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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

so much done.

I got so much done yesterday around the house while I was home alone for hours. I even skipped yoga last night to hang out with Chad and make the Pioneer Woman's Cowboy Calzones and baked mac and cheese for dinner. I felt like a major success even if no one else really noticed...(Chad did like the food. I can usually count on him for that.
I cleaned off the dining room table/my craft area for atleast a few days while I have company this weekend. I cleaned up the kitchen counters, recycyled/did away with stuff we don't need that has just been sitting around for forever...I cleaned up the living room and desk in there...
all that is left for the girls to come is bathrooms and sheets and a good vaccuming around the house, all of which I can do Friday before they arrive. I only have to work one more day this week before they get here and that is simply multiplying my excitment....days off work are the best! Days off work with your three best friends are such a blessing that I can not even describe...I am literally tearing up here.
Anyway...I also made new covers for the pillows on my antique garden bench outside and gave the wall a revamp. I think I spent $12 yesterday for fabric, ribbon, an "I" initial which I painted, and a grapevine wreath. So a $12 front porch redo!
The pillows are a much more modern fabric than what I would have usually chosen but for some reason I just could not resist the turquoise and brown combo. They had it in black and white too but I just loved the bright colors against the dark bench. Besides, turquoise is supposedly the Pantone color of the year!
I painted the "I" to try to match the brighter turquoise (it came white) and got as close as I could mixing colors in the dining room! I just drilled a hole and ran some ribbon through it to hang it from the wreath.

The finished product! I love it! The candles I bought a few weeks ago when the Christmas stuff was still up so it doesn't count towards the total redo price! I love my front porch now...just please don't look at the other side that has bright yellow patio furniture! :)


FFluker said...

the front entry/porch area looks really cute and fresh... I like the "I" in the wreath, and pillows add bright color.
Need more info. about the Cowboy Calzones...???