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Tuesday, May 4, 2010


It is going to be a really long day but I am looking forward to it. A normal work day of 9-5:30 is expected - except that I have to leave a few minutes early to go across town to a dinner for one of my service units. It is their annual volunteer appreciation dinner and since it is a free meal, most of them show up! I hope I will get to meet quite a few of my troop leaders, cookie moms, product sales managers, etc. It is always nice to finally put names with faces.
I also have a lunch date today with a girl I worked with at HobLob. She called me not long ago and told me that she had been thinking about India a lot and wanted to talk to me about it. Come on! I love an opportunity to talk about it! I told her that I would be more than willing to talk to her, tell her my stories, make some suggestions. I still know people who are working in an orphanage and with another non-profit so I am going to hopefully connect her with them and let her make some decisions. India is awesome - it will change you.
I am always torn between thinking that my experiences there made my world bigger and that it made my world smaller. It made my world bigger in that I went across the world, had amazing experiences, saw amazing and terrifying things, and I learned of God's heart for lost and hurting people. But in other ways, it shrank my world down. I realized that those people are just like the people that live next door to me - they need Jesus because our entire world is hurting, not just because India is hurting. There are people in India who love and people there who hate. There are people there who teach, dance, grow, laugh, and cry. And they are just like me.