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Saturday, January 31, 2009

the dog whispered...

OK, not really whispered...
Lots of comments on the Dog Whisperer man...if he is so fabulous, I think he needs to come to MY house and HELP me fix our four legged problem (that is currently barking at absolutely nothing) at the front door. Love her...

Friday, January 30, 2009


So, I did in fact, get the two big projects for today done, and then some. Ok, very little, but some.

Bought my sister's birthday present and I really think she is gonna love them. And of course, bought myself a little something too....done.
Took the forms to the voters registration office....done.
Went to work...done.
Bought the supplies to make a cushion out of my houndstooth fabric...done (though this didn't make it to this morning's list...I added it!)

Also adding to the list...need to find a top to wear to funeral on Monday. Went to Old Navy. No luck. Will try the mall (::Face of dread::) tomorrow. Have cute brown-ish pants and great brown heels. Color suggestions? I was thinking a creamy white but open to help!

Going to bed with my sweetie so I can rise with the sun (did I just hear giggling?!?) and start getting things done (ok, my smiling face will get up BY 10 first Saturday off in an eternity!)

sorry, not exciting

Yep, that fabulous, fateful, funny (ok, not) 100th post. There, I mentioned it, and it won't be any different than the last 99...lame-o that I am.

While my pants are de-wrinkling in the dryer (no, I don't iron) and yes, on low so they don't shrink and are too short (a major problem in my life)...I thought I would update my loyal readers on life. (hello? Are you out there?...oh well, I will write anyway.)

I am researching dog classes for that wonderful little creature that lives with us. She doesn't know it yet but she is about to get one heck of a training schedule. I am a little tired of misbehaving and trying to establish her dominance in MY house. I'm top dog around here missy and I don't have to take it anymore. Classes are a long time coming...we had her booked in training classes but the vet thought she was pregnant so we took her out, just in case. We didn't want to pay for classes then miss half of them, that would have been silly. Turns out, not pregnant (Thank you God for not sending me any more Gwendolen's.) and we just never rescheduled. There is a place pretty close to our house that is a doggie day care, boarding place, and training place so I am going to see how their prices compare to PetSmarts, our original plan.

I am looking forward to this weekend. I have Saturday, Sunday and Monday off, though Monday is because that is when the funeral is. My mom is coming to town Sunday afternoon and I have about a thousand projects to get done between now and then. Please, let me share with you, a run down of our To Do List for this weekend...
Today alone:
1. Take new voters registrations forms to the County Election Commission (very important task!)
2. Buy sisters birthday present (hopefully...this might have to wait till Saturday seeing as how I am in my bathrode, wet hair, not dressed, and bloggin' instead of getting ready for work).
3. Go to the Hobster Lobster.

The rest of the weekend:
1. Clean out the pantry (no mercy this time!)
2. Clean out the fridge (no the Christmas stuff isn't still in there but close...)
3. Clean up our bedroom (this means putting away abot 4 loads of clean laundry, vaccuming, changing sheets, etc)
4. Clean all FOUR bathrooms (floors too!)
5. Vaccum hard and soft floors in ENTIRE house
6. Clean out kitchen cabinets and pack away un-needed things (like the 20 extra coffee mugs, or 40 extra wine/martini glasses or 5 sets of plates or 3 of the same know, the usual)
7. Put up cool tree art that I got at Ikea weeks ago
8. Clean up closet floor (this also means two more loads of make that put away....six loads of clean laundry)
9. Put up cool, retro, funky fan art (Idea stolen from NieNie , though I don't have nearly as many yet!)
10. Put away strange pile of...what is that stuff?....on the dryer....more clean clothes I think.
11. Clean hardwood floors (this means going to Lowes and getting some special cleaning stuff that won't hurt the wood but still cleans...Bruce's something-or-other).

SO...that is all I could think of at the moment. I am sure I will add more but for now...I must go dry my hair (so it doesn't freeze when I walk outside...THAT would be embarrasing) and get ready to run errands and go to work.

Oh, and seriously, pictures are coming. Really. Someday. When I get my life back together.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

power struggle

Between me and the dog, apparently.
She only chooses to search out, locate, and destroy things that belong to me.
Not that boy, who loves her so..oh no, she could never destroy something that HE holds dear.
I was in a very fragile mood last night.
Feet hurting so bad I could cry.
Sink full of dishes.
Bedroom a mess from too much travelling, not enough folding and putting away laundry.
That DOG went into the suitcase and got out my jewelry travel case and proceeded to take things out of it and chew on my Opal ring I got when I turned 16 from my parents, or the pearl earrings I wore in my wedding.
I dislike her.
We picked up everything off the floor (not a safe place anyway, I know) and shut the suitcase. Some time after we went to bed last night, she got out my favorite (did I say favorite? I meant ONLY) brown belt, which just happens to have been my grandfathers ( I know, sentimental and strange but it fits perfectly!) and completely chewed up the end. Oh boy, does she love leather. Chad's response? You shouldn't have left it on the floor. OH DEAR...I did not, in fact, leave it on the floor. She got it OUT of the suitcase. Along with my favorite white sweater. And some socks.

And then the barking. Dear me, the barking.
She is normally OK with a few barks and then she is done. Not this morning.
This morning she wanted to announce the arrival of the sun with a symphony of loudness.
She is firmly on my bad side.

Emily, should have gone with the camera...

(Update: Was going to show you a picture of the destroyed belt but having problems getting my computer to load pictures so maybe tonight. After I get home and put away laundry. After I go to the grocery store. After I get off work. After I make dinner. might not get those pictures AFTER all...)

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

nearing the mark...

I am nearing my 100 posts mark. Yippee...I might do something exciting. Or I might just post as normal and forget all about it (expect the latter folks).

We are back home in Chattanooga, arriving late Monday night after about a 7 hour drive. Chad's parents were neck and neck with us most of the way so it was nice to know they were near in case we needed them or something happened. I headed back to the Hobster Lobster yesterday and it was nice to have a little routine. As much as I did not want to stand on my feet 8 hours, it felt really good to be someplace "normal", with a routine and a schedule. I need routine! Chad is back to work today for a short week and I still get Saturday off even though I volunteered to work it since I was MIA on Monday. I am excited that I get to hang out with him all weekend...lots of people will be here in preparation for Grandmother's memorial service on Monday and we might go bowling Saturday with Jay, Boss B and Wife L, Megan, etc.

Short post...if I keep going I will be late for work.

Chad took about 400 pictures on the way to Quitman the other day so I will try to look at some of those tonight and get some posted for you...most of them are of farm equiptment and fields (that is all there is between Columbus and Quitman, FYI).

Kiss your grandmas.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

doing ok...

Everyone is doing ok...thank you for all the calls, notes, comments, prayers, and love felt through the planes of the universe. You are all wonderful. My heart is a bit heavy but having others to help me carry the burden makes me feel light. I can not explain why God chose to take both of our wonderful grandmothers from us on the same day but I still know He has a plan and a purpose for it all. Now we are left with our memories. For me, thoughts of ice cream sandwiches in south GA, laundry hanging on the line, her hugs, her sense of humor, and her bright red Keds tennis shoes will get me through the next few days. For Chad, remembering her sense of style, her willingness to be silly, her strong head and strong heart, bee stings, and school detentions because of Grandma will be the smiles he will need.

Phil. 1:3 - "Every time you cross my mind, I break out in exclamations of thanks to God."

Tonight I will get to see and hang out with some good friends and go watch my best friend, Jessica's, play here in Columbus so I am glad that worked out so well. She is fabulous and I can't wait to see her! Hopefully I will get to go with a couple of other girl friends so we will make it a night. Chad says "No thank you." to seeing a play so he will just have to entertain himself otherwise.

We will all be caravanning (word?) back down to Quitman tomorrow morning after and dad=1 car, chad and I = 2nd car, Sis=third car, roomate Frannie = 4th car, and maybe Jessica = 5th car. Yeah, crazy. I just hope we can get a few minutes head start to dad because he tends to the speed limit (or just thereunder). Funeral is Monday afternoon at 1pm then back to Chattanooga on Monday night (it will probably be a 7 or 8 hour drive for us from south GA all the way up interstate 75 to The Nooga...ugh). No internet there so might not be hearing from me for a few days. Please keep us in your constant prayers.

Friday, January 23, 2009

my sister is peering over my shoulder...

She is. Seriously. Right now. Telling me what to type and what not to type...apparently.
I love her.

So sad news in our world...Chad and I both lost our grandmothers yesterday. His passed away around three o-clock in the afternoon and mine passed away last night. I know, so truly and so surely, that God has an ultimate plan for our lives and He must have needed two extra angels yesterday. Chad's grandmother's funeral/memorial service isn't until Feb. 2nd, allowing folks plenty of notice to come into town. My grandmother's will be Monday sometime so we are actually in Columbus now, headed down to Quitman to make some plans. We left Chattanooga about eleven last night, slept a few hours at Jay's house in Atlanta, and then got to Columbus about eight this morning to drive down to south GA with mom and Sis. Please keep both families in your constant prayers as we grieve together and still, always, love together.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

snowed in

Just kidding...we aren't snowed in. I wish we did snow pretty much the whole day yesterday but none of it stuck (unlike my friend Danielle who had some issues up in Durham, NC). I had the day off and watched most of the festivites on TV with Rachelle, one of Grandmother's sitters. It was fun hanging out for the day but I did still get some stuff done. I did a couple loads of laundry, loaded dishwasher, cleaned out the fridge (I won't even tell you how long some of the stuff had been in there...ok, maybe...Christmas. Yep. No lie. BUT, it was NOT stuff I cooked so I didn't really know what it was hiding back there in the back!). Should have done all that before the trash truck came yesterday...yuck!
Its back to work today at the Hobster Lobster. I gotta close which means No meals with my Chad today. I cooked him dinner last night (chili dogs and sweet potato fries...made a big pot of chili and let it simmer all day. Put some in the fridge to eat later this week (taco salad probably) and put some in the freezer to eat later so it won't go bad! I am starting to figure out this wife thing!
Sitting beside a sleeping dog wishing I could stay home again today...
Update on grandma's...both are doing about the same. The TN grandma is pretty much non-responsive now so they are doing their best to just keep her comfortable. The GA grandma is about the same...Dr's decided to take her off all her medication because she isn't really taking it anyway and most of it was for dementia so we are a little past the point of it helping now. Please keep both families in your prayers...these are never easy times.

Monday, January 19, 2009

super excited

I am off tomorrow and it is because God knew that truly, in my heart of hearts, I didn't care who really won the election...I just really love a good dose of pomp and circumstance. I can not wait to watch every minute of the par-tay in DC (and wish I was there...).

pictures, finally.

those hands...oh, i love those hands.


cool purple flower...
Got Photoshop Elements today (thanks Boss B!) but I am just figuring out how to work it so stick with me for a while...

Sunday, January 18, 2009

more jigging

Home again...back to Chattanooga, the other home, OUR home.

Grandma's are not doing well. My dearest Mema isn't swallowing any food or liquids so is fading fast. I think she looks "agitated" and I hope they can do something to make her a little more comfortable. The grandma here is about the same. Hospice came today and has pretty much said that she can't swallow anything and has said "nothing by mouth" food, nothing to drink. A small part of my heart is so thankful that Chad and I are going through the same thing so another testament that God knows exactly what He is doing...

Chad is off tomorrow and I wish I was off too. I don't have to go in early, I have to close instead...but it means that we might get to sleep in a bit. Gwen is tired from travelling so maybe she will let us sleep past six thirty in the morning! It is so nice being able to hang out with Chad, just us...we had the best talk on the way home today. I slept for about 45 minutes before we got to Atlanta but the rest of the way we just got to talk and it was won-der-ful. Talked about kids, houses, life, politics...he is wonderful. I can not wait to get old with make decisions, love him forever...oh dear, I do love my husband.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

jiggity, jig

You know how it goes...home again, home again, jiggity, jig. We are in Columbus for the weekend, hanging out with my family and visiting my grandma. She isn't doing well. We went to see her this afternoon post-lunch and as I sat beside her bed and held her hand, blank face staring at me, I literally burst into tears. I want her back like I remember but I would never wish her through this again so...
It has been nice to be home and have a couple of days off. Chad and I are going out tonight to dinner and a movie. Dinner - his pick. Movie - my pick (but he says he will veto "Bride Wars". Bummer.) I'm torn between Seven Pounds and The Day the Earth Stood Smith or Keanu Reaves. Now THAT is a tough choice...

Back in Chattanooga tomorrow night.

My sister birthday is this week. Chad already knows what he is getting her but I am struggling. Any suggestions my dear friends? Help! (And sis, you are not allowed to comment on this one...unless you are just truly desperate for something specific that I can afford!).

I do promise, as this week begins, work settles down after inventory, and our lives hopefully gain some resemblance to normal or orderly, that I will post pictures...soon. Seriously.

By the favorite blogger is back! Read her story, fall in love with her family, and be reminded of all the good in the world here.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

how it went

Chad: What is this?

Paula: It is a roll of fabric I got at Hobby Lobby today. I've been eyeing it for a while and now this remnant is on clearance.

Chad: What is this crazy pattern anyway? It looks like the stuff the guys from the middle east know, Yasser Arrafat (?sp).

Paula: It's houndstooth. I'm pretty sure that they don't wear houndstooth.

Chad: I think so.

Paula: Ok Mr. Fashionista.

Chad: Fashion-what?

Paula: Fashionista.

Chad: I like that. Say it again?

Paula: Fashionista.

Chad: Me? Cool.

Paula: You didn't even ask me what the fabric was for.

Chad: What is the fabric for?

Paula: I am going to make some cushions for the chairs on the back patio so they will actually be usable... (FYI, they are the metal frame/hard plastic strips on seat and back variety). You know how they are sorta, ok REALLY sticky, now that they have been in the weather so long. Now we can actually sit in them.

Chad: I think you should reconsider.

Paula: I already bought the fabric though...

Chad: I think we should just look into getting some new chairs...or maybe we can make those adirondack chairs you have been wanting for so long.

Paula: Why?

Chad: Because I used one of the chairs to replace the bulb in the floodlight and fell through it.

Paula: Oh.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

oh yes...

I got to eat three meals with Chad yesterday...I know, it seems ridiculous but I never get to do that. He usually gets up and is out the door before I eat breakfast and he eats breakfast at work some mornings...we are both at work for lunch and I close at work every other night during the week so we usually are lucky to get one meal together! Sad! But yesterday, I got up early to open the store so I ate with Chad for breakfast, I met him for lunch during work, and got to eat dinner with him last night (which he cooked). It was I am leaving for work early so I can pick him up and we can go to the bank to sign some paperwork for a new account and then we get to go to lunch together!! I am excited about seeing him in the middle of the day...

To answer inquiring minds, hospice is on the case for both grandmothers. I assume mine is getting visits a couple of times a week to help do basic things. My mom is going to talk to the nursing home next door to where my Mema lives now because they think they will have to move her. Mom doesn't want to and hopes that something will work out so that she doesn't have to...we love the nurses where she is now and hate to put her in an even MORE unfamiliar place than it already is to her failing mind.

As for the one here, she gets visits pretty much every day, sometimes twice a day if the sitters have a question or a problem. I have only wonderful, nice things to say for the Hospice of Chattanooga and I am sure my mom would say the same thing for Columbus. I wish I was there and could help something. Keep us all in your prayers as we struggle through sad days...

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

a quick on

Trying to write a quick one before work...
Closed the store last night, got home about 9:30pm, and I have to open this morning so I am headed in shortly.

Grandma's are holding steady in their respective worlds...both are so loved. We are all torn between wanting to have them back in our lives in their healthy, happy versions and knowing that they will soon be without pain or lack of understanding or uncomfort.
"You carried me, my God, you carried me..."

Things other than that are good. I am off Saturday for the first time in a week and Chad and I are trying to decide what we want to do with the first day off for both of us in a while...we might get to go on a date, just the two of us. I can't remember the last time when we did anything that involved just the two of us, besides sleep, in a while. Ooo...a date with my husband, that would be so wonderful.

"Look for blessings in disguise"

Sunday, January 11, 2009

another update

I am trying to keep in upbeat around here folks but sometimes it is hard, especially these days.

Chad's grandma isn't doing too well...they thought/think she might not make it through tonight so a lot of folks were over here tonight when I got off work (yes, had to go on a Sunday to do inventory), kissing, singing, loving, and just being here.

My mom says that my grandma isn't doing too well either but she was also surrounded by folks who love her today, even if it wasn't me (and oh how I wish I could have been there). My (let's call them all cousins to save the explanation) cousins Francie, EE, and her son Andrew all went down to visit with my Mema today so she was equally as loved today and it brings a little peace to my heart knowing that she is just as loved as the grandmother I am sitting next to at the moment.

We had a great time hanging out in Atlanta yesterday...Jenna, Beth, Jess, and I. We just strolled through Ikea, ate some good food at Eddie's Attic where my sister is the chef and boy did we eat...and just caught up, gabbing away for hours. These girls are the best, most supportive friends that a girl could ever ask for. They amaze me with their courage, their bravery, their faith, their tenacity, their unfailing love...they are fabulous.

I know, with the new camera, I should post more pictures but I will just apologize now. I will be better when life settles down a bit...for now, keep praying, keep loving...more soon.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

to stay

Things are going well at the house...transitions between sitters seem to be smooth with the exception that Gwendolen thinks she needs to announce their arrival and departures with much barking and jumping about...we do what we can around here.

My mom updated me on my Mema (my grandmother) today and I hope she doesn't mind me sharing so here goes...the place she has been living is an assisted living place and nursing home but they feel like she is at the point where they can't give her the constant care she requires. There is a place next door to where she has been living the past few years that has been recommended to my mom as a possible location to move her to so mom might be moving her in the near future. She is eating very little, refusing to really open her mouth to take needed (really though?) medication, etc. We all know that dehydration is a much more pressing risk so they are trying to get her to drink as well but you can't really force it if she refuses....
the only blessing in all of this is that Chad and I are basically going through the same thing together, able to understand what the other is feeling even better, sadly but thankfully.

Haven't given any thought to new year's resolutions until I was running around town today, looking for comfortable shoes, and headed to work...
I resolve to be happier.
I resolve to be comfortable in my own skin.
I resolve to love my God more fully and out of that, love my husband more fully.
I resolve to call my mother more often.
I resolve to be kind to more people.
I resolve to be honest in my feelings and conversations, even when I would rather hide my true emotions.
I resolve to eat healthier and take better care of my body.
I resolve to be content in the place I am in, looking back only to be thankful and looking forward only to anticipate good things.
I resolve to complain less, thank more.
I resolve to do the dishes more often.
I resolve to look at every day as an opportunity to use my talents, regardless of circumstance.
I resolve to write more letters.
I resolve to take more pictures and see beauty all around me.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

and now they are here

OK folks, the big move is over.
Grandmother is here with her sitters, offically here, back in her room.
Keep us all in your prayers.

Different note...I would like to thank Megan for taking Gwen on a walk when she got up this morning and again tonight...and especially for letting her eat poop. Oh wonderful poop breath...
This would be after she ate my favorite chapstick (Burt's Bee's - Fig color - and a little minty). If only she had eaten it AFTER the poop. I might could have excused it then....

are coming today

Today's the big day...Grandmother is moving back in to her room, in her house, with us, the newlyweds. Since people have asked, I will give my honest opinion about how I feel about it...I have acknowledged that it will be a bit stressful and frustrating at times but when it comes down to it, if she were my flesh and blood (and I love her like she is), I would want it for my grandmother. I could not deny something that I would gladly give my own. So, the bed came yesterday and Grandmother is arriving with one of her sitters by ambulance sometime today while I am at work. Chad's sister, Megan, spent the night with us last night to hang out a bit more before she leaves to go to back to school in a couple of days and so she can get an early start on cleaning and organizing a bit more. We are turning our fourth bedroom (the smallest) that was used as an "office" (that has become a storage room since we moved in) into a little sitting room for the sitters (haha...) so she is going to try to finish that up today before they get here. Pray that we will all be a little more understanding, a little more patient, a little more loving in the days to come.

On a lighter, and much more exciting note, I am going to Atlanta on Saturday to meet three of my best friends on the entire planet for a day and night of Girl Talk Extravaganza. Jenna, Beth, Jess, and I are all converging on the big city to hang out and I could not be more excited to spend some time with the ladies that have kept me together all these years. I haven't seen Jenna since our reception in October and I haven't seen Beth since before we got married so I am about to explode with anticipation.

I closed at HL last night and I have to open this morning, repeating that pattern for Thursday and Friday (somehow I think it isn't cool that the people who left last on one night have to be the first ones there the following morning but whatever...I don't make the schedule obviously!). I have to work Sunday (I know...horror of horrors) because all the full-time employees have to work to do our "pre-inventory" counting stuff. So, I will get to hang out with the gals, spend the night, and then get up at the crack of dawn to get back to HL Sunday morning...all worth it though.

My grandmother seems to be eating better but an update on that soon...

Monday, January 5, 2009

but good people

So tonight I was at the grocery store, on the way home from work (after going to the mall looking for comfy shoes and Home Depot to buy an air filter) because we needed milk, cereal, oatmeal, etc. I walked in the door and there were no little baskets and I forgot my cute one at home so I thought...hey, I'm not buying that many things, I will just carry it. One box of cereal, two boxes of oatmeal, one box of grits, a half gallon of chocolate milk (Chad always kisses me when I walk in with it so I was insuring I would get some lovin'...wait, did I say that outloud?), and a gallon of regular milk...juggling down the aisle....I dropped the oatmeal...drum roll please...a nice, fabulous gentleman picked it up and instead of just piling it up back in my arms, he refused to give it back to me! He carried it all the way up to the register and gave it to the check out lady.
There are still good people in the world.

Looooong day at work. I am terribly tired and my body hurts today, especially my feet.
Chad feels better but tired. He had a long day at work, working in the woods, cutting down trees, working out his illness.

Update on the move: They are moving the bed in our guest room (now becoming Grandmother's room again, since it was her's to begin with) out to the storage unit tonight and moving in the hospital bed tomorrow afternoon. She might be in by this weekend.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

strange things

I wish the time posts were accurate on this thing...

Yes, it is about midnight. We just got home from the movies. Curious Case of Benjamin Button.
My personal issues with Brad Pitt aside and critics bad was fabulous.
There was an actual story there. Well done. and Loooooooong. Like over three hours. Whoa. You don't realize it though, it was THAT good.

Jay has been here most of the week, enjoying the courts in Atlanta being closed for New Years but (no offense, we LOVE you Jay), he brought some kind of illness with him. Sinus cold like symptoms and a sore throat. I am fighting it along with Chad who seems to have it a bit worse tonight. I see/touch/talk to more people than he does on a daily basis so I hope that my immune system is strong and I will not get too sick but I want him to be healthy too. Maybe good sleep and a little medicine tonight will knock it out...

And in response to the questions and comments...I have had the headaches for a while now. I get the really bad ones a couple of times a month. I mark them on my calendar to see if there is any sort of pattern but there really isn't...just when they feel like it I suppose. So, on and off for months, a couple of years? It didn't occur to me to document them until the past few months but for a while I've had them. Thought it might be my eyes since they usually lodge themselves in my temples but had my eyes checked and other than a mild astigmatism and nearly perfect vision other than that, a cute pair of reading glasses was all I got out of that doctor's visit.
Yes, I take Excedrin (?sp). But regretted taking it the other night because of the caffeine...I laid in bed, listening to Chad snore trying to decide if I would rather have the headache or lay there being awake. I picked being awake, by the way. I would trade weeks of sleep to not have the headache. I promise, I will go to the doc as soon as the insurance kicks in (so for the four mothers that are reading and commenting...yes, moms, I PROMISE, I will me. It bothers me MUCH more than it bothers you, so it is WORTH it!)

"Wounded and forsaken, I was shattered by the fall
broken and forgotten, feeling lost and all alone
summonded by the king, into the masters courts
lifted by the savior, cradled in his arms,
I was carried to the table, seated where I don't belong.
Carried to the table, swept away by his love,
And I don't see my brokenness anymore, when I'm seated at the table of the Lord
I'm carried to the table, the table of the Lord...wondering why He called my name,
am I good enough to share this cup, the world has left me lame.
Even in my weakness, the Savior called my name
in his holy presense, I am healed and unashamed
As I'm carried to the table, seated where I don't belong....
carried to the table
swept away by his love." ~ Leeland

Saturday, January 3, 2009

New year equals...

Ok folks, as many of you know (or may not?), my sweet other half (notice I did not say "better" half...its a tie, thank you very much) and I live in a townhouse that is owned by his grandmother. It was owned by his grandmother and great-aunt...sisters...but the aunt passed away this past summer so the complete ownership passed to Grandmommy (as she is called). They both moved to an assisted living place across town, closer to Chad's mom, before Aunt Mary passed away. Well, now Grandmommy isn't doing well. A combination of health issues has finally begun to take its ultimate toll on her shockingly strong body. We were told by hospice that she wouldn't last till Thanksgiving....then Christmas...then she wouldn't see 2009 but that wonderful, tough, sweet woman is still with us. The decision has been made to move her back to the townhouse since she can get the same amount of care here that she can at the place where she is living, which is not really equipped to deal with the 24-hour-a-day care that she now requires. This move back home will probably happen in the next week or two (or less) so please keep us in your prayers as we adjust to having new people in our house (which isn't really OUR house anyway) and working around other people's schedules and buying groceries for more people, etc. I mean it, pray. Lots.

Second, on an equally sad note, my grandmother (Mema) isn't doing too well either. My family decided to move her from FAR south Georgia while I was in India the first time (was that really 2004??) and she has been slowing and steadily declining into demensia for years. She no longer knows me which is probably the most heartbreaking mom says that she isn't really interested in eating or drinking much anymore. Some days are better than others, as all are in life, but especially in these cases. Pray for my family, but especially my mom. More for her please.

I have been on this kick, listening to a few songs that were my theme songs (along with the rest of my team) while we were in India. Exactly two years ago I was planning and packing for three months with 17 strangers and I sorta feel the same way today...not the packing so much or the 17 strangers but I guess life is always like that. New changes, new challenges, new years...I am trying to find myself and where I belong in all of it all over again. This song by Sarah Edwards "Dark but Lovely"...among a few others. Always amazed at how much my God loves me and how His grace always abounds though undeserved, and how He is somehow taken by me and my weak love.

"I can't understand this work of grace
how a perfect God would come and take my place...
the stars they don't move you,
the waves can't undo you,
the mountains in their splendor, they can not steal your heart
this God who is holy, perfect in beauty, awesome in glory, is ravished by MY heart
Though I'm poor, you say I am lovely
though I'm dark, you say I am beautiful...
I can't understand this work of grace
how a perfect God would come and take my place...
somehow my weak glace has overwhelmed you,
and somehow my weak love, it has stolen away your heart..."

Thursday, January 1, 2009

I guess I'm done

No pictures on this one folks.
Today was my first day as "supervisor" but it was a pretty slow day...not much to really watch over anyway. But I came home with one of THOSE headaches again. I don't think it had anything to do with work but either way, it started there and ended up with me literally praying all the way home that I didn't have to pull over to throw up and trying to figure out if I could drive with my eyes closed because the light hurt my head so bad (and no, I kept my eyes open the whole time). Came home, went straight to bed in the dark and quiet until the pain started to decrease and meds took effect. So, my apologies to those folks who were at my house for dinner (all of Chad's family and his BFF - also named Chad)...I will try to be more hospitable next time.