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Thursday, August 20, 2009


Applause. Please.
Ok, I know, I know...doing household duties doesn't deserve applause. They just have to be done, every week and someone has to do them.
But today, that someone was me and I am rather proud of myself.
After allowing myself to sleep in until 8...I know...big whoa....I vaccumed the upstairs and the stairs themselves (netting about 4 canisters full of Gwendolen hair. I think we are going to knit a sweater for Gwen to wear this winter made out of her summer shedding hair. Gross. and kidding.) and the rug downstairs (everything else downstairs is hardwood. Thank you God. and Swiffer.) I cleaned bathrooms (3 of the 4...sorry, Megan can clean her own), rinsed dishes and started diswasher, did another load of laundry, cleaned up kitchen and took everything from our trip upstairs. I put away most of my clean/unworn clothes away and hung up everything else. All that is left is some toiletries (?sp) and towels...
I feel quite accomplished.
I've made my lunch...taken a shower and now I just have to do hair and makeup for my debut role as...
Going to work. Lame.
Speaking of making my lunch...I am on a new healthy kick. My gym/workout partner, A, has to student teach (sorta, that is what I am calling it to reduce confusion) this semester and has to be at her school at 7:15 in the morning. This means no morning workout friend so I have to hunker down and go by myself (lame#2). I finally told Chad last night that I was ready to lose some serious weight and really build up some leaner muscles so he is going to write me a workout plan and nutrition plan-ish.
But...I am going to try to do the vegetarian thing for a while.
Not really strict...I love a good hamburger but I am aware that if I don't eat red meat for a while that it might make me sick so I will just have to sacrifice. I will still eat eggs and dairy and the occasional chicken or turkey because I know I will need the protein (and I don't really plan on asking people to change plans/menus if we go to a friends house so I will just eat what I am served unless it might make me sick). In truth, the idea of having in the house and eating a variety of really good, fresh fruits and veggies is really appealing. I know that there are plenty of delish-ious (made that one up!) menu options that include no meat or atleast very little meat. I do have to be aware that I am married to a man who likes meat (I do too!) but this doesn't have to be forever...and he is super we will see how it goes. I was sorta waiting till after our vacation to get on the bus....who wants to diet on vacation? And I am a big supporter of not starving yourself or letting yourself have anything you really crave. Everything in moderation. I'll keep you updated. So far today, no meat and I already packed my lunch/dinner for work and looking forward to eating my granola bar/apple/crackers and cheese/yogurt (that tastes like a dreamscicle...who knew?).