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Saturday, January 2, 2010


Well yesterday was nice...nicer than I expected. Chad and I didn't do one bit of housecleaning to recover from our New Year's Eve fun and the dishes that got left in the sink by someone else will probably still be there when that someone gets back from a trip to see some friends on Sunday. We did, however, get a lot of other errands run. Walmart to buy a couple more storage boxes for Christmas stuff (my Christmas decor at least doubled this year...some in thanks to me but mostly in thanks to my mom cleaning our her attic and passing it along!) We also had to get a few more Christmas cards printed because we keep thinking of people we forgot to send them to and we figure it is a "better late than never" sorta situation! We also...drumroll please....went to Joseph A. Banks and bought Chad suits. I doesn't seem like that big a deal but he doesn't own one, didn't wear one in our wedding, and hasn't truly had a need for one at this point in his life. He has enough dressy clothes to get by but has been avoiding the suit-store like the plague for the last 26 years so his mom called and said they were having a great sale (buy one get TWO free!) and we went! He got threeeeeee suits...I am pretty excited. Now they just need to come in, get tailored, and he can take me on a fancy date (if we liked fancy dates that is! oh well...) We saw a movie with his parents last night and then drove past a few houses we had looked at earlier in the day. There are a couple that we think we are interested in seeing and we wanted to see how the neighborhood looked at night/what was going on. Admittedly, it was about 28 degrees outside so any sort of unpleasant activity was probably on the limited side. The crime rate goes up in the summer right?

Anyway, headed to the HL today...I keep thinking it is Sunday and I don't have to go so the 8 hours there today will probably seem longer than usual.


FFluker said...

We will probably not recognize him wearing such finery. Will he wear a black shirt, white tie put on his shades at night, and look like a mafia-guy?