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Friday, May 28, 2010

down to none.

Today is the day!
I am super, de-duper-de excited.
I will commence posting picture after picture in the next few days.
Give us a chance to get things going...
Signing the paperwork at 12:30 and then it is all ours!

We already went to Home Depot this morning and bought new locks for all the doors so we can move our stuff in safely. We even got one for the front door that has the buttons on it (thrills my little soul...). I mean, I love, love technology but I thought it would be nice if we go out of town and someone needs to feed the animals, or if we have company coming before we get off work. We don't have to leave a key not-so-sneakily hidden under a rock - instead we can just give them a code (or even assign them their own code! It holds 16 different ones!!).

I am happy.
And looking forward to a weekend of working hard to get it like we want it.