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Sunday, March 7, 2010

good things.

After a nice date last night, where we got to talk about a lot of stuff and I got to hear nice encouragement from my husband, we came home and watched The Visitor. (a random Netflix pick that turned out to be both sad and sweet). Our date was so was the first of the Great Date Experiment that we have been able to actually fit into our busy schedules so it was January's date in March. Now we are only two behind! Chad didn't seem quite as "into" it as I was and didn't really want to play along with all of their instructions but did about half of it and it was good to hear some of his answers and thoughts. I still suggest is...especially if your spouse is a little more into make a fool of himself than mine is!
We have gotten a ton of stuff done today...Chad swept the hardwood floors downstairs and put away all the clean dishes and cleaned off the counters. He is now working in the attic with his dad to put some more plywood down to give a little more storage space. We have a huge attic here but none of it was really finished out so they are doing that to make the space a bit more useful. Since we installed the solar powered attic fan last summer, it stays cooler up there and it is safe to put more things in the attic for storage.
I have cleaned the bathrooms, addressed and stamped the baby shower invites to mail out tomorrow, vacuumed the downstairs living room and the stairs (and literally broke a sweat on that one...lugging that thing up and down the stairs is a great workout!). Now I have to fold a couple loads of laundry and vacuum (that is a really funny word when you really type it out) in the bedroom and we will be done. Dinner plans with the family and possibly Avatar in 3D to see what all the Oscar hype is all about.


Francina said...

Who is having a baby?

dani-mac snider said...

how random is it that the visitor is so our next netflix movie coming tomorrow!!