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Saturday, March 27, 2010


Today is a day of sweet friends, good news, and great blessings.

Beth's shower was an awesome success - she had wonderful people show up and literally "shower" her with blessings in the form of gifts for her little one. She has been still have some contractions so hopefully he can hold off a few more weeks before he decides to make his entrance. She is healthy and happy so I think he will be too!

I just found out that my friend Dani got into graduate school at Duke - where her husband is in seminary. What a blessing! She is so excited and they will be lucky to have such a hard-working, smart, sweet student!

I also just discovered (thank you Facebook!) that I became a great aunt for the 6th time a fwe minutes ago! My niece Erin had her baby today - haven't heard anything really but yea for babies!

Chad got to spend some time with old friends today...I got to spend some time hanging out with sweet girlfriends today. Time that I think we both needed to just reconnect, catch up, laugh, tell stories, and be with those we love.
What a sweet weekend - a great way to end one chapter of my life before I start another!


Dad Bill said...

Glad you had such a great trip to see friends and family. Just know, you and Chad are missed, when the both of you are gone for even a couple of days.