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Thursday, January 7, 2010

not snow fun.

Get it...not snow fun...because it wasn't so fun.
It started snowing about 10 this morning when I was still at home so I carefully drove to work, expecting a light dusting and not much more. Well, it kept snowing and snowing and snowing - but didn't get all that cold. So, people stayed home. They quit shopping and we struggled to entertain ourselves for the last two hours. The roads kept getting worse and worse - we wanted to close early but no one could really make that call. So we stayed...and the roads were icy.
I got home fairly easily - most of the roads were still pretty clear.
Until I got to the road right before ours...I started down the hill at a crawl and just started sliding...yep, slid all the way down the hill to the bottom very slowly - so slow I could make complete thoughts and try to decide what to do. I have absolutely no experience driving on icy roads - none. So I sorta just ended up perpendicular to the road with the front half of my car off the road. My biggest concern was that another car was going to come over the hill and slide down into me so I put emergency brake on, ran up the hill, and called Chad to come help me. He walked up the hill (literally like 1/8th of a mile) and we were going to come around the block the other way. No luck there either - both sides of the block are completely iced over. Needless to say, I didn't drive home. We parked my car at the hospital (just about a 1/4 mile away) and walked home so I won't have to drive up the icy roads to get out and go to work in the morning, when the roads are even worse after it is freezing for 8 hours. No damage to the car, by the way. I gently slid into the grass but now I am concerned about getting back out to work tomorrow!


S & D said...

yikeeess!! i understand the feeling though. during last years 6 inches of snow here- and iced roads... i had to pull my car over off the road (bc i was sliding down the hill- when i needed to go UP the hill). anyway. lucky you were soooo close!! i had to walk 2 miles!! haha... good stories for later in life. glad you safe though!!

FFluker said...

glad it was so close to being a 'non-event' and you got safely home with no damage to your person or vehicle.