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Thursday, March 11, 2010


There are times when I could really just do major bodily harm to my cat.
Ok, I never, ever would because I am crazy about her and she is cute, cute, cute but this morning was one of those times when I was reconsidering her adoption and thinking of sending her to live with her Aunt for a while.
I went to the glass studio yesterday morning before work to pick up our new glass balls. They had to cool overnight but I was so curious I left home in time to drive all the way downtown to get them before work. They gave them to me wrapped in bubblewrap and in gift bags with tissue. It felt like Christmas all over again! Merry Christmas! When I got home, I left my sister's in the car (smart move apparently) since I will be passing through soon and can just drop it off. I brought mine in the house to show Chad and decide where to hang it. He unwrapped it, told me it was cool, put it back in the bubblewrap, in the bag, and we went to bed.
Wooby did not go to bed.
I think she stayed up all night and created havoc in our house. Things are off tables, keys are off the front table, weird stuff is out of place.
And I woke up this morning to her tearing up and down the stairs, all over the house, with he bag from my glass ball stuck around her neck.
Of course, I didn't know this at the time. I was in bed.
Chad came in to inform me that she is ok, but it was the bag from my glass ornament that she had been playing in and apparently it had attacked her. She was obviously freaked out.
And then he laid my glass ball on the bed beside me.
He said he found it on the stairs.
It appears to have not suffered too much. Maybe it didn't come out of the bubble wrap until it was safely on the carpet (the entire downstairs is hardwood floors).
But if that cat had broken my brand-spankin'-new hard earned glass ornament - I would have killed her myself.
Moral of the story: Lock the cat in the bathroom at night.


jlindsey said...

hey, that's where we keep ours...who knew we were on to something???