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Thursday, March 4, 2010

my thoughts.

If you are already thinking that I am a little weird, you should just skip today's post all together.
But please come back tomorrow...I will be less weird then.
I will be back to my usual weird.

I told you a while ago about my friend J at work who I thought was really the reason I am at Hobby Lobby. I have to believe that God works in ways like that - that He controls the details of our lives to the point that even the small things are important. I know that He is big enough to do that. I so struggled with why I was working at HL...feeling like I wasn't making a difference, feeling like the 8 hours I spend there every day doesn't really mean anything to anyone. But I know, I have to believe, that I was and still am there for a reason. And after a lot of consideration, I still believe that it was to make a positive impact on this one person. I hope that I have made an impact on other people as well but I feel like knowing him and impacting his life was my most important action.

And I told this to J last night as breezed through the frame shop while I was working. His life has changed drastically and no thanks to me, or even me alone. He has been surrounded by and lifted up by quite a few people in the recent months. An old teacher who has taken time to care and share her faith, a compete stranger at Starbucks, and a friend at HL who cares about him (that would be me!). He said "I have never been better"..."I am in the best place now."
Going from suicidal thoughts and being chased by generational demons to joining us at church on Sunday and being filled with the Holy Spirit and a beautiful sense of what community is really all about.
I almost cried last night talking to him - knowing that God has worked "behind the scenes" in ways that completely blow my mind. Healing a heart that the world would have just written off as permanently broken. He left, promising to tell me the rest of his story when we eat lunch after church on Sunday, and I just cried out to my Father.
How can you not praise a God who can still heal, who is still relevant to a hurting world?

I think I have served my purpose now...I know that it is OK for me to move on and I am very comfortable doing so. I no longer feel like I still have something to fulfill there.

I believe in a BIG God...a God that is big enough to care about the little stuff like where a girl living in Chattanooga works so that she can be a small part of changing the life of another Child.


FFluker said...

I've been reading this, and love the idea that you have a sense of having been in a place for a purpose. Hope the co-worker is doing well, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually?