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Sunday, May 23, 2010


Oh yes, we are under a week now.
Under a week - 5 days from making the biggest and most terrifying purchase of our lives.
Final walk-through went well. There was just one or two things that we saw that we think they should still fix. Which is fine because all of their tools, etc. are still there so they can go ahead and knock them out.
Other than that, our plan is to close at 9am Friday morning, go immediately to the home supply store and buy new locks/door knobs and a mailbox. Mom, don't mail me anything until you are sure we have a mailbox!! By the way, how do you find out which side of the road your mailbox is supposed to be on? Who do you call for that?!? We are the only house that faces our side of the block and all of the other houses have theirs on the other side of the road so we aren't sure if it would just be easier for us to do that or if it would confuse the mailman or anger the neighbors (of course we would ask first!!). Interesting problem.
Moving the big stuff and kitchen on Friday (per Brenda's ideas and suggestions). That of course means I need to actually start packing up the kitchen, which I have not done any of yet.
Oh dear.
I think I am going to need more boxes.
We don't have any "everyday" plates/dishes. We are getting a really nice set from the townhouse but it is not dishwasher/microwave safe so we needed some...went to Target the other night and found some plain whites on clearance (50% off!!) and used a gift card that my sister and F sent for a housewarming gift so only had to pay a little for two sets, giving us plenty of dishes for family and friends to come over!!
So, give us a few weeks to get settled then please, invite yourself over! We might not have a bed for you to sleep in but we will have a couch and I will make you dinner and give you a tour!