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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

harder. softer.

My mom and sister were up yesterday...they came to see me but really they came to cash in their Christmas gift certificates to blow their own glass ornaments.
We had a great time tooling around town yesterday...I took them by the houses we are interested in and let them walk around so I could get their opinion.
Their favorite is my favorite too...
Then I had my interview (more on that later) then we went to the glass studio then I made dinner then they went home.
How was that for a shortened version?
Anyway...I did take some pictures and now I will share!
The first thing you have to do is choose what color you want your final glass ornament (lovingly referred to as "ball" from here on out).
Then the glass man gets a wad (technical term) of glass out of the super fiery furnace (think Daniel and his friends)...

Then he rolls his fiery wad in crushed up colored pieces.
These were the coolest...and made for my favorite pictures of the day.
Then there is some reheating, some blowing (I won't embarrass anyone, including myself, with those pictures), some more blowing, some "harder", "softer", "stop!" instructions, and then you have this...

This one is my sister's ball. She picked cobalt blue and jade green for her colors...she does love cobalt blue glass!

The colors are really starting to show here...
when it is really hot still, all the colors sorta look the same.

This one is mine, getting it's little hanger on top. When it cools, mine will be bright orange, red, and yellow. I wanted blue too but since we already did a blue one, I went with these so we could see something diferent.

This is one of the containers of the crushed glass. I took a bunch of pictures of these and they are so neat I think I might get them blown up and framed!
I was so thrilled to see my mom and sis. I miss them so much and don't get to see them nearly enough. My mom even did the dishes after dinner - she is so awesome.
I did cook and she understands about "the deal" - if you are the cook, you shouldn't have to clean (though that never happens in her house I am quite sure!).
I made PW's Chicken Piccata (which she had on her website yesterday) - it is a pasta dish with a creamy (unhealthy but wonderful!!) lemony sauce.
It was yummy.
What a great day!


BParrish said...

And what did your sister, the chef, think of PW's recipe? Nothing personal, but I LOVE the colors in the blue one also. If I ever get to head your way, take me there too!!!!

PSIrwin said...

i think the chef really liked it...she confided in me about halfway through cooking that lemon cream sauces are her favorite so i guess i made a good pick.
and I would love to take you! i would totally do it again!