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Thursday, March 4, 2010


On a different note, did I tell you that I hate my haircut?
Oh I dislike it so!
It is too short (much shorter than I asked for).
It is pretty much all one length (bob style...what I specifically asked to NOT have).
It frames my face (adding 10 pounds that I already had there and was trying to hide!)
And when I blowdry it (which I have to do to wear it down <- which I have to do because it is too short to put it up), it looks like a pyramid.
My only saving grace? My flat iron. Which is my new best friend.


FFluker said...

If you are going to the same person who does haircuts you really like, how did you end up with one you can't stand?
I guess you know the difference in a good haircut and a bad one? About two weeks!