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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

parte dos.

I forgot this part before I posted the last one...
Chad is finishing up teaching a lifeguarding class tonight. Hopefully the weather holds and they get completely done and he can focus on other things.
Like hanging out with me.
I have one more school to visit and I am done with spring recruitment.
And I will be able to hang out at night with him for the summer.
And then I hit the road running in the fall - recruiting at my 47 schools (yes, that equals 47 morning visits with the girls and 47 evenings out at parent nights).
Not to mention that I get a whole week off in July to hang out - heading to Columbus to see my parents and their virtually new house and then road trippin' with my mom - and maybe dad if we can convince him that we might be fun - (super stoked!!).
But anyway, tonight Chad is at lifeguarding.
Tomorrow night we actually get to hang out.
Thursday night I have my parent night.
and then the weekend.
The blessed weekend.
Is it bad that it is Tuesday and I am already living for the weekend?