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Saturday, May 29, 2010

is this what you want?

We have had a rather eventful day today...
We got up early and went to the National Cemetery here in Chattanooga to help/watch the Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts put out all of the flags for Memorial Day.
I told Chad that for some reason, I like the way it looks with a flag on every single grave.
Almost like it really looks like it is supposed to - full of honor, respect, reverence, and rememberance.
So thank you - for every person, past, present, and future -
including some of our own loved ones -
that have served to protect our freedoms.

We visited some people we knew - and loved.
Took pleasure in watching their graves be decorated with honor.

Then looked at the hillsides - all the Glory fluttering in the breeze.

Next, we went to check on these guys.
They are busy making honey - and babies.
But I try to keep this a PG blog so we won't talk about that part.

Chad is being brave - just wearing his mask and veil.
I guess he is only really worried about being stung on the face.
The dark part on the right lower corner is both eggs and honey...
the queen bee will lay eggs in this bottom chamber and they will use this honey for their own food. Soon Chad will add another chamber (frame?) on top and that honey will be for human consumption!

And this is what you were really waiting for...
sorry, I actually took these pictures the day that the inspector was there so the rooms are pretty much empty and their is odd stuff on the counters in the kitchen. These are the basics...
I will add more as we get things moved in and it looks more like home.
And of course, as we update and change things too!
This is our wonderful new-to-us home!
We live at the base of Lookout Mtn. - very close to the Incline Railway, Rock City, Ruby Falls, and some of the best rock climbing in the south!
Yes...that was an invitation!
2 guest bedrooms await your arrival!

The front of the house...
it is a 1950's all brick rancher...
front porch to sit on...
Big backyard to run around in...
we have a creek that runs through and we can't wait to fence the front side (the other three sides are already fenced) so Gwendolen can run and play all she wants.
We have an entire quarter of a block - a nice large level lot with lots of old, beautiful, big trees.
The previous owner cared a lot about the house and it shows...
Sorry...this picture was supposed to be earlier. This is the Incline Railway up Lookout Mtn.
No, I've never been on it (in my memory - there are claims that I have.)
Come see me and we will go ride!

This is our buttery yellow dining room and I am standing in the big open living room to take the picture so it is all really one big room.
The door on the left is to a big bonus room that we will use for an office, my craft room, and to keep our exercise equiptment.
The other doorway you see there on the left is to the laundry room that is a big step down but also has an entrance so we can come in there with muddy shoes, gear, etc. and drop it all off before we make it to the carpet.
Original, refinished hardwood floors in living room, dining room, and hall.
New carpets in the bedrooms and awesome new tile in the bathrooms and kitchen.

This is one side of the kitchen (please excuse the inspector's equpitment!)
She painted it a nice pumpkin orange and put this neat copper backsplash up - I never would have chosen the color but it is growing on me and I really like it!
My cool sticker wall quote will be going on the kitchen wall near the fridge (opposite side from this picture) because it will look great with the deep orange walls and bright white cabinets.
I will take a picture as soon as I can get it up!

That's all the tour for now...
more later I am sure.
We are going to take another load of stuff to the house tonight and maybe stay there for the first time...the bed and all the large furniture went today.
All that is left is small stuff - bathroom gear, clothes, and the art for the walls.
Neat little sign that is welcoming you to our cute little area of town.

So we are tired.
And then we did this.


Danielle said...

OH MY GOSH!! ITS Awesommmeee!!!!! LOVEEEE LOVE LOVE it. i can't wait to see more pics. and i will say. that front porch is crying out for some white rocking chairs and some flowers. oh. my. gosh. :)