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Sunday, January 10, 2010

great date experiment.

Chad and I did not make it on our date last night but we did make it to the party. I guess it can be considered a date because the two of us went together without anyone else but since we didn't exactly get any quiet one-on-one time to just hang out, I wouldn't consider it a bonding event.
BUT...fear not...there is a solution.
There is an organization here in Chattanooga called First Things First. They are really well organized and advertised...I don't know what you would call them...counseling service? Life advice group? Who knows...they offer all kinds of classes, seminars, advice on their website, etc. They do classes for high schoolers who are going to prom to offer advice on what to expect, they do marriage seminars for both healthy and struggling marriages, they do "new dad" classes...all kinds of things - based on a Christian perspective - to help the community grow and have happier, healthier lives. I discovered them last year when Chad bought me tulips on V-day. They sold flowers as a fundraiser and so it was nice to know I had beautiful flowers and he chose to support a nice, local, Christian organization. All that to say - they are running a new campaign called the Big 6 Great DatExperiment. It is designed for married couples to help encourage them to go on meaningful dates by offering a little guidance and advice throughout the evening. I am by no means saying that our marriage is struggling but we do fall into that "what do you want to do? I don't know...what do you want to do?" trap as often as the next couple. So, once a month for the next 6 months they will offer a new date with new suggestions for things to do, conversation starters, questions to ask, and challenges for both the man and the woman. I will confess that I read through the entire first date (and you are supposed to only read step #1 until you do step #1) and I am pretty excited about it! I think that Chad and I are going to try to go on our date tonight...
so our plan for the this morning, a stop by a little local art show that I think is happening but may have been last week!, hanging out at the house and getting some laundry done this afternoon, and then heading out tonight for our date tonight. I will let you know how it goes...