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Monday, August 31, 2009

more to come.

I am still downloading the pictures from of the major perks of marrying into Dad B's family is that he is a picture-a-holic. If there is an opportunity to take pictures, he will. If there is an opportunity to buy pictures of yourselves that someone else took while you were doing something crazy or stupid, he will.

And he did.

He bought the CD's with all the pictures from our rafting yesterday so we have a ton. He emailed them to me and I don't have time to open and download all the pictures so this is all you get for today.

I must go shower, do my hair (a long process now...fabulous) and get ready for work. I've already gotten the text...we do, in fact, have a new manager as of this morning. Work to impress!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

splish splash

So today we went rafting today up at High Country Outfitters on the Ocoee River and had a cold, wet, awesome time. It was Mom's first time and I really think she had tons of fun....we laughed, screamed, giggled, and Chad got thrown out of the raft. Yes, that was possible the highlight of the day and he wasn't even in my raft! Apparently Molly just tossed him out in a big wave. Awesome.

It is back to work tomorrow. Weird days at the HobLob. Our store manager doesn't work there anymore...we weren't really given any details so we are all sorta thrown into a weird mix of not knowing what is coming next. We are all a little worried that a new manager is going to be sent in to sorta "clean house" to help with our store's budge but we aren't sure what the next step will be. Just say a little prayer that I will still have a job in the coming weeks. I can't spend a lot of time worrying about it; I have to believe that God knows what He is doing and that if my time at Hobby Lobby is up that He has something else out there for me. Trusting and believing.

Friday, August 28, 2009


You guys are so sweet with all the comments about my haircut.
I think I really like it...I mean, I do like it but of course there is always that fear (legitimate!) that I won't be able to make it look cute like the awesome hair stylist does so I will let you know the final decision after I wash and fix it tonight. As for today, I have to go to work and I will let you know what they say about it since they see me every since day...
Chad and I slept in this morning until 9am. And it was wonderful. It is raining (again?) so it was nice and dark still through the curtains until we decided to get up. He's off today (like every Friday until this winter) and I don't have to go in until 1 so we are hanging out and probably brewing some beer this morning. He says we have an errand we need to run like now so I gotta go get ready but he won't tell me what it is.
I hope my hair doesn't frizz in all this rain.
Yes, that is the thing I am worried about the most.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

check. done.

Well I did it shortest haircut since I was in middle school.
Or maybe since I was 9.
Atleast, that is what my mom says when I told her how short it is...
sorry about the sorta crappy picture.
It was one of those arm length take your own picture deals.

hi mom.

Oh the way, my mom is coming up this Saturday night but mostly she is coming for Sunday.
We are going white water rafting up at the Ocoee (I've been a few times and I am in love.) but mom hasn't ever been. And I could not be more excited.
Mostly because I love my mom more than I love rafting.
But also because I like to have fun with her. Lots.
And I really like to share things that I enjoy with people that I enjoy.
So mom, get ready for some (chilly) adventures!
(Oh come on, don't act like you didn't know the water would be a little cold. But the sun will make it all better. And you'll be so busy grinning that you won't even think about it. Except for that first time a wave hits you. And you'll squeal. I always do.)

But all that to tell you that, yes, in fact I did save some raw cookie dough for you, Mom.
I know you like yours uncooked better than cooked.
Thinking of you always.

smells good, part 2.

Cookies this time...chocolate chip cookies.
In the oven at this very moment...I decided that since today is my day off, I would bless the guys at Chad's work and take them all Chocolate Chip cookies. Megan and I are going to load up the d-o-g (shhh...she doesn't know she gets to go yet!) and head up the mountain to where Chad works and hopefully get there in time for lunch and dessert!
I have big plans to work in the closet and in our bedroom this afternoon before my haircut at 3 (not too much but a little something different maybe?) because those two places have gotten a little out of control. I am making a big effort to do stuff around the house on my days and mornings off because I know it means the most to Chad...and I am trying to learn how to NOT be selfish with my time and energy. Hard some days.
Timer is going off...hmmm...smell those cookies.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

smells good.

Its a good morning...I close every day until Saturday so hopefully it will allow for some cleaning and organizing in the house, going to the gym (slacked off for two weeks. It's past time!), and cooking.
For example, I made another loaf of home made bread this morning and left the other half of the dough for Chad to make pizza when he comes home tonight. I will miss it (being at HobLob) and all but its ok. I do like leftover pizza. I was just trying a piece of the bread - much denser than last time. Did I not let it rise long enough? Either way, I was chewing and seriously bit the inside of my cheek. I know...gross. And painful. I'm here to tell more bread for me for a while.
It is good though. Flavor is right but not sure about texture. I will let you know how the pizza turns out.
Going to get ready to go to work...

Monday, August 24, 2009

floating about.

I just got a text from my sister that said "we are eating breakfast" which means that they are safely back within cell phone range and I actually think they are sitting in the port in Mobile waiting to get off the boat.
Safely back to America.
Since my whole family went (minus me and Chad...bummer), I was a little concerned that the weather wouldn't be good, they wouldn't have fun without me, and they would get lost in Mexico. None of those things happened. Sadly. They had a blast.
Going to HobLob. It is my night to cook dinner. Don't know what yet. I made a squash casserole yesterday that turned out really good so that will atleast be part of it....the rest I will ponder as I stand at the cash register today.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

I praise...

I praise the invention ahead seating at your favorite eatery.
I loved the Olive Garden before tonight.
The portabello ravioli is to die for. Seriously.
There is nothing better than a glass of berry sangria and a dish of that creamy goodness (and I don't even like mushrooms.)
Except tonight.
Tonight was better.
Mom sent us a "Happy Anniversary" Olive Garden gift card. And somehow managed to make it arrive in the mail precisely on our anniversary. From the middle of the ocean (rememeber, they are on a cruise!).
So...I called ahead, just before we left the house. It took us about 15 minutes to get there and get in the building. We walked past about 20 people waiting for tables. Gave them our name (you know, the one I took when I got married a year ago today...just thought I would remind you.) Then we waited.
About 2 minutes for our table.
We had a fabulous waitress who understood the importance of quickness when it comes to portabello ravioli.
And someone else paid for most of our meal (nearly all of it, minus the tip which I had no problem forking over for the wonderfulness that was our trip to Olive Garden tonight.)
So, thank you Mom and Dad for dinner and blessing us (not just tonight but throughout our year of marriage).
And thank you Olive Garden. For call ahead seating. And berry sangria. And ravioli.
You are the best.

to many more.

Today marks one year of being married to my sweet husband.
One year of laughter.
One year of hard work.
One year of compromising, learning, loving, growing, teaching, traveling, training, and believing in the future.
One year of marriage.
Not easy.
But beautiful.

One of my sister's favorite author's when we were growing up was (maybe still is?) was/is Madeleine L'Engle and she has a few really great quotes about marriage. This is one of my favorites.
"Ultimately there comes a time when a decision must be made. Ultimately two people who love each other must ask themselves how much they hope for as their love grows and deepens, and how much risk they are willing to take. It is indeed a fearful gamble. Because it is the nature of love to create, a marriage itself is something which has to be created. To marry is the biggest risk in human relations that a person can take. If we commit ourselves to one person for life this is not, as many people think, a rejection of freedom; rather it demands the courage to move into all the risks of freedom, and the risk of love which is permanent; into that love which is not possession, but participation. It takes a lifetime to learn another person. When love is not possession, but participation, then it is part of that co-creation which is our human calling."

Happy Anniversary Chad...I will tell you what I ended up gettting him later. Not that he reads my blog anyway but just in case.
I told him that he didn't need to get me anything since I got a new ring with my grandma's stones so we will see if he does get me anything. I knew he wasn't romantic when I married him so it is really ok...

Thursday, August 20, 2009


By the way...Saturday is our one year anniversary.
We've been married a year.
Chad said he was going to do something in Columbus but never got around to getting started but that means that he has ideas...
oh dear...
I have no ideas.
Tradition says you give a clock.
Modern tradition says you give a paper gift.


Applause. Please.
Ok, I know, I know...doing household duties doesn't deserve applause. They just have to be done, every week and someone has to do them.
But today, that someone was me and I am rather proud of myself.
After allowing myself to sleep in until 8...I know...big whoa....I vaccumed the upstairs and the stairs themselves (netting about 4 canisters full of Gwendolen hair. I think we are going to knit a sweater for Gwen to wear this winter made out of her summer shedding hair. Gross. and kidding.) and the rug downstairs (everything else downstairs is hardwood. Thank you God. and Swiffer.) I cleaned bathrooms (3 of the 4...sorry, Megan can clean her own), rinsed dishes and started diswasher, did another load of laundry, cleaned up kitchen and took everything from our trip upstairs. I put away most of my clean/unworn clothes away and hung up everything else. All that is left is some toiletries (?sp) and towels...
I feel quite accomplished.
I've made my lunch...taken a shower and now I just have to do hair and makeup for my debut role as...
Going to work. Lame.
Speaking of making my lunch...I am on a new healthy kick. My gym/workout partner, A, has to student teach (sorta, that is what I am calling it to reduce confusion) this semester and has to be at her school at 7:15 in the morning. This means no morning workout friend so I have to hunker down and go by myself (lame#2). I finally told Chad last night that I was ready to lose some serious weight and really build up some leaner muscles so he is going to write me a workout plan and nutrition plan-ish.
But...I am going to try to do the vegetarian thing for a while.
Not really strict...I love a good hamburger but I am aware that if I don't eat red meat for a while that it might make me sick so I will just have to sacrifice. I will still eat eggs and dairy and the occasional chicken or turkey because I know I will need the protein (and I don't really plan on asking people to change plans/menus if we go to a friends house so I will just eat what I am served unless it might make me sick). In truth, the idea of having in the house and eating a variety of really good, fresh fruits and veggies is really appealing. I know that there are plenty of delish-ious (made that one up!) menu options that include no meat or atleast very little meat. I do have to be aware that I am married to a man who likes meat (I do too!) but this doesn't have to be forever...and he is super we will see how it goes. I was sorta waiting till after our vacation to get on the bus....who wants to diet on vacation? And I am a big supporter of not starving yourself or letting yourself have anything you really crave. Everything in moderation. I'll keep you updated. So far today, no meat and I already packed my lunch/dinner for work and looking forward to eating my granola bar/apple/crackers and cheese/yogurt (that tastes like a dreamscicle...who knew?).

and now.

And now we are back home.

Doing a lot of laundry (although it could be worse because we did a load at my parents house before we left for Helen)...we unpacked the car yesterday and hung out a very wet tent and tarp (clue #1 that the weather wasn't exactly perfect but atleast it wasn't 99 degrees!). We did spend some fun times in Helen, just hanging out and enjoying each others company. I don't really have any pictures from the wedding weekend because I knew plenty of people were taking pictures so I decided to just enjoy it and give the ole' camera a rest. Sara, the MOH, has a bunch of cute ones on her website and you can go see those here. (hopefully that link works...I've been having problems).
I have to close at the HobLob today (did I mention that I am thankful to have a job that I can leave for a week and come back to with no problem but that I am really dreading going back after a week off??) so I am going to spend the morning at the house. Hopefully I will be able to finish up some laundry, clean up the kitchen (where we dumped everything out of the car), and maybe vaccum a little and do bathrooms. Ambitious. I know.
Nice to be home...sleeping in our bed. In our airconditioning. With our Gwendolen and Wooby (who missed us too...)

Sunday, August 16, 2009

claudette the bummer.

There is this wonderful older lady who works at Hobby Lobby whose name is Claudette. She works full time in the fabric department and gives the best advice...she tells me how to read patterns, what fabric works best for what project, and is - in general - always appropriately impressed with my craft projects, telling me how talented and cute I am. She is lovely.

It is a shame that the Tropical Storm that was named after her had to ruin our beach vacation.

We aren't going to the beach.
Especially not camping at the beach.
During a tropical storm.
Did I mention we would be staying in a tent?

Change of plans..equally as fun...minus the beach and pretty blue ocean (and now the windy and rainy part). We are going to spend the night in Atlanta, visit with my sister and some old friends, drive to Helen, GA tomorrow, do some tubing on the river, hike to Brasstown Bald (the highest point in GA...this means a hike straight up a mountain. Sounds like fun huh?), and stay at a state park up there still.
I am pretty bummed out. I had been seriously looking forward to a few days in Destin...gorgeous water, white sand, fresh seafood...I know there will be other trips but it has been two years since we have made it down to the coast.
Oh is what you make it and we are darn sure gonna have some fun.


Chad and I are currently in Columbus after a late night of wedding partying and driving back to my parents house. Dani and Ryan's wedding was beautful - sweet and perfect. I think she got a wedding that was exactly what she wanted and I am so proud and honored to have been included and to stand by her side while she married Ryan. I am so thrilled for them. Marriage has been the best, craziest, most fun, challenging, wonderful, thing that I have ever done and I wish them even more joy than I have. We had a fun couple of days hanging out with Dani, just enjoying her company and helping her get ready for her special day. I met a lot of her family, Ryan's family, and college was fun to meet people that you have heard so much about but never been able to put a name with a face.
Lindsey -of Lindentree Photography - who took our beautiful engagement/post-wedding pictures - also took their wedding pictures and if the couple I saw on her camera are any indication of the rest of them Dani and Ryan will have wonderful momentos of their day. She took some really neat, fun pictures so I hope that Dani and Ryan will have a ton to choose from. She always makes the (mildly unpleasant) part of the process just a little more fun (come on...who likes to have their picture taken when they are sweating buckets in Georgia in mid-August?!). It doesn't seem to hurt that her two adorable kids were in the wedding as well - adding to cute picture fodder.
Chad and I are re-packing stuff and the car and heading to the beach this afternoon. The weather is looking a little rainy but we don't care! We are so excited for a couple of days off to just enjoy the sand/sun/water, good food, some board games, and spending quality time together. Don't expect to hear from us for a few days!
And by the way, I didn't really take any pictures this weekend. You can check other people's facebook for all the details! :)

Thursday, August 13, 2009


I am in LaGrange...arrived safely this morning about noon and I am hanging out with Sara, Dani, Amy, and Skye...having bachelorette camp.
or something like it.
It is fun.
We are laughing. Hanging out.
Decorating at the chapel.
Lingerie Shower tonight...whoohoo.
More Soon..
Much love from a happily married - now bridesmaid.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

now look here...

I am doing know, on that TO DO list I shared with you.
Laundry is done and pretty much put away.
So far...this is what I have packed.

Kitchen-y things to take camping.

And a bag upstairs that has board games and beach towels in it. I am not doing so hot in that area. We are trying to pack the car tonight so we can just get up and hit the road in the morning. I am trying to get to LaGrange as soon as possible for bridesmaids festivites...

Bridesmaid's jewelry in pretty little boxes (new at Hobby Lobby!...purple and green are the wedding colors. Not THIS color purple and green but it is the best I could do. And no, I didn't put my pair in a gift box. That would be weird.)

And finally, last night's project until 1am...seriously...I made a fabric flower headband for my hair to match my Plan B dress for the rehearsal dinner. I finished the headband but now I am worried that it is a little "much"...maybe too many flowers? So I am making two smaller clips to just pin in my hair with fewer flowers. These took about 1/3rd of the time and I think I like them better. Go figure.
Don't know if I will have time to post again before we leave in the morning. I gotta close at HL then come home and finish packing - clothes and the car! I even skipped the gym this morning because I have so much stuff left to do! Say a prayer for us as we travel around...and get things done!
Many pictures to come!

Monday, August 10, 2009

i know you love them.

Guess what? This is another "to do"/ "what I already got done" post.
Aren't those your favorite?
They are definately mine!

I did end up making both a loaf of bread and two small pans of cinnamon rolls Sunday morning and they both turned out really good. I had a LOT of help kneeding and asked a lot of questions but hey, what are mom's for? We finished up a whole plan for breakfast so they must have tasted good to everyone else too.
Chad did a couple of loads of laundry yesterday (oh I love him...) but now I am gonna fold and put away with the anticipation of packing the next two mornings. I also need to do the dishes and take out the trash tonight so Chad doesn't have to do it in the morning. I want to be useful...
I have been making lists of stuff to take/pack when I leave here on Thursday morning because we won't be coming back until after the beach. This equals a car FULL of stuff... wedding stuff, camping stuff, beach stuff....yikes. I've never been a light packer either.
Pack for the wedding
Pack for the beach
Pack for the days before the wedding when we will be doing craft projects galore and hanging out with the gals ( dream)
Take out trash
Clean kitchen counters off
Clean dishes in kitchen
Pack Gwen and Wooby's stuff because they will be going to their grandparents for a week
Love on husband
Go grocery shopping for the beach (or maybe just make a list and wait until we get there...makes a lot more sense...they do have a Publix).
Defend myself from attack cat (currently...and in my sleep. She has major issues.)

I'm waiting for Chad to come home so we can discuss dinner plans and start getting stuff together. Oh dear...I have so much to do!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

little bit

Not too much to report...
but I am hoping that if I start off with that I will surprise myself and write a fabulous, interesting, hilarious blog post.
But seeing as how it is just 7:30 in the morning, I seriously doubt it.
Maybe long. But probably not fabulous.

Mom came in Friday night before I got off work and we hung out at the house for a bit. I was so excited about her coming that work seemed twice as long. We went to the HobLob on Saturday morning and got a few little things we needed to make my dress for Dani and Ryan's rehearsal dinner (like a zipper...important parts!) and immediately got started. We worked on it most of the morning (complicated pattern!!), did lunch with Dad B and Mom S, worked on it some more, went to the lake, didn't have any fun on the jetski (that's our storyline to my dad was actually a nearly perfect jetsiing evening. Sun was setting over the lake, it was still plenty warm, there weren't too many boats out, water was calm. It was fun...I mean, no, it was lame.), then came home and discovered that the dress didn't fit. We probably cut out the wrong size for me, and the top was weird anyway so I just didn't fit right. I am sad, disappointed, and of course, feel like a fat cow because of it.
I'm sorry, was that too much honesty?
I told mom we had too much money and time invested in it to just scrap it now even though we were both pretty upset and frustrated but we cut off the bottom and we are making a skirt out of it. Just threw in some elastic and we will see what happens. She offered to go to Old Navy with me but I just ordered those blue jeans from the Gap and feel like I have already spent too much money on clothes for this month so I will just wear something I already own. I have a couple of linen dresses that would be plenty appropriate that are still pretty new so it will be fine...oh well.
I did however use my bread started and make dough last night. It is supposed to sit out all night (which is has now) then you are supposed to fom the loaves in the pans and let it sit out all day before you bake it.
Great googly moogly...this process takes forever. So, I am gonna bump that...make two loaves (which I will let sit out all day before I bake just to follow the directions) but this morning I am going to make cinnamon rolls with the other one third of it. Mom is still here to help and encourage so hopefully atleast one of our projects will turn out great...
I will probably still eat them even if they are nasty, unrisen, grossness.
Just for spite.
Good Sunday Morning!

By the way, I am so super excited about leaving town this week that my three days at Jobby Lobby will probably seem like the longest three days of my life.
I have already started making a packing list...I am so nervous about forgetting something.
I made the bridesmaid's jewelry this weekend...a pair of earrings and necklaces for all four girls (including myself). They don't have to wear them but it is just my little donation/blessing for the girls that are so important to Danielle...they are simple and pretty. The earrings are just one single green teardrop shaped stone and two tiny pearls on a little chain. The bracelets are a mix of the white and champagne colored pearls and one green drop too. I will show you pictures later....maybe after the wedding. (for which I am cleaning off my camera's memory card for...)

Friday, August 7, 2009

planning committee

Short one...I have a lot to do before I go to the HobLob today at 1.
I have to go to Hobby Lobby (apparently I locked the front end keys in my locker in my apron pocket yesterday afternoon when I left so I am going to get them out so they will have them this morning. oops!) and Chad needs to buy a couple of frames for some posters.
I am about half finished with earrings I am making for all of Dani's bridesmaids.. they are small, simple, and pretty. They have one green tear-drop shaped stone in them and then one champane colored pearl and one white pearl. I wanted them to match but be really don't want to outshine the bride's traditional pearls! But I have to go to the bead store...I need some gold earrings hooks (HobLob only sells silver and some little split jump rings. I think they are going to turn out really cute. I finished one pair and sent a picture to Danielle and she really likes them so we are good...
I also have to take my phone to Verizon...I destroyed the outside touch screen sometime on Monday at work. I am not sure if I leaned on it while it was in my pocket or what but it is majorly broken. They ordered me a new one (to the tune of $50 bucks...) and they sent it to my house so I have to take it in to get everything switched to the new/refurbished one.
And then I have to go to Hobby Lobby...
and then my mom is coming!!
and my bread starter is ready to use...mostly.
I might make bread and cinnamon rolls this weekend!
Mom is coming to help me make a long, maxi-style dress for Dani and Ryan's rehearsal dinner. Hopefully it will be something that is dressy enough because of the pattern I picked to wear to that but still fun enough to wear when we are at the beach!
Did I mention that we are going to the beach?
Oh...I did. Sorry. Thought I would remind you.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009


We got Netflix!
An obnoxious number of movie reviews to follow...

Tonight was Seven Pounds.
Beautiful story.
Wonderful talented Will Smith.

I have WAY too much to do this week and then again next week before Danielle's wedding. A couple of little (ok, big...) projects to get ready to go out of town for a week.
More later.

Sunday, August 2, 2009

sunday sweets

Today we are having Megan's birthday lunch and I made and iced her cake last night...her red velvet cake is a little hot pink in color (I ran out of food coloring!) but here are pictures of the fabulous icing since it hasn't been cut yet for you to see the color.

Heart shaped pans were the only ones that I had three off and it makes three layers so a heart shaped cake is what she got...she said it was ok. Thought it would be funny...

I forgot that I took a picture before I iced them so here they are in all their glory. I guess it looks pretty red here but it just isn't nearly as dark as I thought it was supposed to be...but then I don't have a lot of experience with the red velvet cakes. I am a carrot cake kinda girl...speaking of carrot cake, this one has cream cheese icing. If nothing else, the icing is delicious...I licked the bowl last night.

So I am watching the cat and dog play and enjoying another rainy morning...even made some coffee to go with my CBS Sunday Morning tv program. I am the only one out of bed so far and the dog needs to go out but I am not taking myself out in the rain to do it...hopefully it will let up a bit in a few minutes and I can take her out and not get the both of us soaked!...ah wet dog smell.

Dani and Ryan's wedding is in two weeks...I pick up my dress from the alterations on Wednesday morning. All they had to do was shorten the straps so hopefully it fits perfectly. I have everything else I need for the wedding, I think...need to work on jewelry. Chad and I are taking a couple of days off before the wedding to go down for the pre-wedding fun (I am doing girly stuff and he is going hiking. perfection!). After the wedding, we are leaving the animals with my parents and going to the beach for a couple of days. I could NOT be more excited for a break...ocean, sand, no schedule, no jobs. It will be wonderfulness...we are sorta calling it our one year anniversay trip. Can you believe it has almost been a year since we got married?...wowza.