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Monday, January 25, 2010


I have now spent a little time digesting the houses we saw yesterday and I am ready for a very brief run-through...we only saw about three houses that were on our list and only were able to go into two of them. One had just been bought but will probably be fixed and resold again so our agent is going to do some research. We went in a house that was very solidly not on our list, mostly due to being about 3 times as much as we are able to spend. We were just driving by and our agent decided to go inside. It was brand new....huge...and very modern. Three things we aren't really interested in at the moment. Oh, and over $300,000. Awesome. However, it did have some really cool glass mosaic work in the bathrooms and kitchen and a coffee pot in the wall of the master bathroom. Admittedly, if I drank more coffee, that would be pretty cool! It was interesting just to see it and get some ideas of what other people are doing.
We actually saw one that was in our price range that we might be interested that is good news. We were able to mark a couple off the list too and even more off the list that the agent showed us (I think she knows what we are looking for a little better now...). My favorite (from the outside!) will probably find itself off the list as well. Sad but I am pretty sure it is not "The One".
Going to dry my hair and head to work...Chad will be out of town from Tuesday to Friday of this week and I already miss him (even though he will be home tonight!). I don't like it when he leaves but maybe it means I will get a lot of stuff done while he is gone...painting and project finishing, gym going, yoga classing, healthy eating,!