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Friday, April 3, 2015

Len Foot Hike Inn

Both my mom and Chad's uncle Jay asked for time - not things - for Christmas. They wanted to DO things with us and how could we argue with that? Since they are pretty hilarious when gathered together in the same company, we decided that it would be fun to pick something that the four of us could do together.

Enter: The Len Foote Hike Inn at Amnicolola Falls State Park in Dawsonville, GA.

Mom suffered through a hike to Mt. LeConte with us a couple of years ago when we all swore we'd never go again and Jay suffers through that hike most years, with us in tow at least once more and probably again this fall. We knew that hiking would be something they would both enjoy as long as it wasn't too strenuous (me neither!) and it was something that was on my mom's bucket list.

Off we went last weekend and enjoyed a hilarious, cold, invigorating hike up the mountain!

Good fun these folks are. 
I would HIGHLY recommend this hike to pretty much anyone. It is about 4.8 miles of rolling hills. There were only a couple of places that made me lose my breath or where we needed to take a break. It is generally very flat or gentle slopes, crossing a couple of little creeks, and hills. 
The Inn itself is SUPER nice...think hot showers, great food, mostly comfy beds, and an incredible view of the GA mountains. Quite a shock to our Mt. LeConte hiking systems. 
The cost includes a bed, dinner, and breakfast - plus snacks and hot/cold beverages all day. Lots of games to play in the Sunrise Room or you can hike around nearby. 

Go make some memories with folks you love!