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Sunday, November 30, 2008

and Monday never comes.

Oh well, I guess tomorrow is Monday anyway. Too bad.
The only day off I get this week is Thursday so I will be putting up some Christmas decor and we will probably get our tree next Sunday ( a week from today so I have some time to locate what ornaments there might be here and see what kind of shape they are in....)
To answer some comment questions: the Smokey the Bear tattoos came from Chad's work (he works for the forestry service). We put them on ourselves (as well as Uncle Jay and Elaine) as sort of a joke for the Turkey Trot. They take them to schools when Smokey the Bear goes and talks to kids about preventing fires, etc. (Yes, a man in a smokey suit). The best part is the instructions on the back go something like tattoo...wet thoroughly with towel and hold in place for approx. 30 seconds...use this 30 seconds to teach child about fire safety....blah, blah. Yeah, so they hold you down for atleast 3o seconds to teach you about fire safety while you get smokey on your arm. It's great!
And, I have no idea when I will be home for Christmas. But, looking at it realistically, I realize that I work in the retail work so chances are I am only going to get Christmas day off unless I ask for other days off. I will talk to some coworkers and see what is typically done and maybe ask off the 24th or 26th. Too bad it doesn't fall with a Sunday, that would be perfect!
We just bought groceries for the first time in almost two weeks (woohoo!) so we can take lunches all week and eat at home for dinner....trying to save the money!!
Well, its been a nice weekend (except for the whole working on Black Friday and Saturday part). Church was nice was a little loud for me and Chad, more like a rock concert than Chad but since there was probably only 20 or 30 people there they probably should have turned it down a bit. Not enough bodies to absorb the sound. Sang some songs I didn't stuff is fun!
Headed to bed...yes, still with out-of-control eye brows. We REALLY gotta work on that.

where it is Sunday every day

I wish I lived in a place where it is Sundy every day but I still got paid to work, without having to work...oh well. I don't.
But I plan on enjoying today...Chad and I found Lord of the Rings (the whole trilogy) on TNT today so we might just hole up and watch the entire thing!
Maybe some art projects too!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

to a place far, far away.

Black weekend in the retail world is over for Hobby Lobby employees.
Thank You God.
Ok, so it wasn't that bad but it was busy. Very busy.
But I am glad that it is over. Very glad.
I have another headache. Came home and took some tylenol and drank Dr. Pepper (Chad says something about caffeine helping.....whatever, I just like Dr. Pepper so any excuse will do!)
Its getting better now but we are talking about going to see Madagascar 2 but I am not sure that I will be able to handle the booming sound and bright screen.
Going to hang out with Chad and his friend Jessie and eat dinner with Dad B and Mom S AND Jay (he rocks, ps....and I say that because he just did the dishes...yes, from Thanksgiving. Yes, it is Saturday night. Seriously. I am almost embarrassed to tell you that. Almost.)

Have you every noticed that when you don't get to see people that you miss them more (oh, wait is there a saying that goes with this...something about absense makes the heart grow fonder? People, Its true.) Jess - I miss you. Lots. You are the best friend that any girl could ask for. You are caring, honest, true to your self and your word, beautiful inside and out and I wish I got to see you every day. When are you moving to Chattanooga? Dani - you too. I hope your hospital is treating you well. I read your blog! But I wish I could see your face and hear your voice a little more often (its just not the same!).

Tomorrow is Sunday. That means sleeping in (the only day of the week I get to) and then hanging out with my sweetie ALL FREAKING DAY....I am so excited. We are going to (trying to go every week but we aren't so great at it) this church service at Christ UMC that is on Sunday nights (works best for our schedules) that is for "young" or "young at heart" folks and is supposed to be a "deeper" discussion of...well, all things Jesus. We like it so far. So, Sundays are fabulous.
More later...from the still out of control eyebrowed Paula.

Friday, November 28, 2008

take me away

I am blogging twice today.
Mostly because I can and felt like it.

I've never told the blogging world (ha!) about my trip to India so I will just post a few pictures and tell my story...

I love India. I mean, I LOVE it. Something about that strange, beautiful place has gotten in my blood, in my heart, in my spirit, and I will never be able to get it out. After a very short trip (2 weeks) my sophomore year of college, I knew that I would always feel some sort of kinship for the people there, a draw to go back. And I did. I spent about three months living with 17 strangers in New Delhi about two years ago (Jan 2007 to April 2007). Some of those strangers remained strangers and some of those strangers became my friends. There are a few with whom I keep in touch with, people who had such a strong impact on my life in such a short time that I know we will always be friends.

I read a book recently that talked about cultural history in that part of the world (India, Pakistan, Afghanistan) and they talked about the meaning of family and being literal blood relatives. There is something about that bond that you will always feel, you will always know is there, you will always understand. I feel like there are people in India who are blood relatives to me. It is a tie that binds me.

We spent the majority of our time working in an orphanage, a couple of leper colonies, and a few slum areas. It was not a mission to "convert the unbelivers". It was a love mission. It sounds strange but we talked about just going to "love on" the people there...the unloved children, the untouched lepers, and the unlovable outcastes. Why not love on them? I guess it isn't really strange at all...we all need to be loved by someone who means it.

I love the people, the political history (the good and the bad), the rich culture, the colorful saris, the smokey air, the color of the sun, even the smell. You have to be there to understand.

Not a day goes by that I don't think about India. I think I have finally convinced Chad to take a trip with me there, to spend some time trying to understand what I mean when I talk about the cows in the street, monkeys, children with outstretched hands, and the spicy smell as soon as you step off the plane. He said, when I went, that he would never go there (I would like to believe that it is just because it is what took me away for 3 months but he isn't that sentimental). But I need him to go. I need for him to try to understand and to finally his eyes and see the beauty and the wonder that is India.

because he offers to...

offered to pluck my eyebrows.
And I think I will let him.
Thanksgiving was crazy.
There were a lot of people here.
Chad and I, Megan, Uncle Jay, his friend Elaine,
Dad B and Mom S, our neighbor Snickey (yep, that's her name),
and Grandmother (yippee...she got to come home for Thanksgiving).
(I have a couple of larger art projects that will go on walls that I have been putting off because I didn't want Grandmother to come in and think we had done so much stuff that it didn't feel like "home" to her because she kept talking about wanting to go "home" for Thanksgiving. So, I tried to leave it looking like home as much as possible, as long as possible.)
We ate too much, laughed a lot, ate some more, and just enjoyed each others company.

It was nice to have everyone over but I did miss my family quite a bit.
I called my parents house Wednesday night and my sister answered the phone and it made me a little sad that she was going to get to spend Thanksgiving with my parents and I wasn't going to...but we WILL be there for Christmas. Chad and I have already talked about it so...
Mark My Words.

We goofed off a lot. Gwen slept off her one bite of turkey (though earlier she stole a whole block of cheese of the coffee table and took us on a wild goose chase to get it back before she made herself quite ill).

I had to work at 8AM today. It wasn't NEARLY as bad as it could have been. Customers were reporting that they had to wait in line like an hour and a half at other places just to check out.
Way to go Hobby Lobby for a quick check out...woohoo!

I am finally back at home and what did I find...a messy kitchen.
Chad did most of the dishes last night (I am so thankful!)
but since I was the only one who had to work today and every one else got to choose what they did all day I had hoped that I would come home to a clean kitchen.
No such luck. Its ok...I will just clean it and be thankful again.
Off to find Chad and have nice eyebrows.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

I married a wonderful man.

I know, I know, this isn't a "worship Chad" blog. But today, again, just a little more.
I had a good day at work, we were crazy busy and it makes me dread Friday and Saturday a LOT. But I came home with a headache. That got worse. And worse. And worse.
And tonight, I took some Tylenol and laid on the bed for a while.
And my headache got worse. So bad I thought I might be sick.
In the middle of all this, some of our Turkey Day company arrived and brought their dog with them.
Not good.
Really, really not good.
Stella (the dog about 8 times Gwen's size) and Gwen are not friends.
Not even sorta friends.
Not even acquaintances.
Matter of fact, I would go as far to say enemies.
So Gwen barked. And barked.
And then barked some more.
And I laid on the bathroom floor, shivering, under towels, praying that Chad would come.
And he did.
And he laid beside me, with his hand on my face. Loving me in my tears and headache.
And made me hot tea.
And brought me a blanket.
And provided light with his headlamp because it has a red light which is (beautifully) not painful to the eyes when a person honestly believes that a drill to the brain would be helpful.
And now he is cleaning up the kitchen (with a little help...if only those dishes were a little quieter)

And yes, my head still hurts.
What did he say? "As soon as you get insurance, you're seeing someone about this. It should have been done a long time ago." Always practical that man.

He found the ONE THING I wanted for Christmas, cheap, on Amazon tonight and tried to buy it but someone beat him to it by just a few minutes. Bummer. We'll keep trying....

Chad and Jay are running a 5k in the morning and his sister, Megan, and I are walking a 3 raiser. Its called the Turkey Trot.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

I realized

I think I am a boring blogger because I don't particularlly have anything interesting to talk about but then I guess most bloggers just talk about their lives and that's what is all about (sorta like the Hokey Pokey...Sis.) I will do my best here folks.
Tonight going to dinner with Chad, Jay, and a family friend K.
Chad and I have been doing so good eating at home and not eating out but I guess it is ok since we are eating with people we like to hang out with (and sometimes they pay and THAT is wonderful for my wallet though not my waistline). I guess I will forgo the eating healthy this week and just focus on being thankful and being with the people I am thankful for. Admittedly, I am pretty bummed out about not being with my family on Thanksgiving.
It will be the first that I spend with my Chad's family and not my own but I am still thankful.
I miss my Papa more on holidays that we spent at their house. But I am still thankful for the family I have.
I miss my parents every day but I am still thankful for my new family and for Chad...oh so thankful for Chad. Thankful that he never leaves without kissing me in the morning. Thankful that he keeps up with the bills. Thankful that he is responsible and caring. Thankful that he loves me even when I screw up, or cry, or don't do the dishes (I am sadly, not thankful for dirty dishes), or the laundry, or don't feel like making dinner. Oh so thankful.
and even more for the way he just walked through the kitchen singing..."two turntables and a microphone...two turn tables and a microphone..." (I guess you have to know him).

Monday, November 24, 2008

And then one day...

Reporting in...

I work every day this week but Thanksgiving but I also get paid for working all those days so in truth, there are few complaints (other than tired feet at the end of the day).
This week is going to be a little crazy. We have a lot to do here at the house before Thursday because we're hosting the Wilkinson/Irwin family Turkey Day of 2008.

My list:
-clean up the kitchen (oh, and I mean it this time...spotless baby. and yes, dear, this includes the desk area that we can no longer see because of all the....lovely things....that have been "stored" on it for the past two months. its time.)
-clean up the living room and VACCUM all the (insert your favorite curse word here) dog hair that our perfect pooch (big lie...did I actually type perfect? I meant...oh yes, Chad might actually read my blog one day....) leaves on the couch and dark colored rug.
-decorate the table (this part I am actually looking forward to). I might even go ahead and do it with plates and everything to take some pictures and let you guys see. It won't be that great but I did get everything for the center on sale at HL. The placemats were wedding gifts (of my choosing) and the plates..well, they were Aunt Mary's. I will reveal those fabulous things later...(the color is a clue)
-do some laundry so we can put clean sheet on the "guest" bed.
- clean bathrooms (ALL OF THEM...yes, 4 toilets. ugh).
-oh did I mention I am in charge of the green beans too? (I did claim the easy job since we are hosting at our house)

Mainly just cleaning and organizing so people don't think we're bonkers (or dirty people!!)
So, a little shout out today...I was at work today, training a new guy (I am NOT qualified for that!!) and I was running some returns to their proper location and I hear a "Hey Paula!". Now that isn't that odd because I DO wear a nametag and total strangers call me by my name all day and it ALWAYS takes me by surprise but today was different. A friendly face. I mean, most people are friendly and have faces but to see someone you already knew from HOME...that was icing on the cake. I realize that in my past jobs, I was constantly seeing people I already knew...friends would come by for a visit, repeat customers became friends, etc but I a)haven't worked at HL long enough for that and b) don't know that many people here in The Nooga (I only call it that because Chad hates, I don't actually call it that in real life) so seeing someone I know is super rare. I seriously almost cried. And then, to ice the cake with cream cheese icing ('cause that's my favorite), she told me she read my blog so she thought I might be there.
Shut up (I mean that in the GOOD way Mom.)
Someone else reads my blog.
So Emily (hope its ok I used your name...I didn't use your last name so your still safe!), you made my day.
Finally, The Nooga is starting to feel a little more like home.
I will try to put pics in more blogs. I know you folks at home want to see pics. We are taking some for S & B's Christmas cards on Thursday so maybe I will share one or two of those (that was one of S' requests. All she wants for Christmas is new socks, her two front teeth *kidding* and a family picture for her cards where we are all behaving. Good luck.)

For now, THIS (See below, I haven't figured out how to make text a link yet, sorry techie friends) is all I want for Christmas (ok, it is one of three things on a very short list but it is so expensive I am second guessing my decision. Chad is gonna see if he can just get EVERYONE who might get me a gift to just help out with it. And I would be totally ok with that.)

Friday, November 21, 2008

because I work so much

Because I work so much, I don't have time for blogging as much.
Which sorta makes me sad.
I like to blog...boring, random stuff about our lives.
But I am working pretty much full time (40 hours this week and next...I didn't know that this is what "part time" meant) at HL so I come home with very tired feet, ready to just bum around and hang out with Chad.
The only day off I get next week (besides the required Sunday) is Thanksgiving.
And I have A LOT to do before then so you might not hear much from me.
Or I might take lots of breaks and blog instead.
Who knows.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

but not for long.

I am back home now after an evening across town...went to dinner with Chad's mom (S)...B is sick and at home trying to feel better.
A quick trip to the Linens'N'Things that is going out of business to see if there is anything we want...bought some sheets to fit our bed. My mom gave us a set (Early Christmas present) but we need two so we don't have to wash them and put them back on the bed when we forget until 10 at night! We bought white ones because they match everything but I am dying for some Chocolate brown ones...hopefully I can find some on sale.
We just turned the heat on for the first time this winter...why you ask? Because it is freezing outside. No. Literally. We had been doing ok with just the fireplace on for a few hours at night but we would get up in the morning and be pretty uncomfortable until we bundled up. No fun.
So of course, now our house smells like something is burning and probably will for a few long as nothing really IS burning, I think we'll be ok.
Oh, yeah, and I am typing on my computer with double the RAM that it had earlier today. Who did that? you ask...ME! Ok, so the girl with the Geek Squad showed me how but I installed the cards myself. Oh yes...I AM the Geek Squad.

by myself

I am spending the day by myself today..sorta nice but I wish Chad was off work too.
He got up early like always and left for work, me still in bed feeling like I am getting a cold and PRAYING that I don't...then I had a dream that it was raining so he didn't have to go to work and stayed home with me. Too bad it wasn't true...
I am doing some things at home with the dog (vaccuming, laundry, dishes, etc) and then running some errands (taking my SLOW computer to the Geek Squad to see what they can do for it...
haning out with grandmother and probably Chad's parents tonight...good times.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

spent at home

I am in my hometown so I haven't been blogging.
Spent Friday night and Saturday at a Girl Scout was fun. Entertaining as always.
Hung out with the BFF last night and we had a sleep over so we are struggling to get up and get to church this morning.
Will blog more when I get back home...
can't WAIT to see my Chad.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

maybe a great day

Work today.
They asked me to stay late. Again.
But its wasn't as crazzzzzy as yesterday.
No computer crashes.
My boss came up to me and said that my "seasonal" status there is no longer true...
I am "part of the team" now and I can stay as long as I want. Cool.

Lindsey posted our pictures today on her website...I was super excited.
Check it out. She has a ton of cool photography.

Working on Christmas presents. Not too much to chat about tonight..pretty beat.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

a good day

Been enjoying a few days of these....

but they are mostly turning brown now and, after today's bit of rain, are mostly on the ground.
After a few days here...

I think I am doing OK. Takes a lot of practice and warming my fingers up on chilly mornings to make them do right at the cash register but I think I am getting the hang of it. Our credit card machines sorta had a "crash" tonight. Apparently it was a problem that extended beyond our store so we don't feel so bad. I did get a little praise for how well I handled the stress and LONG lines of customers so that felt pretty good...I have even had a customer like me so much (yesterday) that they came back (today) with home made apple jelly because we talked about it...
How sweet and amazing. What a little blessing in my day.

Can't wait till this weekend...gonna eat some...


Sunday, November 9, 2008

So today is...

Today is Sunday. My only day off for the next week but one of the true benefits of working at HL.
My first two days at work went something like this...
-turn in important papers to boss
-watch required safety videos for about an hour
-watch another cashier do her thing, trying to keep up with her lightning fast fingers, for about an hour
-watch with shock as my other boss asks me if I am ready to be on my own, is "I am not sure I will ever be ready" an appropriate answer?
-watch with horror as they set up my register...
-spend the next two days on my own register, literally making up answers or items as necessary (admittedly, one of my other extremely nice bosses...yes, I have a lot of them...came over and watched me for a while and praised how quickly I caught on and how well I was doing. I nearly cried cause I was so stressed about her watching me!!)

Its more complicated than it looks...I know you don't think so when you shop there but be appreciative next time you go shopping for your craft supplies!

So today I get to hang out with Chad, Jay and Gwen (or maybe just spend the whole day cleaning up her curse-word-dog-hair that is everywhere). The vet says that he thinks her excessive shedding is probably due to a hormone swing, post-surgery and gave us some nutritional food additive to help but SERIOUSLY...its driving me insane.
I am working on a couple of art projects around the house and hopefully some of those will get finished or alteast almost finished today because I have to work every other day this week (well, Monday through Thursday, all day) and then I am headed to Columbus for a FUN Girl Scout overnight and hanging out with Mom, dad, Jess, etc...woohoo!

Thursday, November 6, 2008

and a job.

I need a job.
Being at home all the time drives me a little batty.
I've been applying but to no avail.

And then finally, a breakthrough.
An interview. This morning.
At what is possibly my favorite store in town.
So I went. Talked to the store manager, M, who I thought was really cool, very relaxed, and I think I would really like to work for him.
And guess what...I am gonna get that chance!
I got an offer at HOBBY LOBBY and decided to accept it. Woohoo.
I know it isn't my dream job where my degree is concerned but it is a really awesome Christian organization and I LOVE to shop there (my paycheck will probably reflect that!) and it is something to do that gets me out of the house, meeting people.
It is a part-time, seasonal gig but the manager said that most people stick around after the holidays so that sounded good to me.
Finally...I am super-duper excited.

On another note...I was watching TLC while taking a break at the house to eat lunch and our cable is apparently messed up. It keeps freezing and flickering and is driving me would be ok if John and Kate Plus 8 wasn't on but this is just NOT cool...the cable company might be getting a call from me today (from the driveway where I have to make all my phone calls so I get service!).

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

I need peace.

Yesterday was ELECTION DAY.
You voted right? Well, if you didn't, you missed your chance.
I did. Won't tell you who for though it is might tempting...
all I want to say about it now is...we have our results.
Obama will be our next president, ushering in a lot of first.
I will say I am proud that I went out and participated in a very historic election.

And I promise, no matter how you voted, it is not the end of the world.
Or even the end of civilization as we know it (though some people are making it sound that way).
Matter of fact, think about it, choose any candidate and many changes can one person make in a given term?
How many changes could YOU make in YOUR life in four years?

Change takes time.
So let's all sit back and give the man a chance.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

and see me soon

Trying to take a picture of the other cat but this one was so interested he had to come check it out...
T.S. (Eliot), yes, named after the author. But the best part is she is laying like Gwendolen does with her legs out behind...too cute. Notice the ears of the other curious sister cat. 

Car self portrait. 

On my sisters Mac computer so forgive the lack of captions and me not knowing how to move the pictures around!! 

Hanging out in Atlanta with my sister and Frannie today and spending the night.
I miss Chad already. First night away from him since we got married...I know...the required awwww's and cheesiness goes here. 

I am going to head home after lunch tomorrow and arrive in town to head up to the forest where Chad works to do some fall colors photography. I am pretty excited. I am taking my "good" camera which is a Canon Rebel SLR (film) camera. The only thing I am putting on my Christmas list is a Canon digital camera, sticking with Canon because I already have a couple of nice lenses and I want to keep them and use them with the new camera. I would kiss Santa on the lips if I got one...I don't even care who Santa is at that point. 
We went to IKEA...woohoo. I bought pillows. To go on our bed. And I am taking back the ones I got at Bed, Bath, and Beyond. They are, admittedly, overpriced. Even thought I love them. And they match perfectly (because they are made to go together!). But I got two pillow shams and the two filler pillows for about half of the price of ONE sham alone, from the BB&B. I couldn't justify it. Sorry BB&B. My sister also bought me a toilet brush for every bathroom in my house...99cents each! You can't beat color coordinated toilet brushes!
Ate dinner. Drank a good beer. 
Watching the election results on TV. I have a feeling who I think is going to win. Mostly I just want this mess to be over.
Did you go vote? I hope so. 

come over

Monday, November 3, 2008


My mom just emailed me and said that she saw someone who had first, given us a wedding gift, and then second, recieved a thank you note written by me. She was thanking me for writing thank you notes. As if I would NOT write them. The friend said that our handwriting is similiar, mine and my mom's. Well, she is the one who taught me how to write. And how to send thank you notes promptly after getting a gift. I am my mother's daughter. And proud to be.

world domination

RISK: The Classic Game of World Domination.
And I did.
Jay and Chad just WISH they could have kept up. First, Jay and I ran Chad out of the world (wahaha....ok, so it was mostly Jay. I tend to play conservative at first...very conservative!).
Then I ran Jay around the world for so long that he gave in. I win.

We installed new fans yesterday.

One in our room. No light fixture. We decided to do it without one because we never, ever use the overhead light and we can always add one later.

One in the living room with a light fixture and glass shades that I picked out (with the approval of the two yahoos...Jay and Home Depot).

I am happy with the way they turned out. Now if I could just pack up the 1,000's of other knick knacks around house. That, my dear friends, is a full time job in itself.

Gotta go to the grocery store. Chad put in some specific request for things to go in his lunch and I will, of course, get all of them. I hated that he had to go to work today. It was so fabulous to spend the weekend hanging out, installing fans, playing board games, and being able to just stay home for a weekend.

Been working on Christmas presents. They are going well. Obviously, I can't tell you what they are...I just hope I can keep them a secret until December 25th!

We are thinking about starting a business. Seriously. I am doing the background research this week. More about that later as we figure stuff out.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Oh fan me.

A slow life to report on.
We did not go to my cousin's wedding in Jekyll. Chad has to stay in town Friday night to be on call for Halloween mischief fires but there we none and we decided that a seven hour drive to make it to a 2 pm wedding was a little more than we could do in one weekend. Hope it was wonderful Tom and enjoy it...flies by man.

Stayed home most of the day and hung out with my Chad and Gwen. Played our new Electronic Monopoly game. I think it is awesome. Mostly because I sunk Chad into deep bankruptcy. In this game, you play with only thousands and millions. When the game was over, Chad had negative money and I had 40 million dollars...that's right folks...40 million dollars. Woohoo.

We went to Home Depot and used our 10% off coupon to buy some ceiling fans. We are doing our best to cut our monthly bills and there is only one fan in this entire place. We know that it is an upfront investment but each fan will save us on our annual bills so that's awesome. We bought one for the living room, our bedroom, Jay's bedroom and now we are looking for the perfect one for the stair area to bring cool air up/down depending on the season. I am excited. I think It will look good and help out a lot. I guess I got spoiled because at my parent's house, there is basically a fan in every room. You don't realize what a big difference it makes! We're also going to invest in a programmable thermostat for both up and downstairs (seperate units) because we know that will make a difference too (our current thermostats have minds of their own. They do whatever they want, whenever they want).

Tuesday is election day people. If you haven't voted (my sister says she heard 38% of GA voters already have...yea us since I am still registered and ALREADY voted there!!), GO VOTE.
The lines will be long for this historic election, no matter which way it swings. I won't tell you who I voted for but just that I did. The baseball stadium here in Chattanooga has had a sign posted that says "The country is run by people who show up. Go vote.".
I couldn't agree more.