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Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Be still my beating heart.
My meeting/interview was canceled because of the snow.
Postponed until next Tuesday.
I have to wait another week to hear something, meet people, possibly have answers.
She says she thinks I am a "great fit" for the job but I have to pass inspection of all these other people that I will be working with.
And now I have a week to be nervous about it.

I even rearranged my work schedule last minute yesterday to be able to go...
I am starting to really dislike this snow business.
It was fun the first time around.
Not so much now that it is causing me this much stress.
And if it really keeps it up like it is, I may not be able to get to work.
Or get home later.
I don't like to drive in this mess!


FFluker said...

All those recruits know you are still in a holding pattern... we continue to keep you lifted up :)