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Friday, January 22, 2010

counting down!

Oh my...I am so excited about this weekend!
I still have so much to do but the excitement is getting me through at the moment!
I have already been to the dentist this store and started a batch of P-Dub's Cinnamon rolls...I haven't made them before and I thought it would be a good thing to have over the weekend for breakfasts and snacks (ok, 3 meals a day, I'll admit it!)
I need to clean bathrooms, change sheets, clean up our bedroom, vacuum downstairs, and clean up the kitchen (including two loads of does that happen!?!?)
Wish me luck on getting it all done.
Update of the upstairs: B and S were here last night and they put the office/small guest room back together so someone can sleep on the pull out couch. Awesome! They came through for me on that one and I am soooo thankful. Now, Megan has stuff covering two bedrooms, hers and Jays, and I am going to need one of those for my friends to sleep in so I am hoping we can get that stuff squared away by 4-ish! Other than that, the repairs look great. We have had plenty of rain the past few days to test the roof repairs and they seem to be working great and now that the inside is repainted and re-carpeted it looks brand new!