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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Emily, I owe you an apology.
I should have called your real estate agent from the very beginning.
I still haven't yet but I should...
We've had a bad run here recently.
The first agent we called never called us back...
Our own agent who isn't "on top of things" to put it mildly...
another agent who left a sign up and the listing up on a property for a month after it sold, getting our hopes up (and a lot of not-needed work on the part of our contractor!).
and yet another who didn't return my calls until 2 weeks after the house we wanted went under contract.
Bad run on real estate agents here in Chattanooga.
Here's to hoping it gets easier.
A friend of my parent's called yesterday to offer the name and number of a local agent that is supposed to be great...and then the agent called soon after.
I might take her up on her offer to help...I'm desperate for a positive outcome now.
We've been looking since late last year...seriously looking since probably January.
Thinking, surely we can find something we want by April (the deadline for the tax credit on 1st time home buyers)...
And then our hopes are dashed on the rocks.
On the other hand, we like our contractor so much we are thinking about building a house instead of buying. It means we don't get the tax credit and that it will push us out around a year but we get what we want in a house.
Now we just have to find affordable land!
Anybody got a little land they want to sell?

On the bright side, two days left at HobLob!
Then 4 days off,
a sweet baby shower,
time with my folks and friends in Columbus,
and a new job next week.
Endless possibilities!