The Adventures of Stinky Sweet:

Sometimes stinky. Sometimes sweet. But it's our life - and it is always good.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

you're welcome.

Chad and I are both suffering from a pretty nasty cold. He claims - oh, it's only allergies - but judging by our communal symptons, these are some nasty allergies. We stayed home from church this morning and instead watched it on the internet. Can't make it to church in the AM? Check ours out and watch it live. I want to say a big "you're welcome" to all the folks who are thanking us for not bringing our colds to church. :)

I worked all day yesterday. Annual cookie sale training with my service unit teams in the AM and then went to North GA to do a program aide training all afternoon. Neither are bad trainings, just means that I spend another weekend at work. And actually, the program aide training is lots of fun - older girls and some cool games to teach so not an entirely wasted afternoon.

We have a giant pile of laundry to fold today. I mean GIANT. Like at least 2 weeks worth of clean clothes. That is our big project for today.

After 2 months of having the AC and Heat off in our house, we finally broke down and turned the heat on last night. Since it got down to a frost-bearing 32 degrees last night, I guess it was time. Those 2 months of electricity bills were amazing though - see you again in the spring! I'm glad we did - it was pretty chilly in our house still and I am watching the frost steam off the houses across the street now that the sun is up. What happened to fall this year??

Thursday, October 27, 2011

it's been a while.

It has been a good few weeks since Chad has been out on a late night fire so I guess we were due one. I've heard we are expecting rain in the next few days so that would be nice to keep it from happening again. I guess it wasn't so bad since I had to work out of town last night too. Either way, he was out late and gone again early this morning so someone I know is gonna sleep good tonight!

Livin' for the weekend, even though I have to work ALL DAY Saturday. Cookie training in the morning and then headed down to GA to do a training. But, it is a fun training to do so it should go by quickly. So maybe it would be more accurate to say that I am living for Sunday?

Saturday, October 22, 2011


This weather we are having is incredible! Though it is a bit chilly in the mornings, we've usually stripped down a layer or two by the afternoon. Currently, I am writing from my comfy chair on the front porch enjoying some serious Vitamin D soaking up and a nice breeze.

Slept in this morning until a wonderful 8:30! Ate bad food for lunch but then walked it off with a tour of the Forrest Hills cemetery near our house. It is one of Chattanooga's oldest cemeteries and is full of interesting, historic figures from Chattanooga's past. A couple of times per year they have actors/decendants who will tell you about the history of the folks buried there. Some of them are really related and some of them do a great job of playing the part. It was informative and fun. I know - I am really turning into my mother when I enjoy a good tour of the cemetery!!

Thinking about going to a movie tonight with a birthday gift certificate. Neither of us will have to work this weekend thanks to a good schedule on my part and a little rain on his part so it will be lovely! (though we did commit ourselves to filling in at kids church so we will do that tomorrow too!)

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Its been a while again. I won't apologize...I've enjoyed spending some time with the people I love.

This past weekend we spent a day with our Uncle J. It was his birthday request - just to spend the day with Chad and I so we gladly oblidged! Chad ran a half marathon on Saturday morning - sorry, no pictures for this one. I intentionally left my camera in the car. He did, however, set a PR (personal record) for the time and we are all very proud of him. He ran 13.1 miles in 1 hour and 46 minutes - his Nike + said that he averaged a 8:36 mile so that is pretty good for a guy that trains at about a 9:36 mile! I am super proud of him. He said "I actually ran this one!" when he finished. Cute.

We then went to the apple festival in Ellijay, GA. It was an amazingly beautiful fall day and we enjoyed just strolling and hanging out. Chad had camera duty the entire day so I will load them up and see what I can share with you! We sort of forgot to buy apples but ate a delicious caramel apple while we were there so it was worth it! We will be spending Thanksgiving in Blue Ridge, GA (about 15 minutes from Ellijay) and there were a few little shops on the town square that I am looking forward to strolling through that weekend!

Not much happening since then. This weekend is the first weekend of the month that I don't have to work either Saturday or Sunday so we are making plans to enjoy this much cooler fall weather and hang out together!

Sunday, October 9, 2011


Funny how you imagine your life years before things ever happen - thinking of "how it will be when I am ___ years old". But here I am - 27 years into my life - and things are rarely as I imagined them. And I am so thankful.

Other than having to work all day today on my birthday, it has been nice. I really and truly enjoy all of the women I work with on a daily basis and they made feel special today since we all had to work. I've spent some time with family this weekend and enjoyed some lazy time with my dearest. I've recieved some beautiful and thoughtful presents and I am currently enjoying watching my littlest 4-legged child enjoy the wonder of a drinking straw on hardwood floors.  I am so blessed and thankful for another year!

Oh, and mom - they brought me a GIANT piece of carrot cake with candles in it at work today. It was delicious and you are off the hook. :)

Sunday, October 2, 2011

evening fun.

If I recall my memories correctly, my Mema liked hot air balloons. I really love them too so maybe I got that awesome part of her genetics, passed quietly down through my mom.
We went to the hot air balloon glow last night down by the river...I loved every moment, every burst of hot energy keeping the giant balloons afloat...
maybe one day when I recover from my fear of heights I will ride in one farther than 50 feet from the ground.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

good weekend.

Worked for about an hour and a half this morning for a meeting then freed myself of my work bonds and have been hanging out with people I care about ever since. Good stuff for a week. A friend is in town this weekend for Chad, we hung out with our nephew this morning - and after a small meltdown it was a really awesome day of doing things to make him happy - love it! - and we are headed out to do adult things tonight (meaning beer and darts at one of our favorite never-crowded hangouts). I've heard - by way of my 6 year old nephew - that there is a hot air balloon glow tonight so i am trying to make my way downtown for that too!