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Thursday, May 27, 2010


1 day until we close.
I am doing pretty good.
I have decided to just let it go.
I am going to let go of the fact that Chad hasn't helped pack but one box.
"I packed all my stuff in the closet" he said, "I'm done!".
He was so pleased with himself for getting that done.
I think that HE thinks that the rest of the stuff in the house is my stuff.
Well...atleast we know it will get there unbroken if I pack it.
I take solace in that.
I am going to let go that I no longer have control over how the move is going to go.
Everyone that is going to help us has their own way of doing things and I am going to let them do it. I will stand in the living room and direct traffic.
I am going to let go of where things get put in the house.
I can always move them later.
I am going to let go of when things get moved. I am going to pack a bag with the things I will need (Thank you Brenda!!), put it in my car, and sleep where ever my bed ends up. I am not going to worry about everything else. If I have clean underwear, my toothbrush, and a bed, I will be fine.
I am going to let go of the fact that the mortgage company and title company have all of the paperwork and still might have questions. I will calmly answer all of their questions and not get emotional (this one might be a lie but I am going to try!!
We will close tomorrow at noon.
This is my mantra.
"They said we will close at noon. They said we will close at noon. They said we will close at noon...."

Things I will do:
-say thank you (to every person involved - mortgage people, those who help us move, and especially our beyond fabulous real estate team). Everyone needs to be appreciated.
-cry when we close. come on. you know I am going to.
-act calmly.
-be reasonable.
-not get upset over the small stuff.
-enjoy the experience.


Sis said...

Everything is going to be fine. :-)

Danielle said...

sounds like a fabulous plan! :) ... and yesss everything is going to be fine.