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Friday, May 14, 2010

one of our own.

We are having a little countdown of our own around here...officially two weeks until we close on the house.
And begin to move in.
Our plan is to move the bed last - mostly so we have some place to sleep up until the very end.
But Chad proposed last night that we bring out the sleeping bags the first night and sleep in a totally empty house. It will never look like that again so we might as well.
As soon as we get the locks changed.
Minor detail.
I haven't packed one box. Nothing. Not. One. Thing.
I mean, I realize that there is no rush but there sort of is - the townhouse will have a new resident as soon as we can get our stuff out. And it will be Memorial Day weekend - giving us an extra day off so we are going to do everything we can that weekend.
I thought about going to Columbus and checking out my parents mostly-new/remodeled-so-nicely-that-they-don't-want-to-move-now house but mom convinced me to stay home and start packing this weekend. I think I will start with books and art - wrapping stuff in t-shirts that have to go anyway.
Anyone local have boxes they want to donate or know where we can find some good ones? (Yes mom, I will ask BiLo about the apple boxes).


Danielle said...

liquor stores. they have the best boxes.

BParrish said...

I second the liquor store comment, especially for your dishes and glassware. Check out Craigslist--sometimes people give away their moving boxes when they are done with them. If you belong to a Freecycle yahoo group in your area you will usually see someone offer moving boxes on that list too. And Wallyworld has them but you have to catch them before they break them down and get rid of them.

PSIrwin said...

well, your advice was great. I only got about 5 from liquor stores but i am headed up the mtn. to get a bunch from a guy off craigslist!