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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

new team. make suggestions!

The parents came and went and it was good.
It was so nice to have them here for 18 or so hours.
I missed them and to have them in my house, talking, hanging out, burning hamburgers - ah, it was grand.

Spent the day in a training class - had some great ideas tossed about - now if we can put them into action we will rock out with recruiting, retaining, and just generally keeping our Girl Scouts happy. Hopefully all of our good ideas will come to pass!
I am also on a new team at work called the "culture of wellness". It is a group of people, including myself, who have decided that health and wellness is key to both doing our jobs, having stamina, and setting a good example for other employees and Girl Scouts in general (not to mention that it will lower our insurance premiums!!). We want to create a "culture" in our offices that encourages the employees to desire to be healthy (notice we did not say "skinny" and we aren't seeing who can lose the most weight). We want employees and co-workers with healthy minds, bodies, and spirits. We are suggesting all kinds of things - health and wellness weekends at camp with yoga teachers, healthy cooking classes, hikes, and skin care classes - to creating an exercise space in an unused office. If you have any suggestions about how your company does this or what you would want to see your company do, let me know! We are looking for all kinds of input - including if you know someone who might want to give of their time to teach a class, lead a hike, do a facial, etc. Healthy employees are, in theory, happier, more productive people. And that is what we want.