The Adventures of Stinky Sweet:

Sometimes stinky. Sometimes sweet. But it's our life - and it is always good.

Monday, March 29, 2010

postponed and awesome.

I got a call from my new boss on Friday, calling to confirm when I would be starting my new job. All along I thought I was going to start on Monday (that would be today!) but she said she talked to the people in the human resources dept. and they would rather me start on the first day of the pay period. That would be April 1st and this coming Thursday. I can't even explain how upset I was - being forced to take an additional 3 days off before starting back to work ::cough, cough::.
Ok...truth...I was not upset at all. I was really, really looking forward to starting but this gives me an opportunity to get some other things done this week that I would not have had an opportunity to get done.
So far I have finished my camera bag (why? I'll tell you in a minute!), cleaned up in the house a little bit, finished filing our taxes, given the dog a bath (she herded my sister's chickens yesterday and then proceeded to roll in their poop. awesome.) and made a CD with all of the shower pictures on it to give to Beth. Who, by the way, be jealous folks....I am going to get to see her tomorrow and take some pictures of her adorable pregnant self. She hasn't had any maternity pictures done and we made plans for me to come in two weeks to take some but she may have that sweet baby between now and then so I am going to go to see her tomorrow and take pictures! Thus the reason why I wanted to go ahead and finish my camera bag!
Left to do: run some errands, clean up the bedroom, pack for my trip tomorrow, clean out the car and vacuum from this past weekend's trip and get the car washed. It is a beautiful day and I hope I'll get it all done and can enjoy the weather a bit!