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Sunday, January 10, 2010


On a completely unrelated note (so it gets its own post), I am going to try my hand at watercolor painting. My mom is a fabulous artist (I know, she will be embarrassed that I told you...sorry Mom) but she is great! She has a really creative mind and I am pretty sure her hands can do things that mine will never be able to do. I have really fond memories of sitting in the hall of the Fine Arts Hall at Columbus College (now Columbus State University, where I also graduated from!) doing my homework while she went to class for her Master's degree. Go Mom! Raising kids and getting a Masters - you did it all!
I don't think I really got the creative genes too much. Maybe my sister - the chef - got them all. Cooking is creative! Her house is always so cute too - a perfect blend of patterns, textures and colors. Ooo...her colors! I love! My dream house (the one we want to buy by April!) is full of neutrals in my head. But I am going to have really cool art on my walls! (so maybe neutral walls are best - there is always an upside!)
Sorry...side notes aside...I am going to try some watercolor painting. I have a friend at work who is an amazing photographer (and gave me some pretty awesome pictures for Christmas of giant daisies she took when she lived in Alaska) and apparently a pretty decent painter. I told her I was going to try it and she was horrified that I was going to use the cheap-o palette of hard little round watercolors. She made me go to HL on my day off yesterday so she could "loan" me some paints. She gave me a nice plastic palette, each little hole filled and labeled with the color. She also drew a color wheel on the bottom of which colors I should NOT mix together. What an awesome friend! She told me that if I used cheap paint that I would not like the result because it wouldn't look as good and then I would think that I wasn't any good and I wouldn't keep trying (all probably true!).
So here I go...I am going to try my hand this afternoon while we are hanging out at home and I will let you know about that one too!


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Somebody is getting pretty lax about their blogging...