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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

wish us luck.

My sister sent me a message yesterday while I was at work...she and F bought a house! Well, they put in an offer that was accepted so they are well on their way to buying a house.
I am super excited for her - quite more that just a little bit jealous that it happened so quickly for her - but super excited!
We are going tonight to look at a couple more houses. I think maybe we are too picky - or what we really want just isn't available in our price range. So we are compromising. And now we are worried that we are compromising too much. We have marked houses off the list completely because they didn't have enough bedrooms and now we are thinking that we don't need that many bedrooms. We marked other houses off the list because they didn't have enough square footage and now we are looking at things that are a bit smaller that we were originally. It's almost like we should just re-evaluate and start over from the beginning.
Which, frankly, makes me want to cry.
So here we go - thinking positively - to look at more houses.
Wish us lots of luck.

Oh a different note, Chad and I finally got signed up for a small group at church this past Sunday. I am thrilled at the idea that we will get to hang out with other young couples, study The Word together, do life together, hang out together. And even better, it meets at my friend Emily and her husband David's house! I also think that we (meaning me really!) are really going to enjoy the book that the leader picked to study. Something about justice in the oppressed world...uh...doesn't get much better for the girl who spent 3 months in India dealing with just that very thing! So yeah...I think it is going to be great!


Emily Geyer said...

yay yay yay! Should be so fun! Have you heard that the groups are starting the 25th now instead of the 18th?

FFluker said...

With the house hunting ordeal, I would recommend: patience.
I am excited about your finding a small group to get involved with...sounds great!