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Thursday, October 30, 2008

a days day

Just did stuff around the house most of the day today.
I made a 5 minute microwave chocolate cake. Mom sent me the instructions in an email, that I am sure has been passed around the internet a billion times and has 40 viruses attached to it...but anyway, I opened it. Tried it. In a coffee mug (thoes are the instructions!!). It was not pleasant. Smelled fabulous cooking. Looked OK. The texture is what got me. Chewy? That should not be a word describing chocolate cake. Its one redeeming quality was how good it smelled.

I then started on various projects around the house. Cleaned out another kitchen cabinet and boxed up repeating items (shot glasses. seriously.), small coffee creamer pitchers (in multiples), wine glasses coming out our ears...made room for our new Rubbermaid! Organized and wonderfully within reach of the rest of the cooking area. Cleaned out half of the linen cabinet which is behind our closet door (which is, in turn, behind the bedroom door. Its a little odd). Made room for new towels! They look wonderful and fluffy...I almost hate to use them. But no. I did. I also steamed the new comforter to get out packaging wrinkles and realized that I will have to steam wrinkles out of the pillow shams and bed skirt too so they look more like the picture and less like we just threw them on there (oh my gosh....who am I?). .
Gwen his under the bed while I cleaned. She apparently didn't like it.
Chad just came in and saw the picture and said...Gwen wasn't hiding, she was caving. That my friends, is HIS dog.
We took Grandmother out to PF Chang's tonight for dinner. Actually, we ordered, loaded her up, picked it up and ate in the car. We would have just taken it to her but she wanted their crispy green beans and the theory was that they would be cold and not so crispy any more if we got them "to go" and drove them to her. I think she wanted to get out anyway...a change of scenery if nothing else!
Leaving Saturday to go to my cousin's wedding in Jekyll Island, Georgia. Hopefully. If Chad doesn't have to work.
I already started on my ideas for handmade projects for Christmas. Expect great things folks.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

my didder.

Like many children, when I was younger and learning to speak, I could not pronounce things as they were intended to be pronounced. My sisters name is Francina (fran-see-nuh). Could I pronounce that when I was learning to speak? Of course not. They said, just call her "sister". Could I pronouce that? Of course not. Didder. That's what I could pronounce. So Didder she was.
And it stuck.
I can pronouce things better now (I AM 24). So its just Sis.
I am sure retalation for the picture will be swift and sure.
I will post a good one to help my chances of a survival.

We got our new bedding set delivered by UPS today (which Gwen was NOT happy about...the UPS man, not the bedding. I am sure she would love it if she was technically allowed on the bed. Which she is not.)

It is wonderful (thank you Jay and Grandmother!).

I will take before and after pictures. I am still waiting on a couple of pillows to come in but it should be finished in a couple of days.

I just went upstairs to take off the sweatpants because Chad turned on the fireplace and heated up my blogging space so I got hot. In the process, I washed my hands and got my shirt wet at the bottom. Chad's oh-so-logical-question when he came in from walking Gwendolen...did you pee on your shirt? Let's talk about how much that does NOT make sense. And would be a difficult feat for a female. And yes, I kept wearing a shirt after it got pee on it?!? But he insisted on taking a picture. So I agreed to post it. this payback enough?

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Tengo dolor de cabeza (=I have a pain of head)

Not too much to say today. Blogging with a migrane so I turned the brightness on the computer down so low I can almost not see it (also probably not good due to eye strain but it was the least of the evils at the moment).

Friend's brother Josh is doing better. He blogged himself for the first time since the surgery today so that's a good sign! Keep praying for him!

Took our Gwendolen to the v-e-t (yes, we always spell it, just in case she figures it out) this morning at 7:30 and after successfully getting stuck in traffic (7 car accident. impressive. just bumpers though, nothing serious. people too busy to get to their cubicles I suppose) we arrived in panicky fashion to the v-e-t. She didn't want to be there. I didn't want to leave her. I almost cried. Seriously. I didn't even think I loved Stinky Sweet that much but aparently I do. Surgery successful. No puppies for us. (Thank you God!) She is obviously sore. Won't even follow her boy around the house. Just sits in one place and watches him by leaning left and right. Its cute. And sad. We did opt for the pain meds (a shot) post-op, as any good parents would do, so hopefully that will help for this first day.
I spent a few hours at Target and Bed, Bath, and Beyond spending those wonderful gift cards. Whoohoo. Its like shopping and spending someone else's money. What could be better! Got a few things we still wanted off our registries so I am excited. Tomorrow I will be washing new towels and Rubbermaid things. Exciting.

I then spent another few hours "honey sitting" with Chad's Grandmother. (Jess' grandpa coined the term. "Babysitting" is just so wrong. He thought honey sitting was better. I agree.) Her sitters had a little gap today so I got to hang out with her for a while. She told me stories of Chad and her husband. Its awesome. I am glad that she still has stories to tell.

And sis, some people have better things to do than sit at home and read people's blogs all day, or blog themselves. I am not one of them. :) Sorry I missed a day. I know how you love to read about my thrilling life. (don't be mad about the pic...I couldn't resist.)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

learning to bush hog

Fall is finally here and I am super excited. We turned on the fire place in our living room tonight. Gas logs, can't beat that. Of course, we can't wait to see our gas bill now.

We went back to the farm today and Chad taught me how to use the bush hog attached to the tractor so we could cut some of the fields. You have to drive it so slow (partially because it is OLD and doesn't really like anything but first gear and partially because we are trying to cut through pretty thick brush). It was seriously slow going...Chad wandered off with Gwen and I had plenty of time to take pictures!!

I finished carving the pumpkin. Fangs. I love it. It looks great lit up too, atleast I think so.

Chad is back to work tomorrow. I have a list of things to do. Again. I hope that they don't go unappreciated. I think I will also go to Bed, Bath, and Beyond and Target to get a few things with wonderful gift cards that lovely people gave us for our reception (you guys are great!). Chad and I still have a hankering for a couple of little gadgets, etc and can't wait to get a few new towels...woohoo (its the small things folks).

Saturday, October 25, 2008


Came home after dinner and put on bumming around clothes and my warm fuzzy socks.

It is going to get down inthe 40's tonight but we are refusing to turn on the heat until it is unbearably cold in our house. Its really pleasant, almost warm, during the day but it gets pretty chilly at night. We added another blanket to the bed yesterday and it was so snuggly last night.

I am going to carve a pumpking (yes, pumpking). B is going to carve a pumpkin. The neighbor's kids are going to judge to see who's pumpkin is better. I think I am going to do a goofy smiley face with little fangs...nothing too scary or intimidating since we'll have underage judges. I am excited. Might carve tomorrow when Chad is home with me.

Gwen is feeling better. She still got bland-o chicken and rice again tonight just to make sure her stomach was OK. I told her not to get used to it.

home-made or hand-made

So I made a decision.
I am only giving hand made Christmas gifts this year.
Not just by me. I'm not that talented.
Some maybe.
Probably mostly by me (that would be home made) but there is this AWESOME website that is all handmade things:
and that is where I will probably do most of my shopping.
I'm excited!

our table

So, this is the table that Chad and I built (with a little help from Paul on day 1).
Mom and Chad salvaged a window from the trash (I was NOT present, thankfully!)
And we built a table. It was complicated in my opinion and a lot of work but I LOVE it.
I am thrilled with out it turned out.
We hinged one end of the window to the table so you can open it and put things in it.
For now, I put some pictures of us in it. Just a few from the wedding and that Lindsey took not long after.

I am looking forward to getting some fall things together and putting a seasonal table together then changing it again at Christmas with ornaments, etc. We built up the edges so that we could put thicker things in it so I am excited about changing it around.

Uncle Jay is in town this weekend, as usual. He left a while ago to go see Grandmother and I am going to go over there in a bit. After I shower and paint nails. He, Chad, and I are going somewhere fun for dinner tonight (don't know where yet!) for a belated birthday dinner. Yea! Jay is a blast so I am looking forward to hanging out.

Gotta go fold the last HUGE load of laundry.

Oh yeah, did I mention that this cute guy is my husband? Woohoo!

Friday, October 24, 2008

two updates

Joshua first.
He's doing well.
Came through his surgery and the doctors seem pleased with him and how he is doing. I talked to Jess for a while on the phone and they all seem positive about how the surgery went.
She says he looks more like his brother than ever.
Keep praying for swift healing.
He should be going home (back to Columbus) on Sunday.
On to Gwendolen.
Vet calls her "the mystery dog" and seems to be mildly amused by her.
Is she pregnant? Not pregnant? Sick? Not sick?
Gave her a shot to calm her upset stomach.
Told me to make her boiled chicken and plain white rice.
So she just got the meal fit for a queen.
He said to feed her that because it was bland but when it was fresh and warm it should encourage her to eat for the first time in two days.
She LOVED it.
Hopefully she is feeling better now.
We rescheduled her getting "fixed" surgery for early next week because the vet seemed to think that might be part of her problem.
I cleaned out the fridge.
Vaccumed the rug and couch in the living room.
Fixed the window table after cleaning the glass (pictures later).
Did four loads of laundry.
Dishes in the sink.
I am tired of housework.
I just want to hang out with Chad. But he has to work tomorrow.

sick and surgery

Not me. The dog.
Still sick. Just earned herself a trip to the V-E-T.
We have an appointment at 5 today.
IF she was pregnant, which at this point, doesn't look like it is the case (admittedly, I'm thankful) she would be giving birth next week. But now, she won't eat and has thrown up two mornings in a row and so the vet wants to see her. Update later.

Second, and actually more important, my best friend Jessica has two younger brothers. Nice start to a story, I know.

The older of the two, Aaron, is spending a year traveling with an organization called Carpenters Tools International (CTI) and just got back from about a month in Taiwan, playing music (since that is what they do) for lots of organizations and groups. Youth groups, prisons, etc.

The younger brother, Joshua, underwent surgery this morning to reconstruct his jaw to correct a severe underbit. I just got a text about 12:30 that he is out of surgery and in recovery but that they had not been able to see him yet. He has months of recovery ahead of him but weeks of a liquid diet that everyone involved is dreading. Imagine having every meal put in the blender, strained, thinned then fed to you with a tube and syringe. Yeah, a blast.

You can see updates on Joshua's blog at:

Jessica is updating as much as possibly until Josh is able to update for himself.

All that to say that they, along with their mom Denise, need your prayers! Pray for Aaron as he travels and plays music. Pray for Jessica as she helps take care of her family. Pray for Denise that she will be able to get everything she wants and needs to complete every day finished. and Pray especially for Joshua. For speedy recovery. Calm spirit. Patience.

This is my second family and I am crazy about all of them. So please, keep them in your prayers as they are separated and healing.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

OK last one...

Sorry, uno mas.
I just read comments by people on my blog.
People are actually reading my blog.
I could pee in my pants I am so excited.
I won't admit that they are basically all family.
Oh wait, just did.
Love you guys.

Rainy day tomorrow...plenty of blog time. Yippee!

goodnight moon...

Stayed up way too late reading everyone else's too cute blogs.
Now going to snuggle with my already sleeping sweetie.
and our little dog too
(who better be on the floor when I get upstairs).

life things

I spent the day doing wifey things today.
Looking after a sick dog (can I just say EWW)...who seems to be feeling much better now. She's staying up late with me, blogging, digging toys out of her box and bringing them to me to play with.
Halfway cleaned out the island in the kitchen. Still can't figure out why anyone needs four of the same pot so now I am going through and packing the multiples of everything. You have no idea how much room is going to be left after this task. It's amazing.
Went to the bank. Took an application to Hobby Lobby (I would LOVE to work at a huge craft store. Never take home a paycheck but would love it!!)
Took flowers from the party to Chad's grandma and wore my party dress so she would feel like she was there, if only for a moment. She isn't well. I don't know how well or not well she is doing for sure..there is a difference of opinion in people who spend a lot of time with her and people who just see her once a day.
It makes me remember my Papa. I never got to really say goodbye. I think it is important to be able to say goodbye.
And I still miss him. I am sure I always will. I think of him constantly, wishing I could ask him a question or get his opinion. I wish he could have known Chad. He would have loved him - two gardening, outdoor-loving souls.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So, Chad's first offical day at work today. Sad to see him go this morning but admittedly, I have a lot of stuff I want to get done in the next couple of days at the house so it will be nice to have some quiet, peaceful time to do it.

Talked to Chad's dad, B, on the phone a little while ago and he said he read the blog. I laughed. How funny. I mean, seriously, I didn't think anyone read it really besides Danielle. So I guess I should explain because he was like, "Hey, its B calling" when he called my cell...I used only his first initial, along with Chad's mom's initial, because I wasn't sure how keen people were on having their names on the internet! I did include first names on some people, especially in captions for pictures but most of those people I assumed would be totally ok with first name basis only. Never last names. I am not sure what kind of sketchy people might just happen along my blog and then they would thief the identities of those people that I love.

And it would be my fault. EEEK.

So, first names and first initials will have to do. So, Hi... S & B. Since I know you are reading I'll just send you a personal hello. Hey, its more than MY dad is doing at the moment (I will send him the link and see what happens!)

I cleaned out one of the crazy cabinets in the kitchen to make room for a treat from my Mema (grandmother on Mom's side)...her old school Kitchen Aid mixer.

In the process, I found a wonderful dutch oven to cook things in...woohoo!

and I needed to make room for a cool set of mugs that Chad's old room mate Craig gave us.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Its a long one...lots to catch up on.

The party was offically a success. And offically over.

A hearty thank you to everyone who helped put it NO particular order of importance.

Mom - thanks for finishing your endless list of little jobs that made the house look wonderful. Your mulch disappearing act was amazing.

Dad - thanks for making Country's appear in our driveway. I think a little bit of heaven came down when I looked outside to the truck at the house. My beautiful tables on the porch were perfect.

Ms. Denise - the cakes were wonderful. Everyone raved. Thank you for taking the time to make something so sweet (literally!) for our celebration...

Chad - you did more yardwork than you should have had to. And everthing else I asked of you. And smiled during the whole party. I know how you just LOVE parties...just think, we don't have to have another one until Thanksgiving when our house has been nominated to host.

Sis - you cooked and made us all full and happy. thanks for helping clean and jumping in when I got stressed.

Frannie - you did more housework than any guest should ever have to. The scrubbed porch looked fabulous because of you. I'm grateful.

Jess - You made ME look good. I got tons of compliments on the super straight hair and gave you all the credit. But then, you always make me look good just by being my friend.
And thank you to everyone who came to help us celebrate. It was wonderful to see people that we had not seen in a while and meet new people as well. Over all, it was worth all the work but I was happy to fall into bed when it was over.
Chad and I decided that we needed some time to ourselves after the party so we left Sunday afternoon to spend a few days hiking on the Pine Mountain Trail.
We did the whole thing last summer (all 23 miles!) so we decided to just hike a shorter loop trail over a couple of days. It was, in total, under seven miles but we couldn't have asked for better weather for the trail. Beautiful, sunny, cool...perfect fall days.
It was Gwendolen's first hiking trip too...I think she enjoyed it.
Other than the pack of coyotes that howled in the middle of the night and completely freaked me out, it was a perfect trip (ok, minus the twisted ankle about half a mile from the end but it wasn't worth stopping at that point!).
His first official day at work is tomorrow. I will try to get up and see him off but it will be early! I plan on getting a lot of stuff done tomorrow...clean out car, do laundry (new sheets and towels!!), write thank you notes (easy and fun job because I am so truly thankful...and the cards are so cute!). Can't wait to see how his day went...good luck my Chad. Have fun in the real world.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

the list

To do Today (before the party, no less):

-get up (oh, done. check. at 6:30 because I couldn't sleep anymore. snoring. need I say more? can't complain about that though...I love to wake up beside him even if it IS because he was snoring.)
-pick up flowers. lots and lots of flowers.
-get picture printed for S & B's shadow box. I will take pictures of those too.
-go buy bags of ice to cool the drinks.
-put drinks in cooler with ice.
-go to dollar store and buy a table cloth.
-put flowers in vases. arrange vases around the house artfully.
-arrange pictures of Chad and I around the house artfully.
-create cute seating area on porch with newly covered chairs.
-put up tables and chairs. tablecloths on tables. (this will occur on the screened in porch because of stinky complaints about this either. we need the rain.)
-clean up kichen and computer desk (since it is in the kichen!)
-clean up living room of various piles of stuff (including Gwendolen thought we left her at home? no way! She's family.)
-make a "park here" sign for the field next to the house. (it should really say "park in the field next to your choice of political signs". there are so many we could use them to create rows in the parking lot)
-take a shower. shave legs.
-dry hair. do face.
-get dressed
-check "I-got-this-on-an-awesome-sale" dress in mirror.
-smile cause it's time to party!
-love on him......

Friday, October 17, 2008

home again

I left my sweetie in the bed (sadly, with the dog) to sneak down the hall and write a little.
I'm at my parents house so forgive the quick blog and lack of details.
Finally home in Columbus again with a thousand things to do.
I cleaned bathrooms at the house.
Frannie and my mom cleaned the porch, wonderfully might I add.
Chad cut down trees.
Jessica washed windows.
I picked up a couple of gifts for people I love that will be at the party.
I cleaned up in the living room.
Mom and I recovered the chairs from the porch so that they would be presentable and cute.

She will make a couple of table runners to match tomorrow. Fun fall-ish colors. She's fabulous.
More errands to run tomorrow.
Chad's parents (S & B) should be getting into town tonight and I am sure they will be over to help tomorrow.
I am going to pick up all the flowers in the morning. I can't wait to show you the "after" pictures.
More tomorrow.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Quick blog before my day offically starts.

Chad's grandma isn't doing too well...hospice says that she won't really be coherent for much longer so he is staying in Chattanooga until Friday night or Saturday morning, hoping to spend a few more sweet moments with her before she gets to go home (which, heartbreakingly, she was requesting yesterday). We spent some time over there yesterday, hanging out, telling stories. She requested Zaxby's chicken salad, which of course, we quickly oblidged. She ate wonderfully, surprising us all.

Chad left early this morning to go do his "pack test" for work. He basically has to carry like 20 or 30 pounds in a pack and WALK a mile in 15 minutes or less. I know it doesn't sound that hard but an extra 30 pounds and not being allowed to jog at all is actually harder than it sounds. He always wishes his legs were a couple of inches longer and I try to explain that it wouldn't help him that much. He says he could jog it in no time at all, if they would just let him. Oh well...I am sitting here wishing him luck and sending him loving thoughts from across town.

I am headed to spend some quality time with my new mother in law. My new sister, Megan, got me a manicure for my recent birthday and I am going to get it with S today...hoping it will still look presentable on Saturday for the party (though, I have my doubts if mom has as much stuff planned for me as I think when I arrive in Columbus...housecleaning, powerwashing the porch, etc...cross your fingers).

The tables for the party will be delivered Friday (with table dad thought of everything. Gotta love him.)

Country's BBQ is catering. Woo hoo. Sweet tea until I explode.

I was going home today but I won't be leaving until tomorrow to be with Chad a little more, in case his grandmothers health declines rapidly. He is so fiercely independent and pretends he doesn't need me but I know that he would want me here if something were to happen. So I will stay a little longer before I must go and start getting stuff ready in Columbus.

with unpainted fingernails, Paula

Monday, October 13, 2008

being a tourist

Chad and Jody came back from their cruise yesterday and since Jody has never been east of the great ole' Mississippi River, we decided to oblige her and become tourists in our own town.

Last night was the corn maze. Fabulous. Hilarious.
Uncle Jay and I got a little lost for a few minutes, going back out the entrance, but isn't that the point of a maze? To get a little lost and then find your way again?
We had fun hiding in the corn, trying to sneak past Chad, Jody, and Chad.
That is what fall nights should be like.

Sometimes it can be fun being a tourist in your own town.

Today we went to the Aquarium.
Chad hasn't been since the new half opened and
I haven't been since they got penguins so I was thrilled.
I could have watched them for hours but I got pulled away.
I think that if I saw fish the size of some of these in the ocean with me I would pee on my self....
but then, I guess no one would know.

Good times. I love hanging out with my sweetie and friends.

Chad is starting his new job this week so I have to find ways to entertain myself until I find a job.
I will probably do some volunteering. I was thinking maybe even at the aquarium...
I hate being home and bored and you can only clean the same things for a certain number of times.
But, I am going to enjoy some times to get a couple of little projects done around the house.
Before and After pictures of those to come...