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Friday, March 19, 2010


I passed 500 posts with nary a mention...sorry!
It is probably because the "0" (zero) button - which is also the end parenthesis in case you have forgotten - is the button that currently doesn't want to work correctly on my computer. I have to push it about 5 times before I get an zero's or parenthesis' out of the little guy so 500 takes too long to type!
Congrats me though!
I never thought I would keep it up this long - or have so much to say - much to your chagrin I am sure!

Today is my day off for the week. Yeah, yeah...I know I just got Wednesday off but since I had to spend the day working, I also swindled my way into another day off this week. Actually, the conversation with my boss went something like this.
Paula - "Hey, I quit. Oh, and I need next Wednesday off too for a meeting."
Boss - "You can't leave?!?!? Please. No. No. No...ok, fine. But I already made next week's schedule and you are off on Friday. Do you have any personal time left?".
P- "Yes, I think I have a few hours, maybe even enough for a whole day."
Boss - "I will just let you use your personal time on Wednesday and you can still have Friday off."
P - "Bless you! You are a nice man."
Or something like that.
I also have a week of vacation time that he is going to pay me for the last week of the month, after I retire from HobLob. So I will actually be getting paid to work for HobLob and the Girl Scouts that last/first week! Yippee.

Since, I am off today, I have been busy, busy, busy getting things done/cleaned around the house. That little animal of Megan's has some bathroom outdoors aversion so I decided instead of giving him a place in the dining room to go to the bathroom and camouflage it on the rug, I was just going to take up the whole rug. Mind you, this rug is under the dining room table and 8 chairs so all of that had to be moved. I vacuumed the rug, rolled it up, and stowed it in a closet. Then cleaned the floor and moved the table and chairs back. It already looks more open in there...I also filled up more wall space with tons of art that has just been sitting in a pile. I figure they are going to have to paint when we move out of here anyway, I might as well enjoy my art on the walls before we buy a house and move. I vacuumed all the upstairs, downstairs rugs, cleaned all the hardwood floors, cleaned the kitchen, cleaned off the desk, hung my art, and all I really have left to do is put away some clothes in our bedroom. I cleaned out my side of the closet yesterday - after spending an indecent amount of money on Monday buying new office clothes (I got a ton of stuff though including my navy blue suit that I have to have for my new job!), I decided that I needed to make room for the new in the closet. I gave about 20 things to Goodwill on my way to work yesterday, along with a bag of stuff that had just been sitting around. I got a tax receipt this time - hopefully this coming year with a house purchase, more charitable giving, and a different job we might actually get a tax refund instead of having to pay like we did this year. I am trying to ensure that by keeping up with everything we donate/give away.

I am sitting here listening to the gentle hum of our solar attic fan pumping out the warm air that is filling the attic - meaning that it is sunny and warm enough that it needed to turn on for the first time in who knows how many months! I think I will finish my jobs and take Gwendolen to the park or maybe for a long walk before I shower. Dinner with the in-laws tonight, working closing shift again tomorrow. 4 days left at HL!


Danielle said...

how exciting! everything sounds soooo fan-tabulous! i must ask. where did the navy suit come from? ive been suit shopping- but ended up with just slacks and a nice shirt instead. alllsoooo. any way to see pics of the possible houses? id love to see!! wishing you lots of luck on everything!! :)

FFluker said...

just reading about your day... hope you got out in the sunshine, instead of a full day of housework...