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Monday, January 4, 2010

thirsty soul.

I read it on her blog...and was reminded of Monday's gratefulness.

The Psalmist said that my thirsty soul is filled with what is good.
And it is.
Tonight, sitting here in my warm house, with my sweet husband, and full of the love of a Father,
my soul is filled with what is good.


danielle said...

dear paula.
did i mention what the journal i got you for xmas was for? i dont think so. i meant to tell you i got it so you could start journaling your "thanks". sorry i didn't clarify that. anyway. happy blog. thanks. :) loveee you

FFluker said...

I just read the page you sent me too. That was so sweet, right here in the CCC week of prayer, I sit at the keyboard with tears of gladness. Thanks for sharing. And Thanks for being YOU.
I was looking at an old calendar yesterday when I wanted to be sure I had birthdays posted on the new one you made me for 2010, and saw a note I had made in April 'Paula back from India', and the next square/day said 'Paula really gets back'.