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Monday, November 30, 2009

late night top 10.

This is my top ten list of blogs, written late at night.

In no particular order, I do this because Chad laughs at me because of all the blogs I read every day. I claim that I don't read them all every day but there are a few that I pretty much check on a daily basis (and get really offended that they have real lives and don't post every day!):

1. Nie Nie. Come on. She's fabulous. Her house, her life, her story. Too awesome.
2. Nie Nie's sister CJane. Equally as cute. and equally adorable children.
3. Matt Logelin. I didn't used to read as often but now he is in India and I can't help myself.
4. Young House Love. Maybe they will come decorate my entire house when I get one. Is that too much to ask of strangers?
5. The Pioneer Woman. I am getting her cookbook for Christmas.
Because I bought it for myself as insurance.
6. Style Me Pretty. I think I am going to get married again so I can use all of these pretty ideas. I am literally embarrassed to tell you that I check this blog once a day. But, I can also say that the photography is equally inspiring and I get ideas from that too!
7. A Cup of Stone Soup. My mom's blog. And she doesn't post every day. And I talk to her on the phone pretty much every day so I know all the possible news and I still check to see if she blogged. What can I say - I'm loyal.
8. Holy Experience. I know I have talked about her before but Ann over at H.E. is amazing. She has such a sweet life/testimony just of her every day experiences. Her photography is great - of simple and yet beautiful subjects. Her stories and daily encouragement is even better. Check her out!
9. Adventures of Bort. Or Mrs. Bort really. My friend Dani's blog...she is sorta my blog inspiration. I started reading hers and thought "hey, I could do that! It might be fun!" and here I am over a year later!

Oh dear...there are only 9 that I check on a daily basis. ONLY 9...I think I am doing great! There are others, obviously, that I check when I see a new post in my reader or most days but these are the ones I check every day. Fun! Now you know all my computer secrets and what I am doing after Chad goes to bed (which was 30 minutes ago and now I am headed that way!).

the good news.

Chad got home at 9:30 last night.
Yes, he was gone about 7 hours....while we were supposed to be putting up Christmas decorations and hanging out.
You want to know the upside of that?
The state of TN doesn't like to dole out over-time.

I know, it doesn't make much sense now but let's put it this way...
he has to take those 7 hours off another day this week so he won't be overtime.
Any day he wants. (ok, not any day but he can have a preference).
So guess what?!? He is going to take Thursday off and hang out with me.
Put up some Christmas decorations and maybe even get our tree.
See? Things work out after all.

HL was bearable today. Nothing too exciting happening except for ordering (which takes forever when you get interrupted 100 times) and me selling over $800 of custom frames today.
Awesome...solidifies my winning this month for the most sales. I think there are two movie tickets and dinner at stake. Fun! A free date night sounds good to me.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

you didn't know.

Maybe you already knew - and didn't tell me.
Or maybe I knew and pretended that it wasn't true.
But I am going to share a little tidbit of trivia with you for tonight.
Did you know that when you get a cat you pretty much have to completely revamp your home's Christmas decorations?
Things that were cute and dangly last year are just far too tempting this year?
All the fun ideas I had were not created in my brain with a flying fearles furball in mind.
Things that crinkle or sparkle or are fragile just aren't acceptable in our house this year.

Good luck cat owners.

sewing. sparks.

Since I am not in the mood to offically decorate for Christmas yet, I thought that I would go ahead and make the pillow cases for the bench outside. I got about halfway through my third and final pillowcase and my sewing machine make some strange noises and I got nervous and had to stop. The foot petal started sizzling. Sorry mom, I may have burned it up. It got too excited. I will let it cool off and try again...
but hey, they are cute!

plans change.

Sometimes our plans change and frankly, I don't always like it.
Don't get me wrong or misunderstand me here - I am so incredibly thankful that both Chad and I have jobs that not only allow us to pay our bills but leave some to spare for saving and giving to things we are passionate about.
But I really dislike it - no, hate it - when we have plans to do stuff together (fun stuff!) and he gets called out to a fire.
Welcome back to fire season in Tennessee folks!

Chad and I had plans for church, lunch (yes, Mexican food it was!), naps, trips to Goodwill and the recycling center, getting our Christmas tree, and putting up decorations. We got through the lunch part before the phone call came sending him to a possible fire up in Soddy Daisy. Yes, I said a possible fire. They called him away from me, on the only day I get to really hang out with him, for a possible fire.
Trust me when I say this - if I could get my hands (or even just my words) on the people that either irresponsibly (and illegally might I add!) burn brush creating forest fires or intentionally set fires for spite/fun - they would never, ever do it again.
Trust me.

So, I think I will load up the stuff that needs to go to the recycling center and Goodwill and make those runs by myself. Somehow I am just not in the right spirit to put up Christmas decorations any more.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

reporting in.

Not too much to report actually...I survived the Saturday after Thanksgiving at the HobLob as well today. We were actually busier today than we were yesterday (much busier!)...I guess everyone exhausted the good deals at the other store and came to see us today! I pretty much went non-stop today so I am beat and looking forward to lazy Sunday with my sweetie. Chad is getting up to run with a friend in the morning and I threatened his life if he gets me up before 8AM (maybe he will take the dog and the cat with him on his run...?). Then we will head to church, do a little lunch (ooo....Mexican food.), and veg out the rest of the afternoon. My lovely, sweet husband did some major cleaning downstairs in the living room and kitchen and has pretty much made way for the Christmas decor which came out of the attic this morning so we might even get some of that stuff put up. It doesn't take long - we don't have that much stuff - but the house always looks so dressed up and festive that I pretty much can't wait any longer. We even talked about getting the tree tomorrow too...hopefully it will work out.

I bought some pillow forms at the HobLob one day this week and some Christmas fabric while it was on sale (50% off!) and I am going to make a couple of pillows for my bench out front. I think they will be OK outside - they are under the porch and far enough away from the sides that the only moisture they should get it is what is in the air. I will make them so that I can pull off the covers and wash them so I will let you know how that turns out. It is a Christmas colored paisley (come should know how I feel about paisley by now!) and I think they will turn out really cute. It is about time to put out my mini trees by the front door and retire the pumpkins....pumpkin smashing anyone?

There will be pictures headed your way soon...

Friday, November 27, 2009

survival. and winning.

I survived Black Friday (again!) at HobLob!
In all honesty, I have no bad things to say about today at work. It was quiet and lovely back in our little framing room - we didn't take any more custom orders than we would any other Friday or Saturday. Since we opened at 8, I got a ton of stuff done this morning with few or no interruptions. The cash registers went steadily all day but I think everything ran really smoothly...

So...I bet you are wondering who won my first giveaway! It was really funny how it worked out, with all 5 of you commenting (for future reference, pass along the word! And I promise, the next giveaway will be cooler stuff and a little better planned!)...and since picked #1, that makes Dani the winner! Funny how she said that since she was first she should win...apparently Random Number Generator did too! So, I will be sending you a fun pair of earrings to wear (or give!) and a pair of snuggly hand warmers for your and your hubby!

Going to bed early and getting up to do a little shopping in the morning before i have to go to work and close (which I am dreading actually...the store will be a mess!). Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

oh yeah...

I forgot to tell you...we will be in Atlanta for Turkey Day 2009.
My side of the family will be down at my parents house but we decided to just head to Atlanta (mostly because I have to work today and Friday at 8am) and do Christmas with my family like we did last year. For someone working retail, this really is the best arrangement. I am wishing, hoping, thinking, and praying that I will get a day off backing up to Christmas on either side (though I really want the back end because that means I will get the whole weekend off!). Anyway, you won't hear from me until atleast tomorrow night, maybe Friday depending on how late we get home. We are riding down with Chad's parents tonight after we get off work and then coming back with Megan tomorrow so, sadly, we are at the mercy of someone else to get there and home again on their schedule.
Also, I got another haircut! I bit shorter in the back than last time and more of an angle coming down to the front. I haven't washed it yet (of course!!) because it always looks so much better when she fixes it! I think I really like it. The back was starting to annoy me and it needed a little trimming anyway. Shorter hair requires a lot more work to keep it looking good than I realized it would but I am still pleased with the look.
Looking forward to hearing all about the things you are thankful for...enter the giveaway!
Pictures of Thanksgiving fun are optional!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

giving thanks and giving it away.

Oh I am so so so thankful...

for my family, my job, my life.
Every breath, I am thankful.
Every hug or kiss or laugh or tear, I am thankful.

Enjoy your Thanksgiving with the people you love.
Tell them you love them.
Hug them for me too.

And because I promised (and I am so thankful for cool blog readers like you!)...
drumroll please.....
my first giveaway!
I will let the random picker-outer-thingy choose a winner from everyone who comments...
to be entered, you just have to leave a comment on this post and tell me something you are thankful for.
or 100 things you are thankful for.
I'm not picky (but sorry, only one entry per person please - name them all in your one comment!).

Oh, what do you win? I know, it isn't going to be that exciting but I just thought leading up to Christmas and chilly weather that two nice sets of handmade (by me!) cherry pit pocket sized handwarmers would do perfectly! And since I am so crafty, I think I will just throw in this sparkly pair of earrings I made tonight while watching NCIS! The findings are all sterling so you won't have a problem with crazy ear stuff! The beads are Swarovski (is that how you spell that??) crystals in green, dark bronze, and a caramel tan. I think they are so pretty I might make myself a pair!

I think they would look perfect with cute fall colors or even Christmas stuff too! Or if you really liked someone, you might give them as a gift. Or keep them for yourself. Let's sum that up...that's two sets of 2 (total of 4!) pocket sized fleece hand warmers and a pair of earrings!

Be thankful to your heart's content!

I think that is what I would do...they are too cute (and sparkly...did I say that aleady?).

So yeah...I made everything I am giving away so I guess there really isn't any legal stuff to deal with. It's mine and I can give it away free if I want!

Oh yeah, I will take comments until Friday night at 8p.m. EST. I know we will all be busy the next few days so that should give you plenty of time to think of something you are thankful for!


I am off today.
And I get paid for it.
It is amazing.
Well, technically I get paid to be off on Thanksgiving but almost everyone is off on Thanksgiving so I am counting today as my paid day off.
So, today, I am getting paid to go get my hair cut, get some pictures printed, clean up the bedroom, work on a Christmas craft project for the parentals, go to Target and buy a birthday gift for a 2 year old, attend yoga, and go to Chuck-E-Cheese for a party!
It's gonna be great!

Sorry, I know I fell off the blogging wagon for a few days but my next post is going to be my 400th post!
Because I'm cool like this, I was thinking about doing a giveaway.
Something handmade because I'm trying to give all/mostly handmade gifts for Christmas and I want to help you out to do the same thing!
I have a couple of ideas (yes, it will probably be handmade by me) but I wanted to know if you think it would be a good plan? I'm sure there are tons of rules for bloggy giveaways but since I have like 4 readers I'm not too worried about it...

Sunday, November 22, 2009

not funny.

I don't see the links at the moment but I am on the other computer.
Maybe that one was possessed.
If they come back, it will be war.

I promise I'm not crazy.
I think.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

ooo...I'm mad.

There are more links in my last post.
And I am irate.
I will fix this.

oh yes.

Mom and I were bad yesterday...ok, not bad but we did some shopping that wasn't planned. First, I will let you see my awesome lanterns that I bought myself for my birthday super cheap in Columbus...they are sitting on my dining room table now that it is cleaned off (for the 40th time). I think they are wonderful. One day they might hang somewhere but for now, they are perfect on the table. Just the right amount of color.

This is all four of them together.

And this is one of the things we bought at this local little resale/antiques shop. It is a really cool old stool/bench and it is perfect for my front porch.

This is the other thing we bought...and old garden bench for 2! It is my Chrismas present from mom and I love is also sitting on my front porch now and I think it is perfect. A few pillows later and I will be the happiest girl around...

On another note, when I pulled up my blog a minute ago to sign in, I noticed that there is a advertising link in my last blog post. I have no idea how it got there, no idea where it leads you to, and I make no claims to it. Actually, I a pretty ticked off that it is there. If I wanted to advertise on my blog, I would atleast want to know about it in advance and be able to do something wiht the money. Not I am sorry. Don't click on it, don't use it, ignore it until I can figure out how to make it go away!

Friday, November 20, 2009


I am up at 7:45 on my day off.
I am cleaning out my car.
I am putting away clean dishes.
I am piling up about 4 loads of clean clothes on the freshly made bed.
I am picking up a thousand pieces of ripped up recycling that Gwen decided to destroy.
I am putting my new chocolate brown linen table cloth on the table so I can display my awesome lanterns.
Why do you ask?

Mom is coming today!
I am super duper excited to see her. It's been a few weeks and I always miss her and dad tons! I am thankful that I have a relationship with my parents that makes me want to see them and makes me miss them terribly when I can't see them often enough!
I am thinking about taking her on the incline railway today. Neither of us have ever been...Ruby Falls would be cool because it has been about 15 years since I have been in there but is not the day. Not with two claustrophobic folks. It should be a nice clear day so it might be a good day to try the railway and take her through St. Elmo.
I sure wish my GPS worked so we won't be lost all day...
but I can't think of a better person to not exactly know where you are with.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

hook, line, and sinker.

Oh dear...I am hooked.
On Etsy (better than illegal drugs any day!).
I have already purchased a few Christmas presents, throughout the year, in an attempt to make the money seem less like it is doing a disappearing act in December and a few of those are handmade (like my sister's present from Blue Skies...I know Sis, you hate me now...and yes, I've had it for months and not told you.)
But for the rest of you, the ones receiving gifts from me, they will probably (hopefully!) be handmade, either by me or a nice little Etsy shop owner.
It will be loverly. Yes. Loverly.

On another note, Chad is sick in the bed.
Blames me for bringing it home from Hobby Lobby...says he only sees the same people every day and I am the one bringing home the germs.
It wouldn't be from you know, running a marathon Saturday, with a 1,000 other people...sweating together....breathing hard near each other. Nope.
It's from Hobby Lobby. Germy HobLob.

oh house.

Do you remember that post about being content?
And her sweet comment about being patient and waiting?
And me knowing that we are supposed to be waiting on the right timing to buy a house?

Then why, oh why, is it so darn frustrating?
I thought I had made peace with it, learning how to be content in it.
I thought I could last as long as it takes.
I thought I was OK with waiting, being content, taking our time...
But I am losing my mind.

I have a pile of art - cool, fun, local, sentimental art - that is waiting to be hung.
And I can't hang it.
We have no available walls.
I yearn for empty walls.

I have furniture at my parent's house that I long to have in my house - an old desk that was my great uncle's, cabinets that are empty - waiting to be filled with my beautiful glass vases and trinkets from our lives.
We have no available space for our things.
I yearn for a little empty space.

I know, as soon as we buy a house it will consume me.
Consume all our available money, time, heart, and energy.
It is expensive and scary - being an adult.
I know that it will be so empty that it will feel like a tomb - we have so little furniture that is our own.
I know that it will be exhausting fixing it like we want it, making it our own.
But - it will be our own.
Ours. Full of our things.
I yearn for a house simply full (or empty!) of our things - it will be like being newly married again, combining our lives into one.
Just the two of us, living in a house that is our own.

i'm not a photographer.

I am not a photographer but I do enjoy photography. I wish that somehow, miraculously, I could take great pictures and never have to use Photoshop (mostly because it is confusing and frustrating to try and figure out how to make my mediocre photography look fabulous!)

Anyway, I told you that I took some pictures of my sweet niece and her family because they didn't have a good family pictures since my newest GREAT NIECE was born. I asked her if I could put some pictures up (because I know some people are really protective, and rightfully so, of their children's pics on the internet!) but she said she was ok with it (and I won't tell you where they live or anything!!).

So here are a few of the good ones...with three squirming children and a dog to distract, we had a laugh trying to get everyone looking at the camera at the same time but we managed to get a few that were worth it! And yes, Kayla, I will be sending these to you soon...really.

Now that I see this one on a different computer, it needs a little tweaking...darker maybe.

This one too...they are so much darker on the computer I was using and so light in these pictures...but hey, these two good lookin' folks make it look great!

Look at that awesome family! I am so glad I am related to them!

Sunday, November 15, 2009


Seriously, I think this might the last post about Chad's marathon.
But really, I am so proud of him I could probably talk about it for days...his physical strength and mental determination amaze me!
Here is my story for the day....I spent about 4 hours standing around, in different places, waiting for Chad to run by for 10 seconds.
I know, the exciting life of a marathon spouse.
At the very end of the race, Jay, Megan and I were standing there knowing he would come by any minute and could see to the other side of the block and would know when he was headed our way. We were just watching and cheering on other people as they ran by and I saw him round the corner so I headed down to take a picture as he crossed the finish line. It was pretty packed out down there but there was an older lady standing there with her camera just waiting...I tapped her on the shoulder and asked if she could see her runner yet and she said she couldn't. I nicely asked her if she minded if I stepped in front of her for a second to get a couple of pictures because my runner was about to cross the finish line....she said she didn't mind a bit and I got ready to take pictures. All of a sudden, there was this guy in a bright orange shirt in front of me blocking my view (he was the paid photographer and is in pretty much ALL of my pictures) and then another guy that was taking pictures but just looked like the rest of us. I was like....hey now, I want to take pictures of my husband. How rude! Well, as it turns out, the second photographer was the father of the guy that Chad knows who was running and finished just before Chad. His friend (Adam) told his dad what Chad looked like and when to be expecting him and went to get Chad a gatorade and water. What a nice guy! So, the dad actually took some pretty good pictures of Chad and had a better angle (more experience and a nicer camera too!) than I did so I am thankful! So, here are HIS pictures, that Adam sent me today.

Chad at the end with his race number...they give you an extra, framed copy of your race number to keep, along with a little medal. I told Chad that I am a framing snob now and I am going to probably reframe those in a shadow box for him...

Chad's friend Adam crossing the finish line...check out that time ladies and gentlemen! Congrats Adam for meeting your sub-4 hour goal!

This is Jay and Megan cheering as Chad is coming down the last stretch...Jay in orange sweater. He is looking at them/glaring at them...I'm not sure which.

Ok, I'm done for tonight...
Oh, execept for this detail..I am editing the pictures I took of my sweet neice and her family. I want to show you some of the cute ones but I need your permission to post pics of your family first Kayla. Is that ok? (I promise I will only post the ones where your son is picking his nose.)

timing is everything....edited.

Chad had to run out for a bit so I am trying to get somethings done while he is see a friend and to Lowe's.
Trying to edit/move some pictures, finish cleaning off the dining room table so I can put my cool new lanterns on it (or maybe they should go in the sunroom?), fold about a thousand loads of clothes, and beat this headache (yes, I still have them.)
I am doing none of those things but moving pictures (blogging while I wait for the computer to catch up...the other computer).
But hey, atleast I will be able to share some pictures with you soon.

edited to add:
Patience is everything, I hear.
I think I was behind the door or at the end of the line when they gave that out.
This slow computer is making me lose my mind.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

race pics.

Hiding behind another guy...but laughing!

Crossing the finish line baby!

finish line!

He finished!
26.2 miles of endurance.
We saw him around mine 12 and a half and he looked good...laughing, joking, hiding behind another runner so I couldn't take pictures and then again at the finish line (where I did take pictures!).
He ran it in 4 hours and 21 minutes...pretty fabulous in my opinion.
I am loading pictures on the other computer so you'll see those soon but I just wanted to thank you now and let you know he's finished! He said he started hurting pretty bad around mile 17 but finished with still having done about a 10 minute mile average and that was his goal as he was training so I think he is pretty pleased with himself.
After limping into the house (literally), he is currently soaking in a hot bath to help with muscle soreness.
Thanks for your prayers and thoughts! A goal met and completed!

Friday, November 13, 2009


I just made lemon cookies...they smell and taste divine.
You should try them.
And I am typing with one finger because I just painted my nails a dark chocolate brown, in appreciation of fall. It is lovely.
My Chad is already in bed asleep with a carb coma, resting up for his big day tomorrow.
We have to leave the house at 6 tomorrow morning...he has to get there in time to pick up his race packet and be ready to run at 7:30. I will take the camera...and he will make faces at me. Promise.
Say a prayer for a strong body and a strong mind...26.2 miles is probably more mental than physical (I wouldn't know...I'll never run that far unless someone is chasing me with a weapon.)


Today is my last day of work for the week and I could not be more excited. I feel like I have so much stuff to do this weekend...not that I have to do but stuff that I would like to get done. A craft project or two, a batch of delicious lemon cookies (they have ricotta cheese in them...I know it sounds gross but it makes them so moist and delicious!), cleaning up in our bedroom (about three loads of laundry need folding and have been living out of the clean clothes basket for about 3, you want to come fold - I'm off work next Friday!), and there are dirty dishes in the sink. And there they will stay today...I am going to work and since I made dinner, I was hoping someone else would wash the dishes.
Chad's mom is coming over tonight and we are eating as many carbs as a body can hold...not for us, but mostly for Chad. His race is tomorrow so we are trying to start filling him up on things that will give him energy over the long haul. He is going when he gets off work to go pick up his race packet so we know when to be where in the morning and then he will be home to eat spaghetti and meatballs...homemade meatballs cause the frozen ones are gross. They make me want to yak. Sorry, had to share.
But lemon cookies, now those are fabulous.
Off to the HobLob for one more day...

Thursday, November 12, 2009

sweet and crisp.

As I sit here, eating my cereal this morning, I just thought I would tell you about what my sweet Chad did for my birthday. As you might recall, I was actually in Columbus on my birthday this year and I didn't even get to see him. The day went past with barely an acknowledgement of its passing from him but he doesn't like his birthday so I don't exactly expect them to be a big deal. There was little mention of it for about a week and a half I believe until one day he was like "ok, get in the car, we are going to the tool store." Still confused, I went with him and he picked out a food dehydrator.
For me.
For my birthday.
I know, you are thinking it is a weird birthday gift.
And it is.
But I love it.
He is also buying me a pair of Carhartt overalls.
I know, also weird.
But practical and awesome! They are for when we go to the farm and trek about working in the briars...I mean, I can wear them whenever I want but they aren't the best fashion statement (yeah, since I care about fashion) and I don't think they are entirely appropriate for the HobLob.
So yes, we dehydrated apples yesterday.
I prefer my apples sweet and crisp. None of this sour or soft stuff.
Sweet and crisp they must be (fuji are my favorite, thanks Mom!)
But today, they are sweet and crisp in a whole different way.
Like, shriveled, sweet, and crisp.
And they are great!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


And for today's lesson in being thankful, I am thankful for a spacebar that seems to be working again.
And being home with my sweet Chad this morning as he has the day off (even though I don't and I have to go unpack freight later today...).
And going to the grocery store last night...and feeling like I still have no idea what to make for dinner the rest of the week!

Monday, November 9, 2009

giving thanks again.

Please check back in on sweet Stellan and his appears that a high risk surgery on his little heart today was a huge success!
God answers his family's prayers in a huge way...
and it is HIS glory that shines in that baby tonight.Link

being thankful.

This is the season of the year when most of us are beginning to remember to be thankful.
The end of this month brings a Thanksgiving holiday and people spend the whole month trying so very hard to remember to give thanks...but why is that so hard?
Why do we focus on this for just one month of the year when we should spend every moment of every day giving thanks.
So, I will try and remember...
today I am thankful for a bed that needed it's sheets changed,
for a bathroom that needed cleaning,
laundry that needed doing,
and a job that needs going to later.
Please don't read sarcasm, I am truly thankful for all those things.
A house (that occassionally needs cleaning and organizing),
a family that needs feeding,
a husband that needs loving,
for all these things I am ever thankful.

Please say a prayer today for sweet MckMama and her Stellan.
Another one of those blogs that started as strangers and now I feel like a part of their lives (in a non-stalker, sweet, I-don't-really-know-them-in-real-life kinda way!). Baby Stellan just turned one and is in Boston with major heart can read all about him and his family on their blog but today they need your prayers. Just as you prayed for my dad and heart problems, please pray for Stellan. His mom has the most beautiful (even if she can't see it) faith and is acknowledging that God's will will be done above all so please just lift her and her family up today...

And yes, Kayla, I am attempting to get the pictures looked at and edited. I promise. I am trying. I should have done it in Columbus when I had more time on my hands but it just didn't get done.
They are coming...seriously.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

one week left.

After my horrifically long day at HL yesterday (10 hours may be a normal work day for some people but it was horribly long for me...and after already putting in my other 32 or 33 that week it seemed even longer!), I got to hang out with Chad for the rest of the night.
And all day today.
And it was wonderful.
Admittedly, I do have to go back and do it all again this week but there is only one week left...
before what you ask?
Nothing for me, sadly.
Sorry, no big news there.
But for Chad...
oh yes, his marathon is this Saturday (shhh...don't tell him I told you.)
A full marathon - a grueling 26.2 miles of hills, exhausting flat lands, and mind numbing insanity (ok, maybe I am the only one that sees it that way!).
I am excited that I will be off work Saturday and I can go and cheer him on.
Say a little prayer that his body will be strong, heal quickly, and that he will meet his own personal goals (winning is not one of them and that is totally OK!).
I did not do any of the things that I was going to do this weekend - forgoing them for spending time with my sweetie. Better than any project I can imagine at the moment...

Saturday, November 7, 2009


Yesterday at work, I was told that the other girl in my department was was supposed to open today wasn't going to be able to be at work. My boss came in and asked me if I wanted to work a little extra.
A demon took over my body and I said yes.
What on earth was I thinking?
So of course, the night before I have to work 10 hours, alone, in the frame department, I didn't sleep.
At all.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

ah yes.

I came home last night to a nice evening with my sweetie...
we went to see a $1 movie (Time Travelers Wife...not too sure if I liked it. I think it just wasn't what I expected. I remember reading the book forever ago but didn't really remember much of the story.), had Ok Sun's Chicken Rollups, delivered from Columbus, and got to just hang out together. It was nice after being gone for a few days to just be with him...
Apparently Wooby was sick most of the time I was gone...still pretty sick and I am thinking about taking her to the vet but I hate to drag her all the way across town to see the vet she usually goes to so I might just take her to one much closer to home. If this is day three, I am worried about her being dehydrated and getting worse because of it. I don't know if it is something she ate (she plays with all the plants in the sunroom but I don't know if any of those are toxic or not...Chad doesn't seem to think that they are.) or if it is something that Gwen brought in from the outside.

I have a lot of projects to do so you might not hear from me much the rest of this week...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


We are here, at home. All of us.
Dad too.
Happy to be in "real clothes" instead of an open-back hospital gown.
Happy to be sitting in his recliner taking a nap.
Happy to play Spider Solitare on his computer.
Happy to be away from the loud roomate and his many guests.
Happy to be healing and relaxing.

Apparently the surgeon said (while looking at the printout of his heart monitor) that his heart is already doing better.
Wow. Good to hear.
I always knew he had a good heart.

Sis (The Chef) is making dinner - something that dad requested, involving meat and potatoes.
But my family is all together (minus my sweet Chad but I talked to him on the phone today like 3 times, driving him crazy I'm sure but I don't like being away from him, especially when I am stressed and worried!).

I will head back to the Nooga tomorrow.
After lunch at Ok Sun's - a Columbus requirment.
And yes, Chad, I will bring you chicken rollups.
Driven all the way from Columbus, just for you.

Monday, November 2, 2009

it is well.

So far, so good. All is well with Dad.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for your prayers, gentle thoughts, kind words, and even for some, your literally presence today.
Our God is so good and His provision was in perfect order today.

The surgery went well though it lasted well beyond the usual 2 hour pace maker surgery...we were headed into hour 4 when they finally got finished. About hour 3 a cute little nurse came out and said that things are going well and he was in good spirits and for us to not worry (yeah right!) but the doctor was having trouble getting one of the electical leads in the place it was supposed to go. They don't put you to sleep for this one - just local anesthesia so he was joking with all the nurses and doctors, offering hockey tickets all around. Apparently they finally got it and finished him up - the pacemaker is visible from the outside (not in a creepy, robot kinda way) but it is an obvious raised area on his chest. The whole experience has been really interesting - asking a lot of questions about how it works, what he should do/not do. He thinks he is going to work on Wednesday and his doctor didn't have the gall to tell him otherwise I suppose....atleast the hockey team is out of town for two weeks so he doesn't have as much of an excuse.

Again, thank you for your prayers and thoughts.
I am plannig on being here through Wednesday but Mom is encouraging me to go home tomorrow (geez...getting rid of me already!). She says she knows the value of a day off work to do what you want but it would lack something without Chad being off to be with me. We'll see...

here we go.

It is 5:45 in the morning and we are all up and headed to the hospital.
Say a prayer please; cover the doctors and my dad in your prayers.
Bathe our family in your thoughts...please.

"I thank my God every time I remember you." - Phil 1:3

Sunday, November 1, 2009

safely so far.

My sister, Frannie, and I just safely arrived in Columbus, far past my bedtime. I waited in Atlanta for her to get off work, round up the cats (or attempt to atleast) and then we headed sound. I had a major headache and took some Excedrin at her house and apparently the caffeine hit me just south of Atlanta and I had to pull over because my hands were shaking so bad. I honestly thought I might pass out and we were in all this road construction with barricades inches from the sideview mirror and I was a little panicky...all is well. We traded and my sister drove my car and I rode and we was nice to hang out with her for a while and just catch up. I wasn't going to wait for them but I am glad I did...
My sister just came in and said "did something tell you to wait for us to drive? it must have."
She must not know about my angels.
Thank you for your prayers, and please, continue to pray. We will get about 5 hours of sleep then we're headed to the hospital. Dad is supposed to be there at 6 and I think we will all go too...
hopefully after a successful and easy surgery, I will be able to get some rest and some errands run around town. I'm looking forward to a few days off to get some things done (including craft projects!)

oh dear.

I am typing to you lovely folks on my old computer, the one that has a working spacebar.
So here is your story of our epic fail this morning...
The animals started going crazy around 7:30 so Chad and I finally got up about 8:30. I jumped in the shower, he went to walk the dog. I get out of the shower, come downstairs to check email and pack up the computer to go to Columbus with me. I remember that it is Sunday so there are Sunday Secrets this wasn't until I got about halfway down to the one that said something about f"ing daylight savings time that I remembered.
I could have slept another hour.
I mean, I really couldn't have even if I wanted to...I was awake and the animals were going nuts so it was time to get up. This will allow me time to do a couple of things before church this morning...I need to pack up the computer, like I said earlier. I will hopefully get some time to edit pictures while I am down in Columbus for a few days. I am stopping in Atlanta to see my sweet niece and her family and hopefully get some good pictures of all of them. I volunteered my photography servies so I hope we can get some good pictures with fall colors in them! I am sure they will need some work so I am taking my computer with me and hopefully will get some done while sitting around with the family. I also need to pack up all my stuff so I can hit the road as soon as we eat some lunch. Since I forgot about the daylight savings time, I didn't realize it would be gettting as dark as early as it will so I need to get there with plenty of time to take pictures while the light is still good! I don't mind driving down to Columbus in the dark (I've done THAT plenty of times!) so just say a prayer for safe travels but please, please pray for Dad.