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Monday, March 8, 2010

can't wait!

I only have to work one day before I get to see my mom and my sister!
They will be here late tonight after my Sis gets off work and then will hang out with me until probably dinner time tomorrow night. We have our appointment to blow our own glass ornaments (I have my 2nd interview at 1pm!!) and hopefully our real estate agent will be able to show us the two houses that top the list. She hasn't been feeling well so I emailed her and asked if she felt better, could she maybe show us those two so I can get an opinion from my mom and sister.
Everything I planned on getting done this weekend pretty much got finished - with the exception of cleaning out my car which got about half done as I watched the Oscar's last night (those were pleasantly short commercial breaks!) and finishing cleaning up our bedroom. I folded and put away a bunch of clothes yesterday so I just need to clean off the 2 chairs in our room (which stay that way for about 6 hours once it gets done) and it will be done!
Beth's baby shower invites are going in the mail today - I think they are really cute! I will show you a picture as soon as people start getting them in the mail.
And for the sake of pure honesty here, I would like to report that I just busted my lip on the edge of the desk. Yep. I'm super clumsy this morning. Don't ask me how that just happened but I was trying to take something from the cat and I guess I was looking at her instead of where my face was located and now I have a fat lip (and it hurts so bad I thought I broke a tooth...that is how hard I hit my mouth). Awesome. "Hi, My name is Paula. I would like to work for you. And no, I don't normally have an huge lower lip". Cool.