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Wednesday, January 20, 2010

is it too much?

This post is simply to warn you to hold your horses...a change is coming! I am going to change my layout and background as soon as I can remember how! I haven't ever changed it since the beginning and it is far past time. So, don't think you found the wrong blog - it will still be me just messed up for a few days! I am so tired of the pink and the heart....although I should wait till after V-Day...sorry, I can't. It is way, way, past time...Dani - wanna help? Yours is always so cute!!

Is three posts in one day too much? I have the available time while I am literally sitting here with my lunch packed and my gym bag by the door - waiting for the construction workers to show up with new carpets for the closets upstairs. Hopefully they will be finishing today and we can put our guest rooms back together!


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