The Adventures of Stinky Sweet:

Sometimes stinky. Sometimes sweet. But it's our life - and it is always good.

Monday, March 29, 2010

should. and can.

I should be sleeping right now but I'm not.
Not unusual.
Instead I am sitting here, telling you this story.
My mom sent me an email this morning and reminded me of something that is so quickly forgotten - people are more important than things and your "to do" list.
So true.
Instead of finishing up my 8 crafts projects and 4 loads of laundry and cleaning our bedroom tomorrow, I am going to spend the day (and maybe the night) with Beth. If I wait 2 weeks to get there, spend some time with her, and take pictures of her cute pregnant belly, I might have waited too long! This might be my last opportunity to hang out with her - no baby - for years.
And those dishes can wait.
My sweet friend is too important for that.
So instead of sleeping, I am downloading the directions to her house, packing up all my art stuff (painting and jewelry stuff mostly - I think we will make some baby room art!!), getting my camera gear together, and getting us a picnic lunch planned and put together. I am taking plenty of stuff for us to do together - manicures and pedicures, art stuff, cool magazines bought today at Target - all to entertain ourselves as we lay low and she relaxes, trying to get that babe to hang on just a few more weeks.
I am so excited about hanging out with her, even if only for a day.
I feel a little guilty - tomorrow is Chad's birthday - but he told me to go so I have to believe that he is OK with it. He isn't all that into birthdays anyway...and we have plans Wednesday night with his parents and some other family. I try to make birthdays a big deal and then just get in trouble so I will just wish him off sweetly in the morning and call him at night - he knows I love him every day.