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Sunday, January 24, 2010

the hunt.

The hunt is officially on...our house hunting with an agent started this afternoon when we got out of church. I don't really even know what to say about it - I am slightly overwhelmed. I sorta just want to put some houses on a wheel, spin it, and buy the one it lands on Wheel-of-Fortune style. The information overload has already started and we only looked at like 4 houses. We saw some others that we might look at later but we were also able to rule out atleast one that was on our list (one that I am a little sad about marking off the was super cute just not for us I think).
So anyway, we started...and I'm not sure what to even say.


Francina said...

Hope you had fun with all your besties this weekend.

Have you thought about house hunting in Decatur?

dani-mac-snider said...

say... HOLY COW HOW FREAKING EXCITING!!!! just the idea of me and ry hopefully having a house in TWO years excites me... i can't imagine looking now! wooohooo