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Friday, January 1, 2010


Last night was a huge success....the ten people that Megan invited to come did -not- in fact come and the two people I invited weren't able to come because of other invitations they had to follow through on. So, the two people that did come were a blast! It was actually really nice - I am not complaining one bit about only having two extra people in my house last night - people that we all know and enjoy hanging out with!
And the best part of all? There are still doughnuts, cheesy dip, pizza, and brownies for breakfast!
And the second best part of all? My house isn't wrecked like it could have been after 15 people destroyed it! Woohoo...
And the third best part? I am home to enjoy it today...with Chad, who also has the day off. I couldn't be more excited!

After staying in bed until almost 9 (and nice rarity for us...although I did get up about 4 times to deal with things the cat was climbing/eating/playing with/destroying/climbing/climbing), it was super nice to just stay in bed knowing I don't have to be anywhere at any particular time! Chad and I have some errands to run (his mom is making him go buy a suit...he doesn't own one and she thinks it is past time...and he is going to look sooooo good - so I support the decision) and then just general hanging out!

Happy New Year! I hope this year is full of God's blessings poured out in your lives!


Francina said...

Happy New Year!