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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

we're getting close.

It is coming up soon....2010 I mean. A new year full of new possibilities!
I am pretty excited!
What will this new year bring us?
A house or more patient waiting?
New jobs or more patient waiting?
So many possibilities and yet we patiently wait, looking forward to growth and change.
One thing I do know for sure, 2010 will bring us another wonderful year of being together, learning from each other, experiencing change (both good and bad), and just loving each other.
Oh, I am so excited!

Last night brought us hooking up the WiiFit (that is not ours - that we may or may not have "borrowed" from Chad's mom) and giggling ourselves silly over tightrope walking, hoolahooping, yoga, and pushups. Chad and I spend a couple of hours just taking turns, laughing at ourselves and each other and it was wonderful. I am actually pretty sore this morning and I am not sure whether it is from my real yoga class yesterday evening or laughing so hard at trying to do yoga in my living room while balancing on a machine that is telling me I am pretty much horrible at it.

Tomorrow night we have invited some friends over for New Year's Eve festivities...actually, Megan invited a bunch of people over. I invited two people. And I will probably be the one that cleans up the house tonight when I get off work because everyone else is working today and says they will be too busy with errands to do it tomorrow. Oh is our house and I want it to look nice no matter who is coming over. I bought some big chunky candles to add to the small bench on the front porch but I might need one or two more to make it look a little more balanced and I am also searching for a cheap glass dish to put them in so I can actually light them and not have them melt on my new/old bench! Also bought some cheap-o glass plates at Walmart ($1 each!) to put under my glass hurricanes so stay tuned for the Young House inspired table re-do after the Christmas decor comes down.

Anyway, since we have people coming over tomorrow and NO PLANS as of yet, you have any suggestions for party foods that are super easy, really quick, and cheap? I know, lots of rules here on StinkySweet. Chad is chopping some wood today for us to use in our new fire pit but that is as far as we have gotten in the planning process! Kitchen is a mess, living room needs a cleaning overhaul and a major!


Sis said...

You can't have a fire in the pit without s'mores. Get a package of Hawaiian bread rolls or two and some sliced meat and make little sandwiches with turkey or ham and cheese or chicken salad. Mozzarella sticks in buffalo sauce? There are all kinds of appetizer-y things in the freezer section of your grocery store. How about shrimp ring with cocktail sauce? I'm sure they have them pre-made in the deli.

Danielle said...

best dip ever: 1 pound of breakfast sausage cook, then add pound of velvetta cheese (melt that slowly in big pot with cooked sausage) after that is melted add a jar of your favorite salsa... heat... simmer... and delicious. and super easy.

have funnnn,