to make home made icing. Yummy. But since he isn't going to work again until Monday, should I do cupcakes? I am not going to even suggest he takes them to work. He would probably never forgive me (he isn't a fan of his birthday, in case you didn't know that!!).
Still raining so we are planning on a trip to Columbus Friday night...
our local hockey team (who my dad works for) is playing in the division playoffs so we might try to catch a game while we are there. They were literally in the bottom of the league about a month ago but somehow pulled off quite a few wins and went into the playoffs in second place. Hopefully we will see a pretty awesome upset...playoff winning teams sell tickets and that's important to NEXT season.
Headed to the Hobster.
Check out my friend Dani's site...her blog today is dedicated to me...I'm honored!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009


I closed at the Hobster Lobster tonight and it will be the last time I have to close this week...yippee! I was supposed to close Friday night but one of the other supervisors was nice enough to switch shifts with me so I could open instead...allowing us to leave earlier to head to Columbus for the weekend. We had a ton of rain today and are expecting some more later on this week so we should be good-to-go on heading out of town.
Chad might actually get Thursday and Friday off completely to make up for all the overtime hours he has gotten since last Friday. Keep praying for soggy weather..never thought I would be so thrilled to see rain. Seriously.
We are going to Verizon on Friday afternoon to switch over phones. I have AT&T and I literally do not even get service in our house (ask my friends who try to call and can't get me...unless I am in the bedroom, second floor, standing near the window!).
Chad is on his way home from a friend's house and I have to go eat something because dinner came far too early this afternoon.
Got fabric to make a couple of other purses so I have new projects in store...yippee. My mom just THOUGHT she was getting her sewing machine back.

oh so nice

I woke up to the most amazing and beautiful things this morning...
first, my husband sleeping beside me (not snoring!!), peacefully enjoying his morning off because
second, its raining.
Wonderful, beautiful, fabulous, amazing rain.
Every little droplet a blessing in disguise.
Its hard for a fire to burn in the rain.

Chad is still in bed, working to make up for lost hours over the weekend and earlier this week.
I am done sleeping so I am up, thinking about making him some breakfast.
Fed and walked the d-o-g, in the complaint from me.
I even looked skyward, into the grey, and said a prayer of thanks.
If it keeps raining, we might even get to go to Columbus for the weekend.
Cross your fingers and toes.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

another one

Quiet evening that is.
Just got home from work about 9:15...pretty early closing for me at the HL.
Chad is still not home.
And I still don't know when that will be happening.
If my sweetie is 1/8th as tired as I am, he's exhausted.
I need him to come home.
I haven't even seen his cute face in 48 hours (I was asleep and it was dark when he left this morning.)
I have a healthy appreciation and respect for the following people (among many others): military spouses, emergency response spouses (Fire, EMS, Police, etc), and people who's spouses work out of the country or out of town.
I hate it.

Update: It is now 10:25 and my wonderful, fabulous husband just walked in the door. It is a good thing too because I was pretty close to calling his boss and using unlady-like language in an effort to get him home. He smells like a fire and looks like he just climbed out of a coal mine but he is home! A shower and a good night's sleep and all will be right wih the world. He just informed me that he doesn't have to be at work until noon tomorrow and I don't have to go until 1pm. We're sleeping in!

and quiet mornings

Chad got home about 1am and had to leave again just before 6am. This is the guy who is most content when he get like 9 or 10 hours of sleep so I know he is struggling today. They sent them home last night because the fire was under control and mostly out but not completely so they had to go back this morning. We did have plans that he could take the morning off and go in late and this be able to hang out with me for a bit after my doctor's appt. No luck on that one. He was gone when I went to bed and gone again when I got up.

Please join me in little prayers today...pray for his safety and the safety of the men around him. Carelessness becomes an issue when they are all running on too little sleep and bordering on exhaustion and that is when people get hurt. Pray that he will be able to get a couple of good night's sleep very, very soon. Pray that he won't get frustrated with the people he is working with and instead will keep a positive attitude and that they will all come home safely to the people that love them tonight.

He was supposed to stay late tonight to go help at some meeting but he is hoping (and I am joining him in this one!) that he can get out of it and come home and relax and sleep.

Gonna go feed and walk the dog and then head to the Dr. Feel like I am getting a headache (maybe in honor of the trip to the doc's office...just because!) so I already took medicine. I sure part of it is worry and stress. Update: Gwen is sitting with me on the couch and she has the hiccups. It's pretty funny.

"This God who is holy, perfect in beauty, awesome in glory, is ravished by MY heart...I can't understand this work of grace, how a perfect God would come and take my place. The stars, they don't move you. The waves can't undo you. The mountains in their splendor, they can not steal your heart. This God who is holy, pefect in beauty, awesome in glory, is ravished by MY heart."

Monday, March 23, 2009

quiet nights

Another quiet night.
Thankfully I was not completely alone. I went to dinner with Chad's parents because I decided to save the dinner I cooked for anther night when I can eat with Chad.
I had them to thank for keeping me from a lonely night.

Yes, in fact, it appears that there are this many fires.
They have to respond to the surrounding counties as well so that doesn't help.
And no, the mountain will not burn down.
Oddly, none have been that close to home.
(thankful that we don't have to worry.
not so thankful that he is always so far from being home with me).

And also a dog that smells like fish from her dip in the lake.
She was going to get a bath yesterday.
Then she was going to get a bath tonight.
And now, I guess it will be tomorrow.

Gonna hang a bit then go to bed.
Dr's appt tomorrow to check up on the headache meds, etc.
Seems to be going major headaches since I have been on the meds.
Updates to come.

Waiting for my sweetie to come home,
smelling like a camp fire,
to snuggle with me in our warm bed.

Update: He just called at 10:45 and said they would be heading out from the fire but it would be about another two hours before he gets home. Ugh. Goodnight.


I love wireless internet.
It is one of the things in life which I truly adore.
I can sit outside in my fabulous adirondack chairs (which I am pretty sure I spell differently every time I type it) and check my blog.
Gwen and I are sitting out here, waiting for Chad to come home.
He just called and said he was on the way so I will go start dinner.

Edit: 15 minutes later...I was in the middle of making dinner and the call came.
Chad didn't even get home before he got called back out.
Stupid fire.
Dinner on my own again.
He said not to wait up for him.

late night

Chad got home at 2 am.
No lie.
I finished my purse and took and shower and went to bed about twelve thirty, trying to wait up on him but falling asleep instead. I woke up at 2 am, on the dot and he wasn't home so I panicked....just a tiny bit. I had talked to him at midnight before I went to sleep and he was supposed to be on the way so I called him. Apparently he had to drive all the way back to the original fire, 45 minutes away, because some people had left their vehicles there instead of taking them to the second fire. Brilliant I say. So he finally got home at 2 and is still sleeping peacefully as I write this. (Maybe...I can hear the dog running around.). He has to work late AGAIN tonight for some meeting or something....he explained something about the doors lock automatically where the meeting is being held and he doesn't have to go to the meeting but instead stand there and open the doors or something. Stupidest thing I have ever heard of.
I gotta open the store so I should be home by six, awaiting his arrival to make him dinner.

I am saying little prayers of thanks for his safety last night, driving and fire fighting in the dark.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

so crafty

So crafty, in fact, that a certain someone (Danielle) is going to be so jealous.

Oh, and I mean jealous.
So my dress and shoes for Dani and Ryan's wedding came in and I picked them up today.
After Chad got called in for TWO fires, I decided it was a good night to start my super-duper craft project.
I bought an instruction magazine for some purses and pillows and I had decided to make a little clutch purse to go with my bridesmaid's dress for the wedding.
I picked out some fabric at work the other day; it doesn't match perfectly but it will coordinate and be super cute.

So, without further ado, I finished the purse!

This is my clutch for Dani's wedding. I am going to be SO styling.

I am borrowing one of grandmother's brooches; the picture of the sample purse had one on it and I thought it just made it all the more cuter so I found one that matched.

There is a coordinating-but-not-matching polka dot print as the liner...I think I'm in love.


I have decided that I am changing our cell phone numbers and not telling anyone.
Ok, just Chad's.
Ok, and I am just not telling his boss.
Who called today when we were hanging out.
And ruined another perfectly good day with my sweetie.
Stupid fire(s). Yes, there are apparently two.
Stupid, stupid fires. Two stupids cause it is double stupid.

Thankfully, we had spent most of the day together.
Watched some Bones this morning (we missed two new episodes and had no clue that they even came on!!).
Ate sloppy joes for lunch.
Took Gwen to the farm and she fell in the pond. I heard punk and splash then laughter from Chad. I was not there to see it but walked over to see Chad grinning and Gwen looking quite wet and confused. I was picking a beautiful bunch of daffodils that is now stuck at Dad B and Mom S's house because that is where we left them to run to Target (spent a gift card on a new iron) and Bed, Bath, and Beyond (spent a gift card on a new pillow and lids for our Tervis Tumbler cups!). I was going to show you pics of my flowers sitting happily on my kitchen counter but they are sitting happily on someone else's kitchen counter. We even left Gwendolen at Chad's parents house cause we had to rush back home so Chad could get his truck and go to the fires.
Stupid fires.
So, here I am, at home...alone (but not the hands on face, screaming kind).
I think I will work on my projects some more.
Oh yeah, the iron we bought is pink.
I love it.
Pics to come.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

loving chinese food

Ah, sweet perfection.
After last nights ruined plans, tonight was wonderful.
I got off work, came home for a few and then we ran some errands.
Over to Verizon Wireless to look at some new phones and phone plans. Both of our parents pay our phone bills and it is high time we took that one over. I am thankful for every month that my parents have paid mine but it is time to be an adult, sadly.
We also went to Lowe's and Walmart to admire some plants and Chad bought me some peonies to plant. I really and desperately wanted some in my wedding flowers but we couldn't find any at the time and didn't exactly order ahead so now I can just grow my own and enjoy them every year!
Now after some good chinese food, we are back home and going to watch two episodes of Burn Notice that we missed the past two weeks.
Sweet evening, as Chad pats me on the leg.

Friday, March 20, 2009

home again

I went up Signal Mountain and met Boss B, Wife L, and Chad for pizza at this little local joint.
It was pretty good but not the evening at home we had dreamed about.
We are all home safe now...
maybe tomorrow night.


I finished the closet.
Cleaned the bathrooms.
Cleaned up the kitchen. Put away clean dishes and filled washer with dirty ones.
Did one load of laundry so Chad would have clean undershirts to wear to work.
I was sitting at home, greatly anticipating his arrival and making our pizza.
Gwen was too.
He came home, finally came home!
We walked Gwen around the neighorhood.
And the call came.
A stupid, ruined-my-evening fire.
I never get to just hang with him.
And when I do, and I have been cleaning and looking forward to it all day, the call comes.
Stupid fire.
If I could find the person that "accidently" started this one, I would give them a sharp piece of my mind.

Gonna repaint the candle holders. I decided the green was a little too green and I am gonna add some brown.
I gotta entertain myself until he gets home, whenever that might be,
and then I have to go to bed because I have to work tomorrow.
Stupid fire.


I am making progress.

So far I have transformed this...

Into this.
And I hung these yesterday. Chad moved a piece of furniture leaving an empty wall in the bedroom and me a blank slate for hanging new things.

I had cool captions for all the pictures but photoshop isn't letting me load them and I still have too much to do today to sit here and try to figure it out.

More later

oh the days

I'm off today. Thriller (and not the Michael Jackson kind!).
I have big plans of what I am going to get done so let's see how much of it actually gets accomplished. I might even take some before and after pictures and see how it goes.

1. The closet in our bedroom needs some work (mostly in my area now!) and I have four loads of laundry to fold and put away so that's all one task.
2. Clean the bathrooms (sadly, there are still four of them...)
3. Clean up the kitchen (includes emptying the dish washer and cleaning off the counters and if I am lucky, doing the floors too. Hardwood floors are great if you don't actually have to walk on them or have a dog.)
4. Work on a little surprise craft project. I bought a book with some patterns for purses/wallets/bags and I am hoping to use some cute left over fabric and see what I can do.

We had talked about going up to Signal Mtn. tonight with Boss B and Wife L to this "Mountain Opry" thing, mostly bluegrass music but when I got home last night and Chad said "Let's just stay home and hang out. I haven't gotten to see you all week.", I was so won over that mountain opry slipped quitely out of my mind. So home tonight it is! and I asked what he wanted for dinner and his request was home made pizza (we do that one atleast once a week). We tried the dough mix and can't ever get it right...too "doughy" tasting or dry and flat. We switched to the cold, canned dough that you can buy in the refridgerated section with the biscuits and stuff and have made great pizzas ever since. His half has just cheese and pepperoni on it and I tend to load up my half with fresh veggies. Last time I did sliced tomatoes, onions, blue cheese, and pineapple. I know, sounds gross but it is so easy. We use spaghetti sauce because it is cheaper and one jar makes around four pizzas, plus spaghetti one night! So pizza it is...

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

good evening

Tonight I came home from work and it was still light and lovely outside so I had a sit in my chair and watched these two play for a while.

It was so nice...Chad had the windows open and the radio tuned to NPR (my sister would be proud). Always so informative....and interesting. I made dinner...chili dogs, cole (or is it cold?) slaw, and tots. Yum. Then Chad and I went to a meeting for the East Ridge Youth Foundation. He worked with them last summer and he is on their board for this summer. I wasn't invited or better phrased, had no need to be there, except that Chad asked me to go and while I had plenty to do at home, I chose to hang out with him (I'm pretty sure that is a run-on sentence. Sorry blog world. I choose incorrect English these days but only because I have a professional writing minor and feel I am justified.)

Came home tonight and worked on these. Hobby Lobby finally put their remaining home accents clearance stuff at 90% off the original price. Most of the stuff I was eyeing has already sold (I told myself "Self, if it is still here when this stuff goes 90% off, it was meant to be. But you have fabulous taste and it probably won't be because everyone else will like it too!".) There were VERY few things left that were worth having (don't tell that to the people who were taking it out by the buggy exaggeration) but I've been looking at these crazy black wooden candle sticks, knowing they had some potential. I know they look giant judging by the shadow on the fridge but they are only like 18 inches tall...sorry for the slight of hand.

I am painting them white first because the black will be hard to cover...

and then I am giving them a little green apple treatment. I actually thought the color would be a little darker but it is pretty green and a little metallic (that part was intentional). I am not sure about the color but it is growing on me. I started painting the green tonight but didn't finish. Project for tomorrow morning. I did get some pretty creamy colored candles to go with them so maybe it will tone down the green a bit.

These are to go on both sides of our fireplace. It needs a little funk. I think they might look a little short so I might have to stack them on piles of funky books or something. We'll have to in progress! Will show pictures as it happens.

shouting out

I told Chad I would give a shout out by his special I am.
Boss B and Wife L are going to be grandparents for the first time and they are super excited. Well, Wife L is excited. Boss B says he will be excited in about 5 years when he can start teaching the little one how to say crazy stuff and play with noisemakers. Yes, he said that. So Congrats Papa B and Granny L. (Apparently they told them by sending Wife L flowers that had a little baby rocking horse on it and said "From A, L, and ?". Too cute.)

We went to the grocery store Monday night and I got stuff to make dinners for the rest of the week when I will be off. Chili dogs with slaw tonight before Chad has to go to a meeting for the summer swim team, mini-shepherd's pie another night, and sloppy joes. I already made the slaw for tonight and cooked the hamburger for the other two so they should be easy to throw together when I get off work at five thirty and want to have dinner ready in 30 minutes.

Dressing down at work today...wearing my tie dye from summer camp. Fabulous.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009


I finally got a hold of the CSU helpdesk (even though the hours on the website said they were open till 11 last night and I got no answer at 9 pm) and they couldn't find me in the system. And yes, I gave them my maiden name, the one I had while I was at school. No luck. Transferred me. Transferred me again, to someone's answering machine. No help. So I called another number I found. Then finally, a wonderfully helpful girl told me quick and easy instructions for finding my school ID number and I got my password reset, in like 3 minutes. Why didn't they transfer me to her the first time?!? I am waiting for the reset to take effect then I should be able to access my transcript to figure out the info the job application wants to know...wish me luck.
More later...

Update: Logged in. Got my transcript. Finished job application. Said a prayer. Hit send. Now is when you can start praying (if you didn't already!)

Going to get ready to go to lunch with my sweetie! He had to go to a class at the office which is right down the road from HL so hopefully we will get to meet for lunch before I have to be at work at 1pm. him.

Monday, March 16, 2009


This is my 150th post. Wow. Time flies.

I have one gripe.
And one special request.

I will do the request first so if you want to skip the gripe you can! :)

I am applying for a job that I think I would really enjoy and truly be good at....more details later maybe but I am asking for serious and long-winded prayers and petitions! I've been talking so much about feeling like a change was stirring and I am wondering (and maybe even hoping?) that this might be the beginning. So please, if you would, say a prayer for me that I will do exactly what I am supposed to be doing, whatever that might be.

My gripe...for this job, they are interested in my semester hours in specific subjects. I can't log on to my school's website becaues #1) I haven't used my log-on in...oh...maybe a year and half, maybe longer. #2) My log on locks down if I try more than three times. #3) I tried about six times and still can't remember it. #4) The help desk is closed until tomorrow. #5) The "look up my log on" page loads and it is completely blank. How helpful. I could go on and on...the website was never helpful or user friendly in the four and a half years it took me to get my degree as has just been a pain in my rear in the 2+ years since I graduated. CSU - I send my love.

On a more plesant note, my BFF Jess sent me this today..." Oregon's State motto is 'She flies with her own wings'." I want that to be my own motto.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

i'm in love!

I left the pillows off one of them so you could see it...chair and footstool.
A cute set of two!

I am in love!


We are finished with our chairs!
They are a little too big to fit in the car so I brought the foot stools home with us and Boss B and Wife L are going to deliver the chairs later this afternoon. I will put them on the patio, take pictures, and show them to you!
You are gonna love them!
But sorry, we aren't taking orders. We have seen them at the Sunday market for like $500 bucks, Lowes and Home Depot sell them for like $150 each. We paid about $73 for the wood and hardware for both chairs and foot stools...admittedly we used up our screws and had to use some of Boss B's screws and we didn't have to buy the tools because he had them all. Anyway, I know now why someone might charge $500 bucks for a chair or two. I'm exhausted!

check us out

Sorry I did not take pictures at the Mary Kay thing. It really wasn't so bad. The consultant that invited me is a super sweet lady that I met one day in Hobby Lobby and I told her I would go to this "Muffins and Makeovers" thing on Saturday morning last month but I ended up having to work that Saturday so I agreed to the next one when I didn't have to work. Alicia and I had fun giggling at the overly perky Mary Kay ladies and I ordered some eyeshadow. I was running out of my basic neutral colors anyway and they are pretty reasonably priced. They have a mineral foundation now and since I am a Bare Minerals user I thought that the mineral eye makeup should go pretty well with the little makeup that I already wear.

In other, MUCH more exciting news, we (Chad and I) spent about a thousand hours (ok it was really only about nine hours but literally 9 hours...) with Boss B and wife L yesterday working on the chairs! We finished one chair and then took it apart to do some little detail work and use some of the pieces for a pattern for the second chair. We made some modifications to the chairs he already has...first one was because my legs are so long, the last rung in the seat of the chair hit me in a really uncomfortable place on the back of my thigh. Second, I wanted the tops of mine rounded off a little bit. His are basically just two different heights...a taller one in the center and matching shorter ones on the sides. I wanted mine to look like more traditional style adirondacks...I took a bunch of pictures (and so did Chad) so I will try to post some tonight when we finish. We are actually headed back over there in a few minutes to finish the other chair and two foot stools...they look awesome. I am so super excited to finally have them in progress and almost finished. Now I can pray for warmer weather so I can sit in them on the back patio!

Saturday, March 14, 2009

going places

I am off today, as I said before, so this morning Alicia and I are going to a Mary Kay makeover.
Should be a riot.
Will take pictures.

Friday, March 13, 2009

i'm off

Not to see the wizard but oh, how I would like that!
I have to close tonight and then I am off Saturday and Sunday. I lucked out and got two whole days off this week, fabulous! Jay is coming tonight in time to eat dinner at this new local brewery but sadly I will miss it because I will be at work. I might make it in time to have a drink with them if they go really late but I doubt I will want to when I finally get off work, some time after 9pm.
Since I am off tomorrow, I am going to hopefully start on the adirondack (seriously, how DO you spell that?) chairs. Boss B is going to help me make them and hopefully Chad and Boss B will be able to get the wood today when they get off work. They are putting in a half day today since everyone worked over the weekend. Sadly, Chad couldn't choose which half of the day he wanted to work and stay home with me this morning! So, that's my plan for Saturday and Sunday is to work on the chairs. I will take pictures and let you know how it is going!
My computer turned off in the middle of me blogging this morning...something about an automatic Windows update. And when it turned itself back on a few minutes later, I apparently no longer have speakers installed in my computer. That sorta makes me mad. Especially since we use the laptop, hooked up to our wonderfully large TV, to watch our TV shows days after they come out. I am hoping that it will correct itself or I am going to be pretty upset with Windows.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

you've been warned

So, if you have an aversion to anything mildly weird or gross, you might want to skip today's post. You've been warned. This is a surefire post to make Jessica's filter close down my website!! (ok people, it really isn't that bad!) But it is LONG...and I mean LOOOOONG.....

I was at work today, talking to Alicia when I should have been working (I mean, I WAS working but I was also talking to Alicia. At the same time. I'm a fabulous multi-tasker). I was commenting on her new blog Tales from the Ozark that I may or may not have influenced her to write (it is all me, totally and completely all me...I have no ego about it either.) and she was mentioning that she and her cute boyfriend Adam spent their first day of Spring Break at the zoo together on Monday. Now the Chattanooga Zoo isn't that great if you are looking for lots of exotic animals and I hear that they don't even have a giraffe (the only reason I go to zoos honestly) but it is supposed to be a nice, well-maintained establishment. So they went to the zoo, ate dinner with Alicia's family, during which her father apparently said, in front of everyone (including the cute boyfriend)...let me see if I get this right..."You know you aren't supposed to go to the zoo when you are on your menstural cycle right". Now, I'm not saying she was (that would be a weird and creepy thing for me to know) but I have a couple of issues.
First, her dad totally brought it up during dinner. Awesome.
Second, apparently everyone knew this fact but me.
Third, what the heck? Are you serious?
I mean, I know you aren't supposed to get in the ocean because the sharks can track some crazy about like one drop of blood in thousands of gallons of water but WHAAAT?!? I don't even know what to say. Apparently, the animals can either sense you or smell you out and it makes them act weird. And by weird I mean possibly violent. Not that they will seek you out to attack from within their cages or anything but let's say an annoying group of third graders had tromped past the gorilla cage a few minutes earlier and banged on the glass amidst threats from their teachers and the tour guide to "stop that now!" and really made Mr. Gorilla Face mad and you were the next thing that walked by with your cute boyfriend...who would they choose? YOU!

This information not based on personal experience ( that would be weird) but please...for my three blog readers...if you can find information on whether or not this is true or something the Myth Busters should investigate, please let me know! I was thinking of going to the zoo and I really need to know if I should do a lot more planning than I originally thought.

On a less strange was good. As an update, yesterday's doctor visit went well. I told him all about the headaches and he says that is typical migraine symptoms. He said you can either treat them when they happen or treat them before they happen and he wants to try the latter first. He believes that it is possible to "break the cycle" of these headaches and I stressed to him my feelings about NOT wanting to have to take a pill every day for something I only experience maybe once a week. So, we settled on trying this "preventative" medicine for about six months to see if we can reduce the frequency and strength of the headaches, then giving me the ability to just treat them when I feel them coming on instead of taking something every day. He also suggested that I take Riboflavin (Vitamin B2) so I got myself a B Complex Vitamin at Walgreens (I couldn't find one that was just B2, only 1, 6, and 12 which is said was probably going to be a problem unless I went to a specialty health store or something...and hello, no clue where one of those might be). I am taking that and supposedly it will also help with energy and metabolism. I'll take that. His suggestion and prescription for not sleeping very well was "get more exercise and come back in 6 months". He understands that 8 hours on your feet is hinderance enough to wanting to go to the gym but I think I am going to finally join the YMCA and atleast get some swimming in. Great cardio and good on a couple of muscle groups. I am thinking that on the days I have to work and be on my feet that swimming will be all I will do, in am effort to go easy on my tired tootsies and then on my off days I could do some elliptical and weights when my feet don't hurt as badly. Well laid plans....
Going to bed.

Monday, March 9, 2009


I got a fabulous surprise when I got home tonight...
I have to go to the doc tomorrow so I took the whole day off, just so I wouldn't be late for work, or have to go in early, or be confused all day. And hey, who doesn't need a day off every once in a while. Chad has to go in the morning and take a test and since he worked a bunch this past weekend, he asked his boss for the whole day off too! Yippee!! We should both be finished with our respective appointments by lunch time so we are going to get to eat lunch and hang out the rest of the day, on a Tuesday no less! I could not be more excited! I think we are going to go out to the farm and see if we can't get one of the fields ready to burn this weekend, if the weather holds ("but if the weather holds, we'll have missed the point"...shout out for my sister who could sing all the words to that song with me. )

I got into bed last night, fell asleep rather quickly (quick for me atleast), and then woke up about 2 am. It wasn't until my 2 am wake up that I realized that Chad had stolen my pillow. No, not just snuck over and was sleeping on mine with me...he had actually switched pillows with me because he likes mine more. Why? Because his is uncomfortable. That's why! And I was left sleeping on it. That my friends is why we will finally be making a trip to BB&B sometime this week (maybe tomorrow!) to use one of our last wedding gift cards to buy new the pillow thief will give mine back.

much ado

Or much to do...gotta close at the store tonight and trying to get some stuff done at the house before I go...dishes, etc. Good times.

Pretty short, might blog again tonight.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

just about nothing

I got just about nothing done on my list of things to do today and the best part is that I am totally ok with that! I have Tuesday off work because I have a doctor's appointment (yippee...we are gonna have a serious talk about my headaches!) so I will have some time to get other things done.

But I get get my pillows made! The fourth was by far the best one, I think I figured out what I was doing at that point. The first was OK but needs some work on the edges.

This is the pillows together...the back cushion and the seat cushion. I picked the fabrics because they are made to go together (teal color matches and some of the flowers are the same) but they don't match perfectly. I am really into this matching but not matching thing!)

This is the seat cushion. I really love the blue and brown floral theme...
This is the back cushion...I like that the colors are bright and springy without being too crazy!

Oh well for the rest of my TO DO list...I would rather just enjoy my day. Chad and I just had dinner with his folks after they got back into town and now we are headed to bed...that daylight savings business really got us!
We have big plans to burn a couple of the fields out at the farm in the next few weeks, maybe this weekend so I will take pictures and keep you updated. I get to work on the farm and I am super excited!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

the giving

I have decided (after much thought and a tiny bit of research to determine if my musings were correct) that peace is not earned. Strange way to start huh? I don't think peace is a thing that can be earned. Now, let me be clear, I am not talking about "world peace" or the lack of violence. ("Peace is not the absence of war..."~ don't know who wrote it, could Google it but busy blogging at the moment!) I am talking about the "feeling" of peace in a more spiritual sense. In the Bible, there are references to God giving or granting peace.
I believe it.
We can't earn it. Our circumstances do not determine it.
Today I felt a much more overwhelming sense of peace than I have in a while. I think God knows that I am #1) nearing my breaking point and #2)that I finally understand that it is OK to feel uncertainty about my future/current life as long as I am willing to let Him just lead and guide as he chooses.
I truly spent most of my day in prayer today, while at work and doing life.
I didn't get any big revelations, sorry to disappoint (OK, maybe it was just me that was a little disappointed) but even through the craziness that is a Saturday at HL, I felt peace. I felt good knowing that He alone holds my future in His capable hands.

On a completely unrelated and less serious note...I am debating, and debating with myself about the pillows for my non-existant patio chairs. I had some fabric, a remnant, the same one you saw a few days ago when I made tie-backs for the curtains. I think I had enough for the seat cushions but the more I thought about it I decided that it is such a dark fabric and I would have had to make the back cushions out of a solid dark brown fabric to get something that I thought matched. So I scrapped the fabric all together and bought two semi-matching retro-ish, bright and springy, fabrics tonight at work to make pillows with. I will post pics soon as I get to making them. Bought velcro to close one side up with so that I can take off the covers and wash them should they get dirty being outside. I can't wait to actually get the chairs built so I can put my unmade pillows on my unmade chairs. Oh dear. Projects, projects.

Plans for tomorrow:
-Sleep in
-Play with dog (play meaning work on training commands at the park hopefully)
-Clean up kitchen (ew, its a pitiful mess)
-Work in closet to arrange and put clothes where they belong
-Snuggle with husband before he goes to work
-Plant bulbs in backyard
-Make four pillows
-Love on husband when he gets home from work

Did I mention that I really, really like my husband? Or that I am especially thankful for him? Cause if you want me to, I will shout it from the rooftop.
What was that? Oh. You want me to contain myself.
Sorry. I get carried away sometimes.

still thankful

I have to close at HL today and because of our unseasonably warm weather Chad has to work today AND tomorrow, our Sunday to hang out. We are hoping that we might get some of the rain they have been promising so maybe he won't have to go in tomorrow. If the "man level" is low enough, they can all just stay by their cell phones and jump if they get a call. But, it is so high right now that they are on a "full staff" at the forestry office so everyone had to go in this afternoon and just sit around and wait for a call. Oh much for Sunday plans.

I am leaving early enough to run by the recycling center and drop off about 100 pounds of stuff (seriously, that's no exaggeration...I had to make three trips to the car!) that Chad's mom cleaned out of the closet this past week when she came over to work. It is all just paper basically, things that Aunt Mary had kept over the years. We did, however, come across a box full of letters that dates to the Civil War, all in printed handwriting and carefully wrapped. From reading a few, it appears they are to/from family and some of them even love letters. How exciting. She is going to pass them along to someone who might know more than us about family history, Civil War history, etc. It should be interesting to see what they are all family history though!

I am living in this strange place where the deep stirrings in my heart seem to be taking over my thoughts every day. I am so sure of the constant tug on my soul that I am designed to be doing something different than what I am doing at the moment; I am so thankful for so many things but I am having trouble living in my thankfulness, living immersing myself in the Living Water and allowing it to just soothe my soul. Oh, but how my heart has already been set free...
I know it is unusual for me to share this particular side of my heart publically but I just feel like it is the right thing to say right now.

Friday, March 6, 2009

many thanks

Ozob...thank you for the encouragment.
The things we know best in our hearts we sometimes need to be reminded of in our heads.

Nothing happened to make me want to leave HL and I know that I am definately there for a specific season of my life. I just have started to feel a sense of unsettling, like it is time to begin the search to move on. Now this search, in the current job market, may take a year or more so I am not itching to move any time soon but I just know that I am being called to something else. But, while I am there, I will continue to trust that my life is having "ripples" and that God is working in ways that I can not understand.

In other news...I finally got up in time to do my own hair this morning and I am still thinking positive thoughts about the haircut. After yesterday's super perky ponytail, I was having my doubts but I am pretty sure that I like it. It only took me about 30 minutes to straighten and fix it, though I haven't tried the curling thing yet so I might try that later and I will let you know how that works out...

Still wondering about Chad's impending guys haven't helped! I know my three readers have cute and crafty ideas!

Opened the store yesterday and today so it means I got to spend last night and will get to spend tonight with my sweetie. I brought home dinner last night but tonight I think I am gonna do an all vegitarian meal. Steamed brocoli (one of the few greens my super-healthy husband will weird), some breaded yellow squash, wild rice or couscous, and maybe a salad. I like veggies!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

click search

It has begun again.
I came home from work last night very frustrated, exhausted both physically and emotionally. Some days are much better than others and please, don't get me wrong, I am very thankful for my job. I am thankful that I HAVE a job in this current economy and that between Chad and I, we are doing pretty good, saving a little money for the future. But there is something huge missing every day for me. Something that makes me feel like I am doing what I am supposed to be doing - that thing is missing.
I am positive that I am at HL for a reason and there are many times in our lives when our wonderful Maker never reveals that reason to us so I am OK with that. But I never feel like what I did that day made an impression on anyone or that what I do there really, truly matters.
I know that HL isn't a career.
Retail isn't a career for me period. I need to be doing something that has a little more impact, possibly even uses my degree (shock!), and helps me to fulfill the passions that my Creator put in my heart.
Passions for justice, rights, victims, women and children.
Passions that overflow.
I am renewing my search for another job. I never really stopped looking but stopped applying for pretty much everything once I started working at HL. It is a horrible time to be looking for a job and I have to remind myself that there are plenty of people more qualified out there who need a job worse than me, people who can't even feed their families or pay the bills.
I will stay at HL as long as I feel like that is where God wants me to be but I feel a very strong calling to continue looking now, almost an unsettled feeling about being at HL now, knowing that it is not where I am supposed to be forever.
I will put my faith in Him, trust that He holds my uncertain future in His generous hands.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

i did it!

Finally got bravery and crazy on the same day and got my hair cut.

Before....sorry it is a little blurry.

After...she cut off a good eight inches off my longest layers, bringing it up to my shoulders. lots of short layers in it too...of course, she fixed it and it looks great so I am reserving my judgement until after I wash and do it myself. But, I like it at the moment. A lot.

its a birthday!

Ok, not today. Not even tomorrow.
Chad's birthday is at the end of this month and I am already struggling with what to do for him/make for him/get him.
I asked him what kind of cake he wanted and I think he wants a cookie cake like he made me for my birthday back in October (oh wow, I blogged about that). The only problem is...he made that cake. And somehow didn't follow the instructions. And it was fabulous. And he has no idea what he did wrong but it turned out just oh-so-good that I might ask him to repeat the instructions and see what happens. Ever been asked to make your own birthday cake? No? Oh...that is sorta lame huh?
I am about to call the hair salon and ask if they can fit me in today. I am just gonna do it. I want longer-ish hair for Dani's wedding so the way I see it is, if they do something I hate, I have around 6 months to let it grow out into something that I can work with. I always regret it because I really do like long hair but I seriously think it is time. I am just gonna tell the girl - "don't make me hate it" and we should be ok. She really is great. I go to Salon Haven in Red Bank and I would link to their website but the only think I could find is a MySpace page that hasn't been updated in forever so I think I will decline.
Obviously off work today...Chad asked me to do something and I can't remember what it was. I am gonna clean up a bit...I vaccumed and did windows before I left for work yesterday and picked up all the fluff that Gwendolen had pulled out of her pink dog toy but this morning there is just more. She is digging for the little plastic thing that makes it squeak. When she finally gets it out, I almost feel like she is going to get up on her hind legs and do the "Rocky" dance, paws over her head. But then we take it from her immediately so she doesn't choke on it. Evil parents we are.
Oh yeah, he asked me to file the taxes online. Whoohoo...

Monday, March 2, 2009


My neice (who happens to be older to me, I'll explain later) wrote a post about her love/hate relationship with Taylor Swift which I found hilarously true and amusing. Seriously, check it out! But in her honor, I am gonna do my love/hate for today. My choice for something I love/hate is Facebook. I like to be able to keep up with friends that don't live near me, see pictures and funny videos that they post, etc. I hate it when people believe everything they read on facebook. For example, We didn't change our "realtionship status" when we got engaged or married for a while and instead we said that we "broke up". OOooh...the questions and comments. Don't believe what you read on Facebook! And if it is real foks, don't break the news on Facebook first. Tell people in person before you change your status. Because if I find out that you got engaged, got married, gave birth, adopted a pet, got a tattoo, or whatever on Facebook before you call me, I am going to be really sad.
Going to get ready for work.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

and for today...

Not one flake.
Not one inch of that four inches of snow we have been promised all week.
Who got it instead?
Everyone else but us.
Both towns house people I love and they called to report they got snow...and "it was sticking".
No fair.
REALLY no fair.

Oh well...Jess had to leave early this morning to get back to C-town for a family gathering and it is a good thing she did. Had to drive through some nasty "winter weather" on the way so it slowed her down a bit. Home safely though...whew.

Chad and I enjoyed our day inside together since it is ultra-windy and pretty cold still. Watched some Bones episodes, cleaned bathrooms, changed sheets to my favorite chocolate brown ones (that are just oh-so-soft), and I did two loads of laundry, which I will fold tomorrow before I go to work in the afternoon. Made quesadillas for dinner with grilled chicken in them...good and light for a late dinner. Headed to bed to snuggle with my sweetie.