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Friday, December 25, 2009

no help.

You get a real post this time, with no help writing it, or adding to it (whether in numbers or in words.)
In all honesty, Chad is gone for the evening, spending some time with friends here in town and I am hoping for a visit with my best friend before she has to have other engagements for the evening so we are apart for a while tonight. After having a food hangover for the day, I sat down a little while ago to admire the loot but more to be thankful for all our blessings. All my family together in one house (even if just for one night!), laughter, good food, hanging out, and an early morning of blessing sharing. My sister and F had to leave early this afternoon to go spend some time with F's family and Chad and I get our second round of Christmas Sunday some time. We will stay in Columbus until tomorrow afternoon atleast but are thinking about making our trip back home tomorrow night - there might be someone sleeping in our bed though...we need to see if we should extend our stay here until Sunday. You know how you never sleep as good when you aren't in your own bed so though we love being here with my family (our family!), nothing is as good as being back in our house.
Chad and I both got more gifts than we needed or deserved...his family has a tradition of "making a list" so people get you things you actually want or need but my family is all about surprises. Both ways are fun - I know most of the things I am getting from his family but they are things I asked for so I am super excited. And the things we got from my family were all pretty much surprises so that is always fun mom got me something super cool that I mentioned here a really long time ago...if you remember this post I talked about wanting this awesome wall decor thing and I had since completely forgotten about it (with the exception of the image being saved on my desktop for me to refer to about once a week when I dream of having a home of our own). Well, I got that for Christmas from my mom. My sister suggested it and mom and dad got it for us. I am so super excited but I am not going to put it on the wall until we have a place of our own. Now all we need is a house with empty walls!!
Blessings pouring out and more to come....Merry Christmas!