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Monday, May 3, 2010

walk the line.

No, sorry, not Mr. Cash style.
But close.
I have discovered that there is a very, very fine line between being environmentally friendly or aware and being crazy.
We try to conserve our electricity - when we truly don't need it - by keeping the windows open and the fans going. It works really well most of the time - at least it has been. We've been blessed with warm days and cool nights and they have been lovely.
Last night was not one of those night.
We tiptoed that line of crazy all night long. It was so hot and humid that I went and slept in another bed - couldn't stand the warm body next to me being so near!
I guess when you don't sleep because you are sweating so much you are either living in India or Chattanooga in May.
I think that it just might be time to turn on the air conditioner.
Or pray for cooler weather.
Because I almost lost my mind.
And I surely lost some sleep!
And now I am eating ice cream for breakfast trying to cool off.

On a much more serious note, one of the ladies in our office lost her husband this week. He passed away over the weekend after a long series of health problems. Our office is closing this afternoon so we can all go to the funeral. Please pray for her as she tries to navigate this time in her life.


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