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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

here's lookin'.

Yes, here's lookin' at you kid.
Well, technically it is you looking at me.
And you are really just looking at my blog.
But you are looking at the blog of the newest employee of the Girl Scouts of the Southern Appalachias.
thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.
I felt comfortable and covered in your love.

My offical job title is Membership Manager. I will be in charge of an area of our council - increasing membership in that area and assisting the leaders as they need help with unit meeting and troop meetings. I have my own office and share an assistant with a couple other girls. Ha..hilarious. They gave me an office and an assistant. And I will make enough money that we can buy any of the houses that currently top our list.
God is so good!

I handed my boss my letter of resignation today and before he even opened it he said "This better not be a letter of resignation". I sort of nodded and apologized but he said that he was sad to see me go and they were lucky to have me.
I think so too!


dani-mac snider said...

OH MY GOSHHHHHH!!!!!!!!! THATS FREAKING AMAZZZZINNNGGG!!! you have an assistant. and an office. shut the f up. yes. i just said that. you are amazinnnnng. God is awesome. woohooo!

Erin said...

CONGRATS! I have never had an office or an assistant so I would definitely say you are movin' on up. :)