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Friday, May 21, 2010

inching closer.

One week from today we will be headed, not to work, but to sign the papers for our house.
I can't wait.
I am nervous - not about buying the house. I am very confident in that decision.
I am absolutely freaking out about the actual act of moving. The literal moving of our stuff.
I sorta like to do things my way (did you know that about me? oh. surprise!). and the idea of people just coming in to help us (don't think I don't appreciate it! we need all the help we can get!) and touching all our stuff and putting it where ever they want it instead of where ever I want it...I am getting a little nauseous just thinking about it.
I am sort of one of those people who has a mental picture of how things are going to go - a perfect picture in my head of how things will look, how they will work, how the plans will go.
And when they go askew I get frustrated so easily.
It's a fault. I know.


BParrish said...

I have moved almost 30 times so am somewhat of an expert. I make sure that things from the same room are put in a box together. Label what room you want it to go to and a brief description of what's in the box. We also packed a suitcase just as if we were going on a trip with toiletries included. That way when you get there you have everything you need all together to survive. If you have furniture that needs to be taken apart and may have hardware to be moved, put all the screws/bolts in a ziplock back and tape it to the furniture with packing tape. Get a large box and put all the bedding for each bed all together, including pillows, comforter, sheets and mark which bedroom it goes to. Make sure you put all your towels and washclothes together and mark them clearly when you move so at least you can take a shower and dry off! If possible, I usually packed up and moved my kitchen the day before (if moving in the same town) and unpacked and set everything up. That way the kitchen is fully functional when you get there. Paper plates and plastic cups at the old house while moving and lots of pizza!

Hope it all goes smoothly!

BParrish said...

I forgot to say, if your kitchen is functional and you put bedding on your bed as soon as they put it together in the new place, you have a suitcase packed with your most important items of clothing and can function while you sort through all the rest. Makes it so much less stressful!