The Adventures of Stinky Sweet:

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Friday, December 25, 2009

so early.

Chad and I arrived in Columbus around 10 last night...after a fairly non-eventful 4 hour drive in the rain. We continued the Sanders tradition of opening one gift on Christmas Eve (which always used to be your Christmas PJ's but now is the present of your choice63650++5566985

Ch5ad565 is standing b5y56....typing58 things on the num57ber57 57pad on the right 57side of t57he keyboard. This 9is5+25
is his own way of saying Merry Christmas

So we opened a present and got to bed about 11 last night...

And my sister got us up at 7:10 this morning.

I am sitting here typing with new overalls, mocassins from Chad, and earrings from my sister. Awesome. I will share pictures we are about to eat some breakfast and take naps (which my sister has already started on!)