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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

hello spring!

Sorry it has been so long since I last posted...I'm sure you missed me.
Uh huh...
I have spent every available opportunity in the past few days enjoying my Chad and being outside. I'm not really sure if the cold is coming back or if it is just going to get hotter and hotter so I will enjoy decent weather while it lasts.
I've been taking my lunch breaks outside, working on my limited tan (you know...knees and down and shoulders and's gonna be great!) but it has been so nice to sit in the sun and enjoy a few moments of rest and relaxation! I worked at 10 hour day Monday, 12 hour day Tuesday and 9 hour day today - probably another 11 or 12 tomorrow - earning myself a Friday off for our comp. time. I'm pretty excited about that possibility.
I haven't heard from Chad this evening; after trying to call and getting no answer, I can only assume they are out on a fire. We are supposed to get rain tomorrow and we oh-so-desperately need it so pray hard! We need more than just scattered showers - we need a downpour!
I guess I will go swim then come back and start dinner even though I might be the only one home to eat it!