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Friday, January 29, 2010


The snow is changing to rain/sleet. It hasn't really stopped since this morning and we are looking at quite a bit (close to 6 inches!) of accumulation in the yard. The roads are pretty bad and I am a little concerned about getting to work in the morning. It is about 3 degrees warmer so some will melt and then the rain will freeze so we aren't sure what to really expect in the morning.
I am going to bed now to dream/fantasize about getting a call telling me not to come to work in the morning.


We are at about 4 inches of snow and our yard at least. There are roads closed, people stranded, etc. We don't know what to do with this kind of weather.
Chad and I made a snowman, had a short snowball fight, made angels in the street, and are now drinking hot chocolate by the fire. I got off work early because of the weather and Chad drove home while I freaked out the whole time. My one icy slide has done me in for winter driving. Chad will have to take me to work in the morning if we can even get up the hill outside our house for me to get there at all.
I like long as I am at home, warm, with my sweetie.
Which I am. Safely. Thankfully.
And it is still coming down. Hard! I took a few pictures from the front porch and I will take more more I am not willing to risk my camera to get you really good pictures. Sorry!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

here at last.

Mom is here...all day...just to hang out with me on my day off.
And I couldn't be more excited.
She arrived at a blazing early 8am (meaning she left Columbus at 4:30am mind you...not sleeping runs in the family by the way) and now we get to spend the whole day running around and working on projects. She is already sitting at the sewing machine working on something she brought with her to do since I have her machine!!
Maybe the snow will hold off until she can get home tomorrow...

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Chad has been gone since yesterday morning to his training class up near Nashville...I thought I would like a few days of quiet but it seems I miss him more than I thought I would. Frankly, it is usually me that is leaving to go on a hiking trip, see friends, or visit my parents for a weekend when he can't go and leaving him with a half empty bed. And I don't think I like the flipside as much! I slept awesomely until about 1:58am when I got a wrong number phone call (I know...I never turn off my phone...what if it was important?!?) and then I was hopelessly aware of his empty half of the bed. Oh well...he will be back Friday night and I am sure I can manage until then.
My mom is coming tomorrow to hang out with me on my day off and I am super-de-duper excited. Again, we have nothing planned but just chillin' out, enjoying each other's company. She wants to see my watercolors which I am not yet proud of, seeing as how I am the daughter of a painter, but maybe she can give me some pointers and help me on my way.
It is freight day at work - a day we all dread for the rest of the week. It is just a little stressful, tiring, and busy - especially for those who have to unpack, put out, put together frames, hang wires, and clean up at the end of the day. So, I guess closing on freight day is my least favorite too.
Going to paint some, pack my lunch and head to work. The animals have been in rare form this morning and I hope I can keep the cat out of my paints long enough to get something done!

Monday, January 25, 2010


I have now spent a little time digesting the houses we saw yesterday and I am ready for a very brief run-through...we only saw about three houses that were on our list and only were able to go into two of them. One had just been bought but will probably be fixed and resold again so our agent is going to do some research. We went in a house that was very solidly not on our list, mostly due to being about 3 times as much as we are able to spend. We were just driving by and our agent decided to go inside. It was brand new....huge...and very modern. Three things we aren't really interested in at the moment. Oh, and over $300,000. Awesome. However, it did have some really cool glass mosaic work in the bathrooms and kitchen and a coffee pot in the wall of the master bathroom. Admittedly, if I drank more coffee, that would be pretty cool! It was interesting just to see it and get some ideas of what other people are doing.
We actually saw one that was in our price range that we might be interested that is good news. We were able to mark a couple off the list too and even more off the list that the agent showed us (I think she knows what we are looking for a little better now...). My favorite (from the outside!) will probably find itself off the list as well. Sad but I am pretty sure it is not "The One".
Going to dry my hair and head to work...Chad will be out of town from Tuesday to Friday of this week and I already miss him (even though he will be home tonight!). I don't like it when he leaves but maybe it means I will get a lot of stuff done while he is gone...painting and project finishing, gym going, yoga classing, healthy eating,!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

the hunt.

The hunt is officially on...our house hunting with an agent started this afternoon when we got out of church. I don't really even know what to say about it - I am slightly overwhelmed. I sorta just want to put some houses on a wheel, spin it, and buy the one it lands on Wheel-of-Fortune style. The information overload has already started and we only looked at like 4 houses. We saw some others that we might look at later but we were also able to rule out atleast one that was on our list (one that I am a little sad about marking off the was super cute just not for us I think).
So anyway, we started...and I'm not sure what to even say.

Saturday, January 23, 2010


They are here. Everyone arrived safely by about 6 last night - I had finally finished everything and taken a shower by the time they got here. We went to the Terminal for dinner last night - we had to wait but it was totally worth it. Came home and watched movies, ate fun food and hung out way past by bedtime.
We have plans to do a lot of nothing today - I made suggestions of things we could do but hanging out at the house and giggling at each other sounds like just as much fun.
I will take pictures and keep you updated.

Friday, January 22, 2010

counting down!

Oh my...I am so excited about this weekend!
I still have so much to do but the excitement is getting me through at the moment!
I have already been to the dentist this store and started a batch of P-Dub's Cinnamon rolls...I haven't made them before and I thought it would be a good thing to have over the weekend for breakfasts and snacks (ok, 3 meals a day, I'll admit it!)
I need to clean bathrooms, change sheets, clean up our bedroom, vacuum downstairs, and clean up the kitchen (including two loads of does that happen!?!?)
Wish me luck on getting it all done.
Update of the upstairs: B and S were here last night and they put the office/small guest room back together so someone can sleep on the pull out couch. Awesome! They came through for me on that one and I am soooo thankful. Now, Megan has stuff covering two bedrooms, hers and Jays, and I am going to need one of those for my friends to sleep in so I am hoping we can get that stuff squared away by 4-ish! Other than that, the repairs look great. We have had plenty of rain the past few days to test the roof repairs and they seem to be working great and now that the inside is repainted and re-carpeted it looks brand new!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

let's have it!

Calling all Chattanoogans!
My besties are coming this weekend and we need fun things to do (especially if this rain continues or even if it stops - leaving us quite soggy!)
I've already got a list of things we can do inside (Ruby Falls, sorta inside....aquarium, register for Beth's baby shower, go to HL...Jen needs fabric and I told her we could...blow-your-own-glass-ornament, etc...) but need help!
Tell me your favorite (or top 3!) things to do when it is raining and favorite place to eat!


I am finished tinkering with the layout for now...the middle, basic layout was just one of the blogger ones but I needed one that sorta matched the background that I had already picked out from The Cutest Blog On the Block (both - free!) Now that I remember how, I might make a few other changes but I like the colors and that my background isn't black anymore. I think white on black is hard to read sometimes so I am glad to be back to a more traditional color scheme. And I love the creamy brown, green, and pink together. So, I will leave this for a while before I start messing again. Besides, I have three best friends coming tomorrow and plenty left to do. Our bedroom needs the most work tonight and of course, the construction men did not finish yesterday like they thought they would. The baseboards got a little wet in the rain while they were cutting them so they had to wait for them to dry before they could paint them - thus they are coming back today to finish meaning the closets aren't in working order yet. Please say a prayer for my sanity.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

is it too much?

This post is simply to warn you to hold your horses...a change is coming! I am going to change my layout and background as soon as I can remember how! I haven't ever changed it since the beginning and it is far past time. So, don't think you found the wrong blog - it will still be me just messed up for a few days! I am so tired of the pink and the heart....although I should wait till after V-Day...sorry, I can't. It is way, way, past time...Dani - wanna help? Yours is always so cute!!

Is three posts in one day too much? I have the available time while I am literally sitting here with my lunch packed and my gym bag by the door - waiting for the construction workers to show up with new carpets for the closets upstairs. Hopefully they will be finishing today and we can put our guest rooms back together!

I also...

I also cleaned off and rearranged the table that had ornaments and garland at Christmas (which has been sitting naked or about two weeks now!). I used some more beans and filled my new trifle dish with beans and a candle. I really like the texture and color that the dried beans and rice adds to the centerpieces...

I didn't really know what else to do with the table...It needed something simple because the paiting over it is really big, detailed, weird, awesome, colorful, and hangs so close to the table that something tall covers up the painting that I love. So, beans and candles it is!

so much done.

I got so much done yesterday around the house while I was home alone for hours. I even skipped yoga last night to hang out with Chad and make the Pioneer Woman's Cowboy Calzones and baked mac and cheese for dinner. I felt like a major success even if no one else really noticed...(Chad did like the food. I can usually count on him for that.
I cleaned off the dining room table/my craft area for atleast a few days while I have company this weekend. I cleaned up the kitchen counters, recycyled/did away with stuff we don't need that has just been sitting around for forever...I cleaned up the living room and desk in there...
all that is left for the girls to come is bathrooms and sheets and a good vaccuming around the house, all of which I can do Friday before they arrive. I only have to work one more day this week before they get here and that is simply multiplying my excitment....days off work are the best! Days off work with your three best friends are such a blessing that I can not even describe...I am literally tearing up here.
Anyway...I also made new covers for the pillows on my antique garden bench outside and gave the wall a revamp. I think I spent $12 yesterday for fabric, ribbon, an "I" initial which I painted, and a grapevine wreath. So a $12 front porch redo!
The pillows are a much more modern fabric than what I would have usually chosen but for some reason I just could not resist the turquoise and brown combo. They had it in black and white too but I just loved the bright colors against the dark bench. Besides, turquoise is supposedly the Pantone color of the year!
I painted the "I" to try to match the brighter turquoise (it came white) and got as close as I could mixing colors in the dining room! I just drilled a hole and ran some ribbon through it to hang it from the wreath.

The finished product! I love it! The candles I bought a few weeks ago when the Christmas stuff was still up so it doesn't count towards the total redo price! I love my front porch now...just please don't look at the other side that has bright yellow patio furniture! :)

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

great news!

I got the best news this morning when I got to work...during our "morning meeting" which we have with all the employee's who open that particular day...the store manager said that we were expecting to be really slow today and he might be sending people home early. He wanted to know if there were any!! I know that I am going to miss a day of work this weekend when the girls are here and I would be short another 4 hours if I left early today but frankly, it was totally worth it to get the afternoon off to get things done. See?? God knew that I was starting to get stressed out about getting things done and now I am home doing them.
Great news. A beautiful day and an awesome afternoon of projects!

it's building...

The excitement I girls are coming this weekend and I could not be happier.
Although I have a thousand things to do before they come, and I am getting a little stressed out, I am not going to let it get to me. Chad says I am not allowed to have parties any more because I get so stressed out that it be perfect that I don't really have any fun. So, I say NO to stress. And YES to fun! The roofers/construction workers are supposed to finish fixing the closets and roof some time tomorrow (please Lord...they NEED to finish!) so we can stuff everything back in closets and my ladies will have beds to sleep in. I warned them about possible mess but I told my MIL that I must have beds for them to sleep in. I would feel horrible if I invited them to come - with our plenty of spare rooms - and they ended up on the couch!
So, I have a kitchen to clean up, couch cover to wash and reput, desk and table to organize, carpets to vaccum, sheets to change, bathrooms to clean, craft area to clean up (I've been painting!!)...on top of planning stuff for us to do and even more grocery shopping and menu planning for when they are here. Oh dear...
A stray/abandoned dog followed Chad and J home from a walk last night and Megan wants to keep it. We told her that it needs some work before it can even think about coming in the house (I have nightmares about fleas!) and she needs to make sure that it didn't escape either and someone is looking for him. I don't know if it will really work out anyway - Gwendolen doesn't really tolerate other dogs all that well. She has been standing at the garage door barking her head off for about 12 hours now so I am already concerned about the outcome...

Sunday, January 17, 2010

i'm lucky.

One of my favorite things in the whole world is having clean laundry.
I don't mind sorting, washing, moving to dryer...I dislike folding.
But today - my amazing husband did the last two loads of laundry and folded every bit of it.
All of our clothes are clean - with the exception of what is on our bodies.
And it is wonderful.

rainy weekend...

After closing at HL last night, I came home and made P-Dub's Chicken Pot Pie for us to eat today so I wouldn't have to cook as much on my day off. I am pretty excited. We are going to have it for dinner while Chad's friend M is still in town. I painted a little more and then we headed to bed after watching the scariest movie ever (OK, maybe not ever but pretty darn terrifying). The Decent. Chad loves to watch it then try and convince me to go caving. Not cool. Not going. Ever again.
Anyway, got up to a rainy morning and headed to church. Went to the starving artist art show (don't get me started on the not cool-ness) and now I am at home considering a Sunday afternoon nap. I think Jay and I will make P-Dub's flat apple pie to go with our pot pie for dinner (pie for all!!)'d think we are feeding an army here. I am in a cooking mood though so it is OK - I enjoy cooking I just hate doing the dishes.

Thursday, January 14, 2010


My apologies to the one of you who actually reads the blog enough to notice that I had been absent a few days...I guess I have just been busy!
I have been painting, doing laundry, and making dinner....going to work, lovin' on my sweetie, staying up too late, getting up too early...going to work...oh yeah, I mentioned that already.
Oh well...I will try to start a fresh slate.
I am off tomorrow - lots of laundry to fold, house to attempt to organize, painting to do, dr.'s appt. in the AM for the the continuing headaches - is it really considered a day off when you have this much to do? I plan on sleeping in - until about 8 when the men who are fixing the roof and replacing wet drywall and plywood in the walls show up to start working. I think it would be most appropriate for me to NOT be in my pj's while they are here. I don't mind getting up though - plenty to be done and a good excuse to start the day!
Please say a prayer for my dr's appt. I am making my third request to please, please, please try to get to the bottom of this instead of just prescribing me something else to take. Let's hope it works....

Excuse me while I go rescue yet another makeup brush that the cat has pilfered from my bag in the bathroom....straws and makeup brushes. Those are her two favorite things.

Sunday, January 10, 2010


On a completely unrelated note (so it gets its own post), I am going to try my hand at watercolor painting. My mom is a fabulous artist (I know, she will be embarrassed that I told you...sorry Mom) but she is great! She has a really creative mind and I am pretty sure her hands can do things that mine will never be able to do. I have really fond memories of sitting in the hall of the Fine Arts Hall at Columbus College (now Columbus State University, where I also graduated from!) doing my homework while she went to class for her Master's degree. Go Mom! Raising kids and getting a Masters - you did it all!
I don't think I really got the creative genes too much. Maybe my sister - the chef - got them all. Cooking is creative! Her house is always so cute too - a perfect blend of patterns, textures and colors. Ooo...her colors! I love! My dream house (the one we want to buy by April!) is full of neutrals in my head. But I am going to have really cool art on my walls! (so maybe neutral walls are best - there is always an upside!)
Sorry...side notes aside...I am going to try some watercolor painting. I have a friend at work who is an amazing photographer (and gave me some pretty awesome pictures for Christmas of giant daisies she took when she lived in Alaska) and apparently a pretty decent painter. I told her I was going to try it and she was horrified that I was going to use the cheap-o palette of hard little round watercolors. She made me go to HL on my day off yesterday so she could "loan" me some paints. She gave me a nice plastic palette, each little hole filled and labeled with the color. She also drew a color wheel on the bottom of which colors I should NOT mix together. What an awesome friend! She told me that if I used cheap paint that I would not like the result because it wouldn't look as good and then I would think that I wasn't any good and I wouldn't keep trying (all probably true!).
So here I go...I am going to try my hand this afternoon while we are hanging out at home and I will let you know about that one too!

great date experiment.

Chad and I did not make it on our date last night but we did make it to the party. I guess it can be considered a date because the two of us went together without anyone else but since we didn't exactly get any quiet one-on-one time to just hang out, I wouldn't consider it a bonding event.
BUT...fear not...there is a solution.
There is an organization here in Chattanooga called First Things First. They are really well organized and advertised...I don't know what you would call them...counseling service? Life advice group? Who knows...they offer all kinds of classes, seminars, advice on their website, etc. They do classes for high schoolers who are going to prom to offer advice on what to expect, they do marriage seminars for both healthy and struggling marriages, they do "new dad" classes...all kinds of things - based on a Christian perspective - to help the community grow and have happier, healthier lives. I discovered them last year when Chad bought me tulips on V-day. They sold flowers as a fundraiser and so it was nice to know I had beautiful flowers and he chose to support a nice, local, Christian organization. All that to say - they are running a new campaign called the Big 6 Great DatExperiment. It is designed for married couples to help encourage them to go on meaningful dates by offering a little guidance and advice throughout the evening. I am by no means saying that our marriage is struggling but we do fall into that "what do you want to do? I don't know...what do you want to do?" trap as often as the next couple. So, once a month for the next 6 months they will offer a new date with new suggestions for things to do, conversation starters, questions to ask, and challenges for both the man and the woman. I will confess that I read through the entire first date (and you are supposed to only read step #1 until you do step #1) and I am pretty excited about it! I think that Chad and I are going to try to go on our date tonight...
so our plan for the this morning, a stop by a little local art show that I think is happening but may have been last week!, hanging out at the house and getting some laundry done this afternoon, and then heading out tonight for our date tonight. I will let you know how it goes...

Saturday, January 9, 2010


Chad and I had big plans for tonight...a real date.
And a basically free one at that...we were going to use our Logan's gift card and movie tickets that I won for selling the most custom frames in November so we would have to only have paid for whatever we ate over $25 at Logan's.
No dice.
We forgot that we already committed to going to a party tonight (that neither of us really want to go to, I don't think). We don't mind going - don't get me wrong. I don't go to a lot of parties...but sometimes you just wish you could stay home once you got here. We ran errands all day long, all over town then ran some more with Meg when she got off work and now that we are home, I don't want to really drive all the way back across town to go to a party where I will only know three people (and one of those is my husband!). Oh well, we are going because we said we would. And I would totally feel bad if we didn't show now that we are committed.
So, going to shower, do my hair, and change into something cuter (but still warm!) and head back out in the cold-ness.
And yes, we still have snow on the ground most places. It hasn't gotten warm enough to melt it yet and since the roads are pretty much clear, I have no complaints!

my morning.

Dog in the bed, weighing down the covers.
Early rising animals, ready to play at 6:30.
Cat in window, talking to the remaining snow and a bird.
Chad packing up recycling to take to recycling center.
Dog yakked on the carpet. She ate cardboard for dinner (her own fault).

The rest of the day:
Chad getting suits fitted and tailored (me=so excited!)
Running errands
Painting project (small, not room sized)

No house looking. Real estate agent didn't call me or email me back (no Emily, not yours.)
I have two days off and can't look at a single house.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

not snow fun.

Get it...not snow fun...because it wasn't so fun.
It started snowing about 10 this morning when I was still at home so I carefully drove to work, expecting a light dusting and not much more. Well, it kept snowing and snowing and snowing - but didn't get all that cold. So, people stayed home. They quit shopping and we struggled to entertain ourselves for the last two hours. The roads kept getting worse and worse - we wanted to close early but no one could really make that call. So we stayed...and the roads were icy.
I got home fairly easily - most of the roads were still pretty clear.
Until I got to the road right before ours...I started down the hill at a crawl and just started sliding...yep, slid all the way down the hill to the bottom very slowly - so slow I could make complete thoughts and try to decide what to do. I have absolutely no experience driving on icy roads - none. So I sorta just ended up perpendicular to the road with the front half of my car off the road. My biggest concern was that another car was going to come over the hill and slide down into me so I put emergency brake on, ran up the hill, and called Chad to come help me. He walked up the hill (literally like 1/8th of a mile) and we were going to come around the block the other way. No luck there either - both sides of the block are completely iced over. Needless to say, I didn't drive home. We parked my car at the hospital (just about a 1/4 mile away) and walked home so I won't have to drive up the icy roads to get out and go to work in the morning, when the roads are even worse after it is freezing for 8 hours. No damage to the car, by the way. I gently slid into the grass but now I am concerned about getting back out to work tomorrow!

it's a good morning.

Tonight is my night to close at the HL so I got to sleep in for the first time all was lov-e-ly.
Until the cat and the dog decided that the bedroom was an amazing playground. And sleep came no more. But, I stayed in bed until 8:30 which is late for me so I am happy.
The weather channel is predicting about one inch of snow for tonight and says there is about an 80% chance we will get it...Chad (who watches or listens to the news all day at work) says it is going to start while I am at work this afternoon and evening and wanted to know if I had a windshield scraper in my car. If it is going to be like that, I want to stay home and play in it!

So, best news you have heard in a while, and I don't think I have already told you yet - three of my best friends are coming up for our 2nd Annual Girl's Weekend in about two weeks. They are going to be here Jan. 22nd and 23rd atleast and might stay until Sunday (which would be amazing!). We decided last year that instead of buying each other gifts, we would save that money and all meet somewhere after the Christmas bustle died down. Last Jan. it was Atlanta and we had a great time strolling Ikea, eating at Eddie's, and just hanging out. Atlanta is pretty much central for the four of us - the same amount of driving for all. But this year, I convinced them that they needed to come up here. Two of them have never seen the townhouse that I have lived in almost a year and a half now and since we might not be living here next year (hopefully!) then they are going to all meet here and hang out! I am so super-duper excited but I have a ton of cleaning and organizing to do before they come. I guess it is a good idea to have a deadline so it is OK. We took down Christmas decor on Sunday (ok, I took it down. No help putting it up, no help taking it down. Just thought I would stray for a moment...) so it is all safely in it's storage boxes waiting for next year and needs to be put in the attic. I am hopefully going to work on our closet and bedroom this morning while I am home and no one to bother me!

Monday, January 4, 2010

thirsty soul.

I read it on her blog...and was reminded of Monday's gratefulness.

The Psalmist said that my thirsty soul is filled with what is good.
And it is.
Tonight, sitting here in my warm house, with my sweet husband, and full of the love of a Father,
my soul is filled with what is good.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


Chad and I had dinner with his parents and Jay again last night - his mom was going to cook but we all got a late start so we went to Zaxby's instead (no complaints here!) They invited us to hang out with them again today and Chad said that we would pass on the offer and that we were going to just hang out together today.
MY CHAD said that we were going to hang out with no one else today, just enjoy each other, run some errands and be together.
And I said he wasn't romantic! I might have to take that back!
So, we have plans to go to church, drive past a couple other houses we might be interested in, get some lunch, and come home and just hang out. Might catch a movie, put away some Christmas decorations, and generally get the house in order before M comes back home today.

Chad just looked over my shoulder and said "Do you always call her 'M'?" I said no, that I wasn't really sure, that I usually just don't call her anything but my sister-in-law. He suggested that I give everyone spy names (think "M" from League of Extraordinary Gentlemen he says)...I don't think I know enough about spies to be able to do that so I guess I will give Chad a try and let him give everyone in our lives spy names.

So, we are headed to church with Jay now and then hanging out - together - the rest of the day. I have such a wonderful husband!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Well yesterday was nice...nicer than I expected. Chad and I didn't do one bit of housecleaning to recover from our New Year's Eve fun and the dishes that got left in the sink by someone else will probably still be there when that someone gets back from a trip to see some friends on Sunday. We did, however, get a lot of other errands run. Walmart to buy a couple more storage boxes for Christmas stuff (my Christmas decor at least doubled this year...some in thanks to me but mostly in thanks to my mom cleaning our her attic and passing it along!) We also had to get a few more Christmas cards printed because we keep thinking of people we forgot to send them to and we figure it is a "better late than never" sorta situation! We also...drumroll please....went to Joseph A. Banks and bought Chad suits. I doesn't seem like that big a deal but he doesn't own one, didn't wear one in our wedding, and hasn't truly had a need for one at this point in his life. He has enough dressy clothes to get by but has been avoiding the suit-store like the plague for the last 26 years so his mom called and said they were having a great sale (buy one get TWO free!) and we went! He got threeeeeee suits...I am pretty excited. Now they just need to come in, get tailored, and he can take me on a fancy date (if we liked fancy dates that is! oh well...) We saw a movie with his parents last night and then drove past a few houses we had looked at earlier in the day. There are a couple that we think we are interested in seeing and we wanted to see how the neighborhood looked at night/what was going on. Admittedly, it was about 28 degrees outside so any sort of unpleasant activity was probably on the limited side. The crime rate goes up in the summer right?

Anyway, headed to the HL today...I keep thinking it is Sunday and I don't have to go so the 8 hours there today will probably seem longer than usual.

Friday, January 1, 2010


Last night was a huge success....the ten people that Megan invited to come did -not- in fact come and the two people I invited weren't able to come because of other invitations they had to follow through on. So, the two people that did come were a blast! It was actually really nice - I am not complaining one bit about only having two extra people in my house last night - people that we all know and enjoy hanging out with!
And the best part of all? There are still doughnuts, cheesy dip, pizza, and brownies for breakfast!
And the second best part of all? My house isn't wrecked like it could have been after 15 people destroyed it! Woohoo...
And the third best part? I am home to enjoy it today...with Chad, who also has the day off. I couldn't be more excited!

After staying in bed until almost 9 (and nice rarity for us...although I did get up about 4 times to deal with things the cat was climbing/eating/playing with/destroying/climbing/climbing), it was super nice to just stay in bed knowing I don't have to be anywhere at any particular time! Chad and I have some errands to run (his mom is making him go buy a suit...he doesn't own one and she thinks it is past time...and he is going to look sooooo good - so I support the decision) and then just general hanging out!

Happy New Year! I hope this year is full of God's blessings poured out in your lives!