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Thursday, January 14, 2010


My apologies to the one of you who actually reads the blog enough to notice that I had been absent a few days...I guess I have just been busy!
I have been painting, doing laundry, and making dinner....going to work, lovin' on my sweetie, staying up too late, getting up too early...going to work...oh yeah, I mentioned that already.
Oh well...I will try to start a fresh slate.
I am off tomorrow - lots of laundry to fold, house to attempt to organize, painting to do, dr.'s appt. in the AM for the the continuing headaches - is it really considered a day off when you have this much to do? I plan on sleeping in - until about 8 when the men who are fixing the roof and replacing wet drywall and plywood in the walls show up to start working. I think it would be most appropriate for me to NOT be in my pj's while they are here. I don't mind getting up though - plenty to be done and a good excuse to start the day!
Please say a prayer for my dr's appt. I am making my third request to please, please, please try to get to the bottom of this instead of just prescribing me something else to take. Let's hope it works....

Excuse me while I go rescue yet another makeup brush that the cat has pilfered from my bag in the bathroom....straws and makeup brushes. Those are her two favorite things.


Anonymous said...

There are more than one of us.

Music Box said...

At least your cat doesn't drag your under clothing into the litter box. :)When my Phillip was alive, he'd drag my room mates bras and underware into his litter box and step on them. I had the feeling he didn't like her very much! Lol. But he ate our make up brushes too. :P